“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 23 FEAR



Madam Su also unable to change the situation now, she stand and hold her daughter to stop, and repeatedly call out: “Come, the eldest Miss is drunk, quickly take her  back to her room!”

Who would have thought her word is not yet finished, Su Qin would throw off her, Madam Su less preparedness, immediately slid back behind the maid who are scared and quickly hold her, Madam Su’s face burst of white and not looking good, in a stern voice:“Are you entirely dead? Hurriedly help the young lady back to her room!”

The servant girl wake up from her dream, immediately go to help Su Qin, unexpectedly Su Qin did not realize at the moment and actually act like crazy, several people running forward, stagger to the front,  at Dongfang Ze front seat, her face is already red,  with wink of confusion, and disorder she stumbled on table foot:”Wine?”

Both plates, spoons and chopsticks are falling on the ground, she see the wine pot with shiny eyes, she stand up to snatch and to pour into mouth. .Su Xiang is running out of patience, he got up and shouted:” Quickly help her!”

The maid came to assist her, Su Qin looked up at Dongfang Ze, stayed for a moment, looking more red, seems  more passionate in general, “Wang Ye?”

Dongfang Ze did not move, he saw her white skin is red, constantly cold sweat is dripping, through her clothes and her, eyes apparently empty. Su Qin this time failed to break from the grip of woman, the body immediately limp drunk, eyes only look  towards Dongfang Ze. No moment she throw up froth from her mouth, vision becomes black.

Madam Su panic, urgent voice cried:“Qin Er! Qin Er! Quickly call a doctor!”

Su Xiang who see Dongfang Ze cold appearance, the body already cover of cold sweat, same as much as Su Qin. In an instant he see Su Li just sitting aside, he quickly call out:“Susu!”

In front of disorder hall, Su Li stood up, walked in front of Su Qin, she did not say a word, just directly clenched her jaw, to pour inside.

Madam Su started to says:“What drink did you put on her?”

Su Li did not answer, and simply lift the water teapot, in a while Su Qin’s face ease a lot, slowly calm down, two eyes are completely close.

“Qin Er! “ Madam Su scared and doubt again, she straightly slap her daughter’s face.

“She fell asleep.” Su Li expressionless says, “when she wake up drink plenty of water, tea and wine will quickly discharged, it will not cause illness.”

Madam Su want to say something, but pressed by Su Xiang voice denounced: “What are you doing, looking distracted? Quickly send to her room to rest! Do not scared Wang Ye! “

Madam Su’s whole complexion tremble with fear, to recall that Wang Zhenning is sitting at the banquet, she quickly helped her daughter to go inside the room.

Su Xiang wipe the cold sweat on his head, smile at Dongfang Ze direction and said: “Let the Wang Ye laughed. I do not know my daughter is shallow, to make offense, I’m actually anger. Hope Wang Ye do not count as a villain, please forgive me.”

Dongfang Ze did not look at him, as if  nothing special,  his eyes slowly look toward Su Li’s face, “I do not mind to know if the Prime minister is innocent.”

“Thank you, Royal Highness.” Su Xiang repeatedly thanked him, sigh of relief. This evening is really thrilling, in case Su Li did not speak out the mix of tea and wine is poisonous, and Dongfang Ze come out from fu (official residence) and afterwards in different condition checked by the doctor, then, it is a big disaster and difficult for the whole Xiang fu’s people to get away from the crime. To anticipate it, Su Xiang cold sweat seep out.

Dongfang Ze stand up to leave, everyone hurriedly stand up to send him off. At the gate, Dongfang Ze shallow smile and look at Su Li’ s direction to says: “Three days later, Ben Wang would come and fetch Miss Su.”

Although the words are bit polite, but there is no arguable. Su Li stare blankly, to late to reply, he already go out of the door. To felt someone was staring behind, she stare back in chills.

“Susu how do you know the tea is different?” Su Xiang ask,  staring at his daughter, seems double his doubt.

“Daughter by chance heard from people talked about this.” Su Li calm as usual, she helped Xiang Fu, Su Qin lost face, it is better than the whole Xiangfu convicted.

Hearing it from people while they talking about it? What person are so proficient in medicine to put in order the scented tea? Perhaps Su Li did not speak the truth. Su Xiang is aware of this, to see her expression, is not the previous timid and coward Su Li. What happen to her for such a big change? His vision sink, and merely retreat and just simply wave to command, “Late at night, you go and rest. What happened today, must not say to outsider. Including your brother, you understand? “

Su Li weak smile and bow the head:“Yes father, I understand.”


Very late at night, in a remote small courtyard, quiet unmanned.

Su Li change clothes, alone in the dark yard to practice martial arts. Inside the house, Mo Xiang had fallen asleep, Wan Xin do not know where she go, entirely disappear for whole night.

She practiced the previous moves, she remember the smiling face of her father and mother Princess, as well as Madam  Su’s phrase, “Regent palace would not let her to enter the ancestral hall, and they just order people to hastily buried her body in a small valley ……”

A sharp pain through her heart, all of a sudden the hand holding a sword make a sharp blow, as if anger want to escape from her heart, murderous spirit suddenly rise high into the air, enveloped the small courtyard.

“What are you doing?”  unexpected lawful voice sounded behind, Su Li immediately turned around, to see Wan Xin steady face behind her, do not know how long standing there.although it is desolated, you still need to be careful.”

She knew, but it was really hard! All pain in her hearts, that not able to take it out, is extremely painful seems like she was dying.

Closing her eyes, to take a deep breath.

“You don’t understand but afterwards.” She slowly spit out these five words, seems want to say to oppose Wan Xin, but she remind herself. To arrange good mood, she stand up from the ground.

Wan Xin stared at her for a moment, took out an old book from  arms, solemnly said:. “I need to leave for a few days, this is for you.”

“What is this?”

Wan Xin did not answer, just handed the book to her, Floating Clouds Scripture, the three confirm symbols, Su Li immediately eyes wide open, amazed and look surprised. ” Floating Clouds Scripture? This past few days …… you teach me the method of  inner work of heart, is that  from Floating Clouds Scripture? “

“Do you know this?” Wan Xin, eyes instantly have a few doubts.

Su Li quickly shook her head and said: “Merely heard about it. I do not know whether or not the same..”

Wan Xin nod,Floating Clouds Scripture is one kind of extremely mysterious and superior to make use of method of  inner work of heart, around the whole country it is almost unknown, which is suitable for you to practice, that can be accelerated in third month, but extremely not powerful.”

Su Li stunned and said: “Why?

“For most people, simply can not be trained to the highest level, unless….to have internal strength inside to assist.”

“What is the internal strength?”

“to ride the wind.”

Su Li heart startled, wind?! Not the same during her childhood practice and for the method of inner work of heart? Sure enough, she never make a mistake, Mother Princess actually said, to be able and to ride the wind is to complement one another with the method of  inner work of heart, it is truly the Floating clouds scripture! But the Floating clouds scripture had been missing for so many years, how it ended up in the hands of Wan Xin, Wan Xin……actually, who is she?

Amazed look at Wan Xin, she as much as possible want to cover her emotions, just merely listen to Wan Xin and said: “To ride the wind is unusual mysterious for the method of inner work of heart, to have it, be bound to practice since young. In case someone at the same time study and practice these two for heart method, and able to find the key to practicing to the highest level …… “ Wan Xin suddenly stop.

Su Li could not help but ask:“How?”

Wan Xin slowly her mouth to says: “To be invincible!”

Sure enough it is difficult to endure in this way, Mother princess say exactly the same! Su Li’s eyes see the sadness, in the past, she still able to try and try, even though not invincible, at least she can protect herself from being hurt. However, the air is the secret of success to take an opportunity, yet unable to practice asceticism….

“What are you thinking?” Wan Xin stare and suddenly ask her.

Su Li sigh: “I was thinking …… how to make myself even more stronger.”

Wan Xin said: “I say to First Young Lady to practice well again the floating clouds scripture. I’m not here in these past few days, but you can properly protect yourself. In case someone ask  me, you just say I return to home village…”

—-End of CHAPTER 23—-