“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 22 Unexpected Invitation


CHAPTER 22 Unexpected Invitation

Insipid look to cup of tea, Su Li calm smile: “Chrysanthemum , Camellia , month beauty (moon stone), white ink pigment, cloud central son, one hundred gold rain, Mao magnolia, Jade lotus, acacia , plum-blossom , discovery heart thorn , Buddha’s water ….. this cup of tea plant, are different kinds of flowers. Most rare and uncommon flower, is  plum-blossom flower, is the most shine in the water according to  Buddha. I do not know, am I correct?”

Su Qin look distracted to open her mouth, very shock to look at her, “You …… how do you know?” These flowers name, even  her closest assistant does not understand it thoroughly,  exactly… how this girl know?

Su Li did not answer, only continued: “Plum blossom is to alleviate fever and suppress coughing, and dense chest, it is also effective for refreshing mind, while the Buddha’s water is healthy and warm to stomach, to improve blood circulation ……this two flowers, using any one of this, into a tea for drinking, indeed more useful to the body, it is a rare kind to maintain good health. However, if mix together …… ” suddenly she stop talking, looked up and glanced toward at the man sitting with sturdy complexion .

“How is it?” Dongfang Ze casually asked. Amazed, to get a glimpse of brilliance,  enigmatic and impossible to predict seen within eyes.

Su Li in deep thought, mouth softly replied: “Mix of cold and hot water, then drink together of a strong alcohol, the body will feeling unwell.”

She as much as possible want to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial; not to mention toxic, if only Dongfang Ze do not understand science, and will not able to perform an in-depth investigation. But to see the look and expression on his face, he is not completely ignorant.

“Impossible!” Su Qin extreme debunked, “You hear that from somewhere which is completely nonsense, simply nonsense!  This tea to really have any problems, it must be you who made a trick behind the back! Otherwise, how can you be so clear to distinct  the variety of tea plant? You want to set me up? “

Su Li said, “Sister you are wrong! If Su Li find out this in advance, I will advise big sister not to serve this tea.”

“You!” Su Qin more and more angry, she asks, pointing toward at her:How is that you know this twelve flowers tea, and even which twelve kinds, you are crystal clear! You said!”

Su Li calmly said: “Nobody told me. These flowers fragrance are very unique, sense smell of smart person, a smell that is known..”

“I do not believe it!  I think hard just to made this tea plant, how can your word alone, let all my hard work in vain!” Su Qin extremely mad, almost uncontrollable, rushed to her in broken tears.

Su Li although unconsciously, still indifferent and said: “Sister to think hard is true… but the important is, Wang Ye’s body, must not be put in risk. In case of something happen or accident, the entire Xiangfu …… I am afraid cannot afford!”


“OK! The two of you both shut up! “ Su Xiang finally spoke to stop, with gloomy face looking to Su Li, and turn to Dongfang Ze, submissively apologized and said:  The insolence of my young daughter, please forgive me Wang Ye! Blame her mother went too early, My first wife pity her weak body is not good, never scold her at home, just only accustomed to her so she do not know etiquette!”

Between words, she actually the wrong person.

Dongfang Ze vision slightly flash, smiled and said: “Prime Minister you consider too! Second lady to smell and to know the flower, cause to Ben Wang scope widely open! Three days after the full moon at the lakeside  there are numerous flowers fair, Ben Wang intends to watch, I do not know but I wish  Second lady can go together? “ He put down his cup, looking over the luminous bright eyes pressing.

Word that evoke thousand layer of waves, Su Qin and Madam Su could not believe! Honorable and proud Wang Zhenning, unexpectedly invites the female daughter of born of a concubine to tour at the flower fair? !

Su Li’s heart shocked, she not dare hastily promise, look towards Su Xiang expecting to go.

Su Xiang see, Dongfang Ze seems to favor Su Su Li, that well-official person, somewhat thought exquisitely carved, immediately laugh and said: “Appreciated by Wang Ye, I Xiang fu has a good fortune. Susu, you go and thanks Wang Ye! “

Su Li to be obliged to thanks for a good fortune, the heart is somehow opposite.

“Good!” Dongfang Ze clear voice laugh, handsome look is more shimmering, mood is seems excellent. Contrast to Su Xiang and Madam Su, force to smile, face are stiff, Su Qin  smiling face is even more ugly than crying.

Six months ago Su Qin inquire about Dongfang Ze fond of and interest that very rarely seen, not hesitate to take a lot of trouble to think and to invent these numerous scented tea, just  for the purpose of today feast to win his favor. Unexpectedly just Su Li’s few words her hope was destroy right away, how she would resign to?

She stood up, reach for a cup of tea to said: “My flower tea, is not bad as my sister said! Wang Ye do not believe, Qin Er …… will firstly drink it! “ Then, she did not hesitate in one gulp, Su Li vision sank, trying to stop but it was too late.

Su Qin body crookedto sit, the anger on face still not faded, staring toward to Su Li with unspeakable resentment.

Su Li shallow smile: “Older sister why should angry? This excellent flower tea, simply not suitable with wine to drink. After half an hour, my sister would certainly feel the whole body hot, cold sweat dripping, malaise, same as being poisoned. “

Everyone was shocked, Madam.Su anxiously to get up and shouted: “What are you talking about?!”

Su Li sneered: ” Whether or not I talk nonsense, after half an hour, you can see what, why Madam worry?” When finished, She quietly drink the wine, unafraid.

Madam Su :“Susu! Everyday I pity your  weak body, everything are already in your way, today, why so insolent?”

“Oh?” Su Li faintly smile,“This young woman is really thankful to Madam for her love and affections, sending me with good intention to the temple to recover, otherwise, how can a little woman have that opportunity to get to know Wang Ye?!”

“You!” Madam Su words choked, actually speechless.That framed human trafficking things, she and Su Qin both know the facts, originally Su Li is supposed to be sell to foreigners, her unexplained disappearance, do not know how many people would care about this ominous person. Unexpectedly she meet  Wang Zhenning at the road, to rescued and assist back to the Prime Minister’s palace! Although the thief are executed, but heart is still virtual, naturally did not dare to speak half -sentence.

Dongfang Ze look indifferent, not saying a word. Su Xiang to see his face no waves, heart is not satisfied, he seems  more interested to Su Li than Su Qinat once in a cold voice: “Well, to quarrel on something, not behaving well! Since Wang Ye is here, it is better to please Wang Ye. “

Dongfang Ze look at Su Li, smiled and said: “So, we have to wait half an hour anyway.”

Makes Madam Su and Su Qin face both white,  obviously Dongfang Ze trust Su Li. Even if  table is full of delicacies, everyone mind is worried, the taste is flavorless.

Su Qin sitting position, mind is frightening. Even her body’s tremble, a small hill of cold sweat is coming around. She tried to calm her mind, pick up the chopsticks and take the food, but she unable to control her fingers to tremble. Suddenly she shivered downwards, throw away the chopsticks, directly grabbed the dishes, just want the cup to pour.

Madam Su was shocked, immediately call: “Qin Er!”

Su Qin as if did not hear, hands throw away the tray, flip over the table, suddenly dishes, spoon, chopsticks are fall to the floor, murmured cried:“Wine? I want to drink!”



“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 21 WISHFUL THINKING


CHAPTER 21 Wishful Thinking

Su Li heart become alarm, but she calmly said: “Wang Ye is joking! Su Li formerly timid indeed, but after the last incident, Su Li’s understand the truth, blindly afraid to escape, does not solve the problem, only brave to face, and to live with fang …… “

In his words, Su Xiang and Madam Su eyes with surprise, Dongfang Ze eyes slightly lower, but no openings.

Su Li thought to convey, immediately smile to show, respectful and said:”To be honestSu Li has a debt of gratitude also to the kindness of Wang Ye, if Wang Ye does not come to rescue on the same day, Su Li has lost his  life on the hands of thieves. Saving life is grace, not to be reported, so as today at once Su Li with this glass of wine, offer for Wang Ye, I wish this life can able to spread out Wang Ye’s ambition, to reach heart and desired! “

She filled with wine the small jade cup, pair of hands to offer. Easy to change the subject, clever and without a trace.

Dongfang Ze laugh and said: ” To received Second Miss precious words.” head look up and drink, black pupil of the eyes emitting a bright light. And said:” Ben Wang is very curious, how can a person living you outside, being hunted down, by those two man, Ben Wang order a person to investigate, in the capital and other parts of the country the field of traffickers is removed. You …… how can possibly fall into their hands?”

This question was put forth, Madam Su became pale and eyes with shock, Su Qin face lose of color. Su Xiang, brows tightly wrinkle, stared at Su Li, seems afraid that she accidentally phrase, for him to attract disaster.,.

Su Li faintly smile: “Blame Su Li for carelessly play for a period of time, and forgot to go with several people, resulting for disaster, and let Wang Ye bother! “

Dongfang Ze said:”Ben Wang is actually not bother, but you are dignified Xiangfu’s daughter, as to those people  who do not know and go to sell…… in the future how the Prime Minister face it, it does not looks good!”

“Yes!” Su Xiang as quickly then said, “Fortunately, to have Wang Ye  come and rescue, this lowly official is really grateful!”

Su Li’s corner of mouth hook, elopement concerned, is now settled.

Madam Su, followed and said: “Yes ah, this is really thanks to Wang Ye! Qin Er, you’re not ready for Wang Ye’s flowers tea? You go and offer it. “

Rightly winking, Madam Su could not wait to divert the topic again. Su Qin exit, in a moment she return with a cup of tea. The lid has not been opened, an aroma smell already into the air, seep through Su Li nose, Su Li complexion suddenly become different, brow slightly wrinkled. Look up, saw the hands of Su Qin, rampart of white cup, open the ten color of petals and mix to the boiling water, all different forms, foes eye-catching,  at first glance, as if the winter snow, all kinds of flowers blossom together, extremely nice.

Dongfang Ze eyes flash, his eyes rapidly into the cup.

Su Qin present the treasure and smiles in flatter: “Qin Er heard Wang Ye love flowers, specially order and collecting these rare flowers that good for the body, removing the petals, to dry in the sun, after dozens of complicated procedures, to turn out into a  refined  tea, just waiting for Wang Ye to enjoy. “

Dongfang Ze took the cup, indifferent eyes docked in her face for a moment, ” Variety is extraordinary, aroma, tea flowers looked pleasing, surely the taste is not lacking. It is First Miss idea!”

Su Qin busy: “As long as Wang Ye like, Qin Er do anything!  entire cheek become red, Su Qin smile as flowers, sweetly said:”Wang Ye may rest assured, Qin Er before taking flowers, i already checked the pharmacological habits, we can guarantee every flower here are beneficial and harmless to humans. Regular consumption, also live longer too! “

“Live longer?” Dongfang Ze slightly stare, does not distinguish emotions and laughed softly, “It really is a rare good stuff! Prime minister is lucky! “

Su Xiang cup one’s hands and smiles: “Wang Ye over-praise, my daughter, although occasionally wayward, but ingenuity, outspoken and lively. Today, just to the unmarried age,  I was frantic, how to choose a good marriage, a proud, lovable older sister, no affection to say! “ Having said he take a look at Dongfang Ze eye.

During the meeting, several others also looked over to see. Everyone knows that, prime minister giving a hint, just waiting for the Dongfang Ze position, but he always faint smile, looking no wave, as if never even heard these words the same.

Su Qin heart began drumming, wriggled, pretending lovable and shy to call: “Daddy!”

Madam Su smiled and said: “Girl, once married, what should be ashamed of. And so you have to find a right husband, your father will give you do have to bustling, more even than the scenery of Princess Ming Yu that married a few days ago! “

“Who want to follow Princess Ming Yu and be like that!” Su Qin immediately pouting failing, despise across to her  face and said: ” People told not to get married to make that kind of thing of Princess Ming Yu , really shameless, said she is Sheng country’s first beauty, I think she is number one shameless slut! Practically, that woman’s face are disgrace, deserve to be divorced by Jing Wang! Fortunately, she also died early, otherwise, I have to see her face in the future …… how people come out to see that face! “

“Clatter” brittle echo, Su Li’s spoon in the hand almost fell to the ground. She lifted her head, eyes slowly look at Su Qin, calm surface, hide the stormy sea. Su Qin no awareness,  extremely proud in laughing!

Dongfang Ze eyes sweep to, raised his eyebrows and asked: “Second Miss are you feeling ill?”

Su Li under the table tightly gather to stop the hands, face gently smiled and said: “I’m fine. Thank you for Wang Ye’s care.”

Madam Su pretend sigh, but could not stop her expression to rejoice in other people’s misfortune, malicious said: “Hard to imagine the famous Regent name, unexpectedly the family tradition was ruined like that by such a daughter, even angry the Wang Fei, really most unfortunate ah! No wonder she was not allowed into the Regent Ancestral temple, just as people hastily buried her body in a small valley…… merciful Buddha!, but fortunately my Qin Er behaved and sensible, and never stir up trouble. Otherwise, how can I face to see the Su family ancestors ah! “

To seize opportunity to step on someone else’s pain to raise oneself, is really mother like daughter! Su Li heart suddenly sneer, however behind the words of Madam Su, she can’t help to stand up from the pain. Never enter ancestral temple, hastily buried in a small valley…… can not think of her father, even cruel to this point, is to made her ghosts?

Su Li clenched fists, heartache almost choke, but Su Qin seem not enough to say, she turned and said: Buried in the valley are also considered to treat her, reasonably, such a person, the drowning ……”

“This Sister saying too!” Su Li has finally give voice to interrupt, no glimpse of a touch cold depths as Tibetans,  her tone is extremely dull, slowly said: Princess Ming Yu if not good, that is her Royal parents to grant! Regent to take care of his daughter, is the Regent Palace thing to do, so don’t speak irresponsible remarks! If spread out, people thought we Xiangfu people love to gossip behind! “

Madam Su heard this, his face bend down, angry color is obvious. Su Qin is the anger from the heart, she tried to refute, but Su Li speak again:”Besides, Wang Ye is here today, sister loudly speech, I am afraid that disgraceful!”

Just ignite anger, by putting a pot of cold water to  poured down, Su Qin look for a change, towards Dongfang Ze looked, and meet Dongfang Ze eyes nothing left to dodge, but no trace to start.

Madam Su  look at Su Li, hurriedly speak to smooth things over: “Oh, look at us, to be affected by gossip, the dishes are cold. Qin Er, not quickly pour a food for Wang Ye to take!”

“But, Wang Ye still not drinking this tea!” Su Qin without feeling wrong said.

Dongfang Ze eyes bend down toward the cup, and thick tender and beautiful petals are floating in the surface of water, tempting  to taste, he smiled, eyes but could not see the slightest smile. To drink a toast, to hear Su Li utter  to stop:“Wang Ye wait a minute!”

“What is Second Lady advice?” Dongfang Ze action stop, dark deep eyes seems cold, slowly looked at her.

Su Li’ s eye brow wrinkle, calmly said:” Not dare *to give advice! (*指教  zhǐ jiào- to give advice or comments*) But Su Li believes, although this tea is sweet smelling, but the variety of ingredients, is not suitable to drink with the same wine! That Wang Ye…… still drinking.”

A cheerful sight suddenly cast over resentment, Su Qin turned to stare at her, angry warning: “Sister, doesn’t understand, so do not talk nonsense!”


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 20 IDENTITY QUESTION


Chapter 20 Identity Question

Su Li eyes flash, not less than two words to speak; she is already having no good impression to her father. He does not even allowed Su Chun to speak, however he does not know Su Qin conducts and deeds are all saw by Dongfang Ze. At the moment, Dongfang Ze face is expressionless, raising his hand to stop: “This is not the first meeting of Second Miss and Ben Wang, so no need to be polite. It is hard to imagine Second Miss chamber,  I’am surprise…… It seems that the relatives of Prime Minister First Wife was apart to the daughter of a Concubine, entirely different!

When it comes to the last sentence, his tone already have a hidden meaning to chill.

Su Xiang expression suddenly change. Dongfang Ze outstanding talent, at Chao Zhong frequently have make a contribution, but because of one party the Impress used numerous people to go to  follow, in many ways to suppress. As the most powerful supporters of Dongfang Ze, Su Xiang always choose to advocate the virtuous person, but now he can’t comply to the last sentence; he must won  Dongfang Ze  trust. Today, in his house the First wife and the daughter of a Concubine is clearly separated, it is hard to avoid suspicion.

Su Xiang face become pale,  no way he will tell, how he will say that it is a mistake.

Atmosphere becomes awkward at the moment.

Small room, as if no air flow and secretly flee. Not a moment, such as Su Xiang forehead slightly sweating. Ashamed to pending the answer, Su Li got up and said: “Ben Wang you misunderstood! Father are always busy of official business, First Madam manage the family matter at home, Madam pity my weak body, since I cannot stand the noisy, she specially brought me here, so there is no other meaning.”

She smiled and explained, although hard to believe, but the undercurrents easily turned into nothingness. Not only Su Xiang as a father and the son was surprised, Dongfang Ze is also strange.

Considering the eyes that inspecting her. Dongfang Ze carry a smile: “If so? Ben Wang is really wrong to accused the Prime minister!”

“This lowly official not dare to! This matter is also strange to me, although my wife give a thought to my daughter, the arrangement is improper. This simple and remoted place, is no wonder for Wang Ye to misunderstand.” Su Xiang immerse as if officialdom, having one step, he plainly seized an opportunity, to say the truth with more than lie is better. He hurriedly summoned the housekeeper to come, to command: “Immediately order a people to tidy up and properly rearrange the courtyard in the next door, tomorrow the Second Lady will be move and reside there .”

“Yes.” Butler accepted the order, and he is just about to withdraw, when he was stop by Su Li.

Su Xiang eye brow slightly wrinkled, as if to say,  are you not satisfied?

Su Li respectful replied: “Thank you father for concern and care! Daughter have become accustomed to everything here, I’m afraid changing place is not suited for me, I asked my father to take back the order!”

She bow her head to request, with sincere words; make the people in the house surprised. As a Xiangfu daughter, more than ten years bent to reside here, finally she have the opportunity to improve the shelter, and opportunity to improve the status, that most people wishing for, but she didn’t expect and refuse it! Dongfang Ze eyes lightly flash, eyes with full of interest, are getting stronger.

Su Xiang haven’t force it to do, just order the servant to rearranged everything in the courtyard, try to make her stay more comfortable. Also order more people to send to serve the Second Miss, Su Li request are rejected. Changing a courtyard is not difficult for her. The reason for her to stay here, is because the place is secluded for everyone, to facilitate her martial arts at night time. So having a few servants is just asking for a trouble.

Su Xiang requested Dongfang Ze to the lobby of banquets,that properly set up. Dongfang Ze  glance at Su Li’s face, smiled and said: “Second Young Lady, come with us.”

Everyone are slightly surprised, but nobody dare to speak to oppose him. Dongfang Ze  large strides to go out of the door and saw Wan Xin, footstep slightly stop, not a word or movement Dongfang Ze turn to leave.

***Xiang Fu Flower Hall.

Gold goblet jade cup, food and wine, are expensive and extremely arranged because of visitor

Air, filled of fragrant of food and wine aroma. Everyone are all seated, Su Chun temporarily want to go outside, Su Xiang is aware that his son is not fond to associate with Dongfang Ze, although unhappy, but also give up. So the banquet is between five people, to reject a cup is exchange from small cup, noise of talking and laughing are scattering in the wind, the atmosphere was completely harmonious.

Su Qin changed into a red dress, extremely gorgeous. face are painted with many layers of cosmetic powder, clearly opposite to Su Li , dress is plain , and face without make up, that looks more natural.

Su Xiang toast and smile: ” For Wang Ye, to agree to visit the house of this lowly official, I am extremely honored. This wine, cheers to WangYe . “

Bottoms up the cup in the air, without a single drop left. Dongfang Ze slowly drink the single cup, insipid smile, without a word.

Su Xiang as complex and laughed: “Qin Er, not quickly  pour wine for Wang Ye?”

Su Qin is rejoicing, and quickly hold up the wine pot, and walk to Dongfang Ze side, to pour him a wine, while not taking  her eyes to cast a glance at him.

 Wang Zhenning Dongfang Ze is the most handsome and brilliant prince in Sheng country, just one glance, he is capable to drop off their guard right away to take the woman soul, and to lose their hearts. Really deserved for his  reputation ah! This is a golden opportunity; Su Qin absolutely won’t miss the chance!

“Wang Ye, Qin Er, offer you one cup.” turn to glance, toast and lightly drink. Su Qin seems completely forgotten, that she was caught by him, the scene in the garden .

Su Li could not help lip to sneer, lower the head and silently eating her foods, her lips is cover  of mockery.

Dongfang Ze eyes is bright and face with smile, while slowly drinking, the flat area of forehead between the eyebrows is like a spring sunshine, elegant and outstanding,  such as breathtaking view. Su Qin widely stared at him; look is indeed foolish, and to blurted out: “Wang Ye smile is really nice! This is a wonderful thing, certainly Wang Ye cannot compare to any other man!”

The smiling face suddenly close, cold eyes that make you tremble, is like an icy needles crossed to her face. Su Qin immediately felt  cold, scared and legs felt weak, “splash” she kneel on the ground, the atmosphere become heavy.

Su Xiang complexion is extremely ugly, for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement forcefully reprimand: “Qin Er is bold! Babbling nonsense, to offend Wang Ye, still not in a hurry to kowtow to apologize humbly! “

Su Qin really knock on the floor, trembling and almost cry out, “Qin Er….. aware of mistake, ask Wang Ye to please forgive me !”

Dongfang Ze faint glance at her, playing the small jade cup with his hands, not saying a word.

Atmosphere at the reception hall, in the very instant is become sluggish, the hot and exotic delicacies is now suddenly become cold and tasteless.

Everyone in the banquet, the heart’s of everyone fell, and at the same time no one dared to break the silence to start to talk.

Su Li quietly looked up, Su Qin who is very excited before is now slightly trembling. As well as Mrs. Su, for several times. Failed to spit out a word. But this person is extremely powerful and hard to deal, all of them, in front of Dongfang Ze are become timid.

Su Li can not help but secretly sneer, eyes slightly forward, suddenly got up and smiled and said: “My father is too serious!”

The number of gazed at her direction, Su Li is seem unconscious, gently smile and said: “Wang Zhenning looks is a celestial being, among the world is unparalleled. Older sister only speak the truth, even though somewhat offend, is not deliberately, Wang Ye broad-minded, how can possibly blame? Older sister quickly get up, ok! “

Su Qin half-doubt,  stare at her.

Dongfang Ze glass down, watching her for a half-moment, suddenly he smiled.


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 19 UNNATURAL


Chapter 19 Unnatural

Suddenly, the most remote and smallest courtyard in the entire Xiangfu became lively and crowded because Wang Ye comes.

Along the way, they are attracted maidservants, and the small courtyard was surrounded by servants. All was surprised, to see the second lady who was never been favored, how come in their own house, she was holding back to the house by a remarkable handsome man! Not to mention the person himself has an air as if made by heaven; look at the two guards at the door, seems cold as a deity, well-trained, they know the identity of this person is extremely important. Afraid that in the future, the second lady, can no longer neglect!

Compared with the outside where lively, this simple bedroom, is quiet, and no sound. Mo Xiang and Wan Xin are stopped at the door of the room, where only two inside, Su Li and Dongfang Ze.

Since Dongfang Ze entered the room, the whole room was silently again, and finally set the eyes on her face. White skin as a snow, crescent eyebrow, jade straight nose, paired of lips like a cherry, apart from birthmark, the whole face is delicate as a Goddess in heaven. She lay there quietly, he does not know why his mind, unexpectedly to slightly have a vague impression, to like and see, but clearly not seen…… it is very strange feeling.

Su Li sees his expression strange and change irregularly, she does not know what he was thinking, and she slowly sat up, and bows to salute: “Su Li is useless to give a trouble to Wang Ye!”

Dongfang Ze said: “Young Lady there’s no needs to be polite! Wang Ye remembers the day when you are being hunted down, you have limited life, but you did not panic, but today your face has a little scratch, you were scared and to actually fainted!” His faint smile, look sharp, deep tone and clearly.

Su Li, how could she do not know, naturally replied: “What is surprising. Man weight only, woman weight capacity. How can the world do not care about the appearance of a woman? “

Dongfang Ze complexion was stumped for words, raised his eyebrows and smiles: “The Wang Ye thought, that you and them are not the same.”

Su Li, raising his hand to touch the face of injury, tragic expression emerged: “Let the Wang Ye disappointed! Su Li is just an ordinary woman, Even if appearance is ugly, also afraid of loss of face. “

Dongfang Ze eyes sank, “That being so, you’re somehow angered Su Qin, is just to have self-injury appearance?”

Su Li mind slightly startled, hurriedly say: “Wang Ye misunderstood! Su Li just wanted to borrow a dress to my sister , do not expect this will be unpleasant to  provoke my sister! “

“Oh?” Dongfang Ze seems unbelief, followed and said: “Why just today?”

Su Li calmly replied: “Because today …… I heard Wang Ye is coming to the house, me to think not to dress too is wretched, to lose father’s face. Although …… father will not necessarily allow me to the lobby to see Wang Ye.”  Humble exclaim, her tone is somewhat sad that hardly to read. Like at the day when she wake up in Zhenning palace, explanation, sounds reasonable, and no mistake on her speech.

Dongfang Ze one eyebrow raised, oblique eye look at her, the thoughtful expression, it seem the whole person looked, is more deep and difficult.

Su Li quietly looked, heart somewhat restless. Dongfang Ze suddenly got up, pacing bed. Tall body, casting the light coming from the window, to print down a large shadow, to cover the narrow wooden bed. Woman’s body in that shadow, look slim and weak, but the eyes are very calm, can vaguely glimpse to distinguish, unswerving determination cannot destroy.

Dongfang Ze quietly used, low voice laughs and ask: “Is that only?”

Is there another? Su Li looked up, in the offing.  She was suddenly surprised to see Dongfang Ze face, her eyes enlarge. Before she could react, he had leaned down, gesture firmly fixed on her. Pair of eyes as deep as secluded lake, now flashing like flickering light, Lisu’s heart is beating, she wanted to hide, but she was in a narrow couch, her back already touched the wall, nowhere to hide. Only stiffened the body, hear Dongfang Ze asked: Could be that you want to attract the attention of Wang Ye?”

Su Li slightly surprised, actually looked up, so straightforward to point out her thoughts, faint replied: “Su Li dare! Su Li is aware that her appearance is ugly, identity is so low, dare to Wang Ye unnatural!”

“If Wang Ye does not think it is unnatural?” Ambiguous tone, hard to guess the thought. Dongfang Ze hook the corner of mouth, raised his eyebrows and smiled at her, handsome face is close again, with smile at her sight, his eyes is shine brighter than the sun behind him, actually he is damn good-looking! Su Li could not help but to be frozen; she does not know what his remark means? Only to feel his warm breath, rushing toward her, blocking for her to breathe.

Such as huge pressure, suddenly relentless, tried to raise her head, stared straight at him.

Strong smell of a male, Pair of simple and elegant fragrance, wind drift, seem to tease her heart  to touch.

To gasp for breath, suddenly a bit hasty.

Dongfang Ze throat move, but suddenly he can not help to repeatedly remember the memories of the kiss outside the city. Soft lips, is unexpectedly good. And now, she is at his hand. He almost uncontrollable, want to taste it once again, lingering the memories of that taste, suddenly there’s a sound from a personal bodyguard who salute from the yard outside: “Prime minister da ren ! Su *Gongzai!”

Hot breath, suddenly cooled. Dongfang Ze for a moment his glance become hot, instant temperature receded, such as calm water, as if never played waves.

Su Li finally relieved. Unexpectedly, this obvious relief-like expression, attracted Dongfang Ze eyebrows wrinkled, heart feel unhappy to those who come.

“This official greets Wang Ye!”

Walked quickly to enter at a fast pace like as a wind, dark blue robes of official government in rank, is come out as high official with power and influence. But saw Dongfang Ze, the air of power and influence become ordinary, quietly passed, the only remaining respectful word, written on his face. Compared to this, Su Chun behind him, in the face of the dynasty nobles, In addition to the ceremony should be performed outside the line; actually do not see the extra expression.

“Susu, are you okay? Are you really good, how you suddenly collapsed?” Su Chun walked to the bed, care to ask.

Dongfang Ze hear this call, gaze immediately change, Su Li immediately sense  a sharp gaze that directed toward to her direction.  In her mind she concentrate to recall that on the day at funeral hall, she lose self-control, that already give rise to him of  suspicion, today he learned, Li Su and Su Li’s nickname is exactly the same, it is inevitable again suspicious. Again in future if he knows, the two looks is so similar, she do not know what would do? Gazing bowed; she shook her head did not answer, but pair hands tightly cover the face, to keep couple of tears she softly call Su Xiang : “Father.”

Su Xiang look at her as indifferent, did not speak. Su Chun pulled her hand, to saw fingerprints and scratches at her face, frowned and asked: “What happened on your face? Qin Er trouble you again?”

“Honest son! Do not talk nonsense!” Su Xiang immediately restrained him, towards Dongfang Ze hand and laugh: “”My daughter reckless ignorance offending Wang Ye by giving a hard work, feel wronged to carry her to go back, I’m really ashamed! Su Li, come down to apologize to Wang Ye! “

—-  END OF CHAPTER 19 —-

*公子   gōng zaǐ           – son of an official; son of nobility; your son (honorific)

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 18 GESTURES


Chapter 18 Gestures

Su Li tried to restrain her emotions, try to level her tone to speak: “Should I ask my sister, what do you want to do? What exactly Mo Xiang made a mistake, worthy of my sister to be angry, to receive the ruthless hands from those people?”

“Sister are you feel bad now? If you feel bad, next time I hit you, do not hide! If you escape, your servant girl has to suffer for you. …… Now, are you satisfied?” to see her eyes with anger, Su Qin speak laughing, extremely provocative. It airs appearance, people looked, really want to teach her a good lesson. But Su Li is not impulsive person, in her position today in the Prime Minister’s palace, confrontation is clearly unwise.

“Su Li dare! Sister’s honorable position, how would I naturally want what?” Su Li laughed softly, seemed well-behaved, the hint of chill quietly cover the brow.

Su Qin not observed, smiled proudly: “It sounds! I ask you, you do not leave from your yard, what are you coming here for? “

Su Li rise, see the courtyard behind the precise and appropriate arrangement of Su Qin, flowers flourish, and her yard, is contrasting. Su Li cold dark eyes, her lips smiles: “I heard my sister yard flowers bloom particularly well, so I wanted to see. Sisters also know that my yard is nothing…… “

“You’re supposed to be nothing!” Su Qin said to interrupt, extremely despicable, “Relying on this humble identity, and there is room to live in respect of contentment. I do not expect one day to live in such a good yard, your mother at the time could not do, she now dead, and you don’t even have a wishful thinking! For the lady told go, this little slut came alive again after dares to West Park, pack up and get out of the Prime Minister’s palace! Here you are capable of coming on this place?”

You can get really arrogant and despotic! Su Li could not stop secretly sneer, alone, people want to marry into the Zhenning palace? If she really wanted to live here, what is difficult! Her vision of a slight turn, suddenly far glimpse is a figure walking across the jungle trails is coming. Su Li mind move, she pulled Su Qin sleeves, pleaded: “Sister Come on! In fact, I came here to able to see the appearance of Wang Zhenning…… I heard he is the guest coming to home today, right?”

“Yes, so what? What do you want to do?” Su Qin alert questioned, face fierce look absolutely shattered i

Su Li said: “I …… I want to take piece of clothes from my sister to wear……”

“Smack!” not yet finished, Su Qin severely slapped her face to interrupt her sentence. Sharp nails pierced the delicate cheeks; Su Li does not dodge, does not avoid, receiving.

Su Qin screamed: “Are you crazy? Alone, you also want to grab my Wang Zhenning? You do not look in the mirror and see what he is! I warn you, Wang Zhenning is mine, and anyone who dares to fight me, I peel her skin! “

Su Li almost laughing, she does not know what Dongfang Ze feel when he heard this remark? Look at Su Qin, hips stare, is totally a bitch, where there is the slightest way of Xiangfu daughter! Su Li wanted, precisely this effect.

Behind his eye lift, her heart sneer, the surface is extremely aggrieved and said: “I did not want to fight with my sister!”

“You dare to say!” Su Qin always hates to see this grievance phase, delicate and charming, especially over his left cheek birthmark, she actually looks beautiful and amazing! Can not help jealous, screwing up her ears, severely said: “ Dare pitiful to me, I twist off your ears!”…

The force that passes on the plum is really strong! Su Li slight frown, quietly glanced in the jungle trails, the figure is gradually approaching. She exclaimed: “It hurts! Sister let go, if you were see by brother ……”

“Ha! You dare to mention big brother to me!  You know, that day, it is because of you, I was miserable scolded by brother, this account; I have not counted with you! You jinx, I do not know what luck is gone, and we have a person to get you into the coffin, but actually will meet Wang Zhenning!” A reference to this, Su Qin heart, anger and hate. She had heard that Wang Zhenning is bearing extraordinary, handsome than anyone else, but has no chance to meet, bitter, while Su Li was blessing than her, the first meeting on Wang Zhenning is to rescue her, how heart feel better. Now Su Qin was jealous dazzled, grabbed Su Li, threw her forward and pushes.

Soon in front are trim branches, new risk to take, is not long to be prune the branches. Formerly she seems truly like this not only appearance is doomed, the small fate to get rid of half strip. Su Qin is vicious enough!

Su Li vision is cold, body was pushed before staggering to the ten sticks of branches as thick thumb tip close, she is nearly appeared to be stabbed in the moment, Mo Xiang scared almost fainted, Su Qin hold the head to lift, Sit and wait to wait for her upcoming blurted screams. However, screams rang is not the end, during a matter of life and death, to the shoulder of Su Li foots is lightly lifted, seemingly confused, actually turned around in direction, wiping the branches from head, change the line to bend toward the jungle is a person

Good time prior to estimate distance is exactly right.

Just listen to “bang” of a sound, her forehead hit the man’s chin. Although prepared well in advance, but still knocked dizzy, before one’s eyes to see. The other was steady as a rock, his sight is clear as a snow, in a moment she was about to fall, he grabbed her hand. Su Li take advantage to fly into his arms. Clean well and good smell of a male is fleeing to her nose, a kind of sense of familiarity that she cannot tell.


Su Li made an effort, looked up, his eyes deep crashed into one pair of eyes, Dongfang Ze handsome face is near now, just a moment of gaze without blinking she see in the eyes, seems clearly understand the thought.

Su Li small thoughts starts, an enormous pressure, a pressure from the top, her breath is stifled, heartbeat seems suddenly stop. For a moment, she realized that in order to deal with Su Qin, take the initiative to provoke the Dongfang Ze such as man, really isn’t to be something sensible act. But she wants to gain a foothold in the Prime Minister’s palace, also look for the opportunities to investigate who harm and murderers’ her, in addition to be close to Dongfang Ze, is no choice. And for that case, she carefully thought about, she is no grudges with people, most people have no reason to harm her, the entire event, and more like someone deliberately planned the destruction of Regent palace and Jing’an marriage. And that field of marriage, if we say to whom unfavorable, no other than to be Dongfang Ze!

“You, you, you …… Who are you?” Su Qin’s voice behind her.

Tone from the beginning of the question, to see the amazing man blushed after surprised. Arrogant domineering hag, suddenly the sound is like a mosquitoes, appear delicate, Su Li can not imagine back, Su Qin’s face at the moment, is how amazing.

Su Li looked up, and in surprised she said: ” Wang Ye!”

Behind came the sound of heavy breathing. Su Qin immediately face pale as a sheet, stare as an ox. This time, Wang Ye appear in the Prime Minister’s palace garden, In addition to her intent to marry Wang Zhenning, Who will? Su Qin at this time regrets to previously think to knock down and kill one head in a tree!

“Wang ……Wang Ye? You are Wang Zhenning?!”

Dongfang Ze eyes lift, through eyes the expression is not at all cold, but stunned Su Qin body starts to tremble, can’t help to feel fear.

Dongfang Ze said: “I have official business with the Prime Minister, Ben Wang ask to step ahead. However, apparently Ben Wang arrival is seems not yet the time, to disturb two young ladies!”  Expression is like a smile yet not a smile, there is an indescribable chill. Su Li quickly weeping eyes and gently pushed him away, raising his hand to touch the branches that scratched her cheek. A trace of blood in the white jade fingertips, Su Li looked is immediately pale, trembling, staggering like a soft foot, almost faint.

Dongfang Ze hands quickly hold her. This fragile appearance of her when he first met is nothing like a man. His eyes flashed, unexpectedly he took her to carry in his arms asking the girl who still frozen behind: “Where is Second Miss chamber? Still not leading the way ahead!”

Mo Xiang recovered, hastened to lead the way forward. Su Qin leaving froze in place, completely lost in the reaction. Wang Zhenning, he is good looking than she imagined!



“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 17 ENEMIES ON A NARROW ROAD



Chapter 17 Enemies on a Narrow Road   

Su Li quickly control the heart from frightening, it does not seem to: “Martial arts. I look at the others such practice, how can I do, it seems not right.” having say that she raise her head,  meet Wan Xin sharp eyes, with a slight degree of observation. Lisu did not avoid looking and welcoming her. As she expected, Wan Xin is not an ordinary servant girl, and the martial arts, deep internal forces.

“Why did you suddenly think of martial arts? Before I teach you how, and you have refused to learn.” Wan Xin puzzled asked.

Su Li hanging eye replied: “In the past, I think the protection from you is enough; not learning is doesn’t matter. But this time I’m almost…… “   Here, she suddenly paused, it seems sad to not continue. Quietly looked, saw Wan Xin eyes of different colors across, fleeting. Like remorse, yet also seemed apologetic. Su Li bow, the corner of her mouth is not clearly seen a hook, half feel sad, and a half firmly said: “I do not want to be bullied like this, so I want to have the ability to protect myself.”

Wan Xin nod to approve, looking quietly pleased, “You finally figured out! I already told you, only you change to be strong, and have ability to live with dignity. Tonight you take a break, starting tomorrow, I’ll teach you to practice. “

Su Li was overjoyed: “Good!”

Wan Xin did not go back the next night, not only taught her internal strength heart formula, also impart relatively simple but very practical moves. Su Li is gifted in this respect, perception is extraordinary, and has many years of martial arts, no matter what moves now, learning is simply possible. For the Heart, after pointing slightly, first practice is rapid progress. Wan Xin is amazed, even praise: “In the past I did not see it, you’re a martial arts genius!”

Su Li was hesitate, worried that her performance is too much. Quickly look up; to see Wan Xin, it does not seem strange, she said: “Since my decision is to learn, of course, I have to heart.”

Wan Xin nodded, “That’s good. I can not always keep at your side, you can excel at a day early, and as early as the day I feel at ease. I hope that every day, you do not let me down. “

With a little look in the eyes, sparking emotional heart Su Li. She straightened himself firmly replied: “I’ll try.”

As if eyes are like stars brightly shines, emit the will to fight, as well as the force of self-confident.

Wan Xin slightly froze for a moment, staring into her eyes and said: “You’ve changed!”

Su Li replied: “People always change. Especially after experiencing life and death. I used to think, always be patient, always in exchange for quiet, but actually I am not. Good people are being bullied, the more you are timid, and more of people will step on your head! It would be better to find ways to make yourself become stronger, but still you can retain dignity for yourself even if in the future is death. “

This is her truth. Before returning to Xiang fu, she thought of disguise, in a coward surface, to hide the true nature, so it won’t cast a doubt. However, in front of Wan Xin rather than to disguise, she might as well do it herself calmly, more likely to be trusted.

This world, the strong respect.

“Do you think it is a good thing.” sharp eyes gradually fading,  Wan Xi in deep tone said: “But remember, before you stand in the Prime Minister’s palace you have to be sure that you have enough secure to foothold, you must not easily reveal the martial arts!”

This is natural. More than anyone she is more aware of this.

This night time is very fast. Along with Wan Xin, and gradually it becomes natural. And each night thereafter, there are progresses, within a few days, Su Li torn feel the body infuriating swing surplus, which made her amazed. To her knowledge, common internal organs Heart, attend at least several months, in order to have this effect. She do not know Wan XIn teaching, exactly what kind of internal strength method, Su Li in such poor physical fitness, but the turn out is also can actually so rapid!

Early morning the sun shines brightly with person, shabby small courtyard, tiny grass drilled from the crevice of stones, look tenacious and blooming.

Early in the morning Su Li called Mo Xiang to accompany her to go out. This Xiang fu, although not as big as the Regent Palace bizarre, but also has a complex terrain, numerous courtyards, if she is not much familiar, lost in their own house in the future, it may be justified

In a circle around the backyard and they found out that today’s garden is exceptionally quiet, the only crowded is kitchen. Dozen numbers of people are busy; it is like the emperor or from the Royal family will come to visit.

“Today our residence has guest? You know who is?” Walking in the garden path, Su Li asked, puzzled.

Mo Xiang want to talk, she said these things, quickly replied: “I heard that today Master invite Wang Zhenning for dinner, now the entire Xiang fu people talking about First Miss can possibly go to marry Wang Zhenning Palace!”

At one step she stop, Su Li inside of her mind emerge a handsome and exquisite face, an honorable man but unmatched momentum……

Dongfang Ze kind of man, he can possibly marry Su Qin to be Wang Fei ? Su Li slightly surprised, turned around and asked: “My father, when he came back?”

“Last night.” Mo Xiang in low voice, in front someone shouted right away: “Hey! Who is this?”

The sharp high-pitched of female voice, breaking the quiet garden. Su Qin in a red dress, colorful. Waist swing, in hand is cattail-leaf fan lightly shaken, since believe graceful, twisting all the way over. Face carefully painted over, it is also regarded as sort of pretty, but compared to Su Li, but far worse. Without that birthmark……

Su Li unconsciously brows wrinkled, truly the fate is unfavorable, casually walk to go, but also caught by demon personifying pestilence. She does not want to cause trouble, so she intends to avoid. To see Su Li indifferent look, not like the past she saw her feel fear. Sudden heart unhappy, head denounced: “The lady talks to you too! How dare you ignore!”

The fan in hands unceremoniously comes to hit her face.

Su Li vision sank; subconsciously want to seize Su Qin’s hand, but Mo Xiang pulled her back. Su Qin hit failed, fires flee from the heart is approaching, she cursed: “Damn girl!” Toward winking, the two maidservants’ immediately stepped forward behind Mo Xiang to grasp both arms and severely slapped Mo Xiang face continuously.

With enough effort.

Ray of bloods leaking from mouth, and soon both of her cheeks is swollen such as bread. Mo Xiang did not say anything, obviously accustomed to being bullied. Su Li is not used to, the two men frown on that snapped: “Stop!”

Such cold voice with great power and influence. It shook the two maidservants to stopped the action, extremely surprised to look up to see the pair of eyes of her  such as  cold as an ice , all of there body flick, unexpectedly unaware they stop to continue and withdraw.

Su Qin also intimidated, opens mouth, she is like watching a stranger. Since the last time this girl woke up, it seems not the same as before! Actually dare to talk to her! Su Qin round eyes stare angrily said: “A few days gone, you seem to have changed much! You have some guts? Dare in front of the lady to speak with this tone, what do you want to do? “


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 16 THE RETURN OF CONCUBINE DAUGHTER


Chapter 16 The Return of Concubine Daughter 

Horse galloped away, soon to the Prime Minister’s palace gate. Retainers see the eldest son of Prime Minister, Su Chun is back, urgently hurry go inside of the house to send the news. Chengxiang fū ren (or Prime Minister First Wife) heard that her son is back she is happy, with Su Qin and thousand of servants happily greeted Su Chun from the yard. Then, Su Qin saw behind of Su Chun is Su Su, immediately cursed it to shout: “You, you …… how you come back?!”

Chengxiang Fū Ren also shocked, his face looks volatile, finally surprised to look to their own son.

Su Chun, lightly says:“Susu ran from the culprits, she meet and was saved by Wang Zhennig .”

**Wang Zhenning ** hearing these words, people are shocked.

Su Chun looked directly at his mother, and said: “Susu was frightened, come to help the Young Lady back to her room to rest.”

Chengxiang Fu Ren quickly said: “Wait!”

“Mother, no matter what… Susu is Xiangfu’s daughter, how you able to permit her to wander destitute outside? I do not know yet that Xiangfu bullied!”  Su Chun slightly solemn tone a bit, “Today, fortunately Zhenning Wang came to rescue, if there’s something happens, I Xiangfu’s face where to put it? I would like to wait for father to come back to do an adult decision. “

Su Qin want to argued, but Chengxiang Fu Ren waved to stop her, and said “Okay. You worked hard all the way back and forth. First, rest for now and discuss it later. Gui Mother, call Mo Xiang to help the Second Lady back to her room. “

Mo Xiang is a sixteen-year-old little girl, with round face and round eyes, looks very gratifying. She saw Lisu, tears down and can not wait to leave the front yard to pulled her, nervously asked: “Miss, are you all right? Are you not injured, or where did you feel uncomfortable?”……

Lisu shook head, and said: “Nothing.” Mo Xiang is still not assured, look carefully at her back and forth again, determined not injured, she was relieved and smiles: “Then we go quickly. Wan Xin is in the house waiting! Miss you do not know, Wan Xin heard that Miss is in trouble, his face can be scary! Really! “

Seems afraid she does not believe, Mo Xiang deliberately wrinkly nose and eyes roundly stares. She is born smart and lovely, has chosen to make a vicious like expression, look a little funny. Lisu could not help but smile, the last few days of a heavy heart, but because of deliberate comfort from little girl, it is instantly becomes a lot easier. And this time, she only has to play with Mo Xiang, and to Wan Xin she did not think much how special to pull the heart of that girl. So when there in shabby little yard, saw it in a moment heart is pull, and a bit really surprised.

She is approximately twenty of age; height is tall, delicate and pretty appearance. Dressed in mild color and plain dress, standing before the step, there is an underlying breathtaking power and influence. That seemingly dull eye seemed too refined immersed in battle, although deliberate convergence of the edge, but in surprise it conceal penetrating the bones with chill.

Who could have thought that Su Li’s personal servant girl, to have is unexpectedly marvelously! It seems that in the future she have to be careful. And since decided to return in the Prime Minister’s palace, in this world, she is not Lisu. From now on, she is Su Li!

Wan Xin briskly walk to come around, almost can’t hear the footsteps. She looked on her face; and stops between hair ornaments, expression immediately congeal.

“Mo Xiang, you go to the kitchen to get something to eat. Miss, please come with me into the room to freshen up.” Respectful but not humble, as if the command-like tone, but not distasteful.

Lisu, no , she Is to be Su Li. Su Li slowly walked, silently looked at this little courtyard outside the house are very simple. Although rooms within three years and foreign, they are all small, poor. In addition to room couch, table and chairs these necessities, there are no decorations. Compared with her former Regent Palace Boudoir, practically different from the day she leaves….

Entering the room simple comb and wash the face, finished on changing clothes. Just think a little dry throat, handed a glass of water in front of her, she took a shallow sip, she hear Wan Xin asked: “Miss, your hairpin?”…

Hairpin? Su Li slightly surprised, it was destroyed by the culprits. To let a servant girl pay attention in this way to that hairpin it is clearly conceal a mystery, will have the inside information?

“I lost.” She contrived not care to casually answered; she glanced at the corner of secretly

Wan Xin bright eyes slightly heavy, she asked: “You lost? At that time when slaves servant  use the hairpin for Miss, you said this was not a last resort, not just use. How Miss will lose it? “

Wan Xin stare is serious, it seems not an ordinary hairpin ornaments. Su Li remembered strange aroma from the hairpin heart’s afraid, and she can’t help to turn to looked at. This woman solemnly, not ordinary slaves. If the hairpin is she, do, she and the family are related?

Su Li looked down and sighed, she generally will say it today again, and she intended to avoid the Regent Palace that period. Referring to Dongfang Ze, Wan Xin look suddenly changed, and immediately asked: “You mean, when the hairpin was missing, Dongfang Ze is on the scene? He saved you?”

Su Chun surprise and different, Wan Xin tone is even more alert. Could it be that….she is truly Chen Men? Chen Men of Jiang hu is well known as killer organization, Men killers martial arts is one of the superiors, elusive, how can be a Xiangfu slaves?

Su Li heart have doubts, tentatively asked: “How is it? What is the problem?”

Wan Xin did not answer. Gently turn the vision, Mo Xiang just back to the house, Wan Xin look calm and said: “Nothing. This man Dongfang Ze scheme is deep, Miss after meeting him as much as possible, If you cannot avoid, as far as possible to stay preserve. Well, it is hard day for you, quickly eat and rest early.”

Mo Xiang passes the rice along with the three meals. Wan Xin has been very quiet, because Su Li safe returns she is in good mood, Su Li asks her and she able to answer ten sentences, almost the entire Xiang fu people say it again. Less than a quarter of an hour of effort, she had to understand the situation Xiangfu half. Su Li mind is aware to ask again she won’t find, so she say no more.

The prime minister’s first wife Su Tao Shi, has one son and a daughter, the eldest son of Su Chun, full of political wisdom, brilliant,, opposite of Su Li who always excellent, is to be chase by the ladies from prestigious family in capital; the eldest daughter is Su Qin, eighteen year old, nature is arrogant and bossy, conceited good looks of flowery, as distinguished, bullying when Concubine Liu born Su Li.

Liu’s is formerly from prestigious family after accused and arrested, the family fall down and the council make her as a concubine of the Prime Minister. At the beginning she received love from the Prime Minister, on that time the first wife Tao Shi was desolated. Later on, somehow she lose the favor and die of illness three years ago. Su Li was left behind and her life become difficult, not only because of the birthmark on her face, she was also accused of some people of being reincarnation of fiend, to be able to overcome and subdue mother, thus more resulted to Su must not being seen. Gradually, Nor even the servants looked down on her, if not for Wan Xin and Mo Xiang care around, perhaps she unable to get anything to eat.

Nighttime she lie down on the bed, obviously extremely tired and sleepy, Su Li could not sleep. Turn over and sat up, trying to practice meditation as before, that brought back the feeling of the past. That reminds her of Mother Princess once said a method to practice of mind, only suitable for small practice. However, she didn’t resigned to end it after she finished, she persist to practice again for a while, she began to feel impatient, then covered with dry, nausea, confusion, she want to stop unexpectedly cannot stop!

Gradually over the body cold sweat, rain falling. Su Li heart was shocked, then, suddenly there was a strong infuriating injected into the body, the chaotic evacuation of breath repression.

—-End of Chapter 16—-