“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 26 ESCAPE


Chapter 26


Su Li unable to contain the pain in her heart, in the past she loves his younger sister in every possible way, after the accident, actually to harming own person, so shows good will, how can not make one to mock fearfully, in this world’s except for her most beloved Mother Princess, what should be cherished?

Saw Dongfang Zhuo standing closely to Su Li,  the surprised is seen to Li Yao’s eyes, cannot help but hastened towards to hercould not believe mouth muttered: “Elder sister, Elder sister?” she holds Su Li, excited look is beyond control, Dongfang Zhou was pushed immediately at one side.

Li Yao trembling hand, touching Su Li’s face gently, like a confirmation, if this person in front of her is true or notWarm touch came at that moment, she could not stop from crying. Large tears is flowing, instantly the clothes wet, she broke down in tears, repeatedly shouted: “Sister,  are you really my sister?  Why do all they said to me, my sister was passed? “ she embrace Su Li, clinging firmly,“Sister, Yao-er really miss you ah! In this world only sister loved Yao-er, you obviously well, why frighten me like this? “

Su Li blank face, hand gently pushed Li Yao, said slowly: “This young lady, you …… got the wrong person. I am…… not your sister, my surname is Su, named Su Li.  By chance with Miss Li Su …..is somehow has resemblance. “

Li Yao, “ah” sound, the hand gently covered her mouth, tearful eyes ask: You lie, in this world how this matter happens? “

Su Li quietly look to her, puts out her hand to the hair that deliberately blocked her left cheek, stroking to his ear, to reveal a piece of bright red as blood, a birthmarks, she does intentionally and said: “You look at, certainly  this thing is not in your sister’s face.” In delicate white skin, reveals this mark, red and white, at first sight also seriously somewhat fearsome.

Li Yao suddenly pull out by cold air, puts out a hand to rub the birthmarks, sees not any color in the hand, is startled backs up several steps, leaning against  Dongfang Zhou’s body, trembling voice: “You, you really are not my sister?”

Su Li’s pupil of the eye is bright sharp, straight at Li Yao, it seems that can read the thoughts in her heart, for a long while slowly shakes his head.

Why?! Such a good sister, why God let her die? ! “ As if hard to accept such brutal attack, Li Yao erupts suddenly, for a moment, her facial expression is lifeless and she turns around to Dongfang Zhou:“Sister is gone, my sister is really gone ……” Suddenly both hands hold his head, extremely cried out in grief, shaking his head and said: I do not believe that I do not believe …… Suddenly, she fell down.

Dongfang Zhou stands in one side, just likes he has not seen. His vision, tightly set to the piece of bright red birthmark on Li Su’s face,  it is not able to move for half minute.

“Miss Li Yao ……!” Su Li was shocked, she dashed to help and go in a soft chair, repeatedly shouted:“Miss Li, you wake up!”

Li Yao eyes is closed, lying on her arms in pale look.

Even call a few times, Li Yao had still not responded, Su Li is anxious, suddenly looked up, clenching her teeth to interrogate Dongfang Zhou:“Jing Wang,  you still stunned of what to do? The fiancée who soon would be marry you is remains unconscious, why can you be so indifferent? ! In your heart, the life and death of woman, is always indifferent?! ” Her state of mind surges, every word is sonorous, being loud and clear, cannot conceal the vision of resentment, staring straight at the man in front who was not responding.

Dongfang Zhou bend down to look at her, suddenly he strode forward, pulling Su Li to his arms, tightly seized her chin, forcing to raised his head. Pair of beautiful eyes, and never hide the anger in his sight,  wishing to turn it into a sharp blade immediately, this hate to the bone as a knife to slice this man to death!

Dongfang Zhou eyes can not help some redness, sound hate:“You look at yourself, you hate me, you dare to say that you’re not  Lisu?”

Su Li stared at him, and said:“Miss Li Su is the first child of the first wife of Regent Palace, that his Majesty bestow marriage, the status is honored, how inauspicious I am to be able and  to place on a par with her. “ She paused, then suddenly smile and said:But it is a pity, such a person, was actually framed, one’s whole lifetime change beyond recognition was passed on and not even clear his name, After dies,….. the corpse was not even buried into imperial tomb., also cannot enter to Li ancestral grave, and finally only buries the bone in a remote ravine…... all of this, are all because of you! “

 “I, such as, what! Dongfang Zhou insisting for a long while.

“If you does not mistakenly believe on the slanderous report, to insult and drive her away! How she would die! All of this is exactly you! Did Wang Ye forgot?!” Restraining the strong hatred in heart, her fingers fingertip almost pinch into the flesh.

Dongfang Zhou eyes are more frightening, hand holds fiercely, about to crush her chin, gentle voice, like asking oneself: “Forgets? She gives shame to Ben Wang ,  how could Ben Wang forget? “

Su Li is absorb in pain, push him motionless, innermost feelings resenting, does not know what to do, Dongfang Zhou simply watch her face, he fiercely said:“Actually you, why  keep saying that you are not Lisu, if you’re not her, and by what status, for you to question  Ben Wang? ! “

Su Li angrily replied:“”Miss Li Su is only Su Li’s friend, originally has no right in questioning on her private affairs, however, this person same as God is indignant, any person will not watch on the sidelines!”

“She only bring disgrace to Ben Wang!”

“Man certainly from disgrace after that man disgrace him!”

You! Really audacious!” Dongfang Zhou stopped moment, whole body in anger, almost forced people can not breathe.

Su Li raised his head, proudly looks at his face, eyes that completely without fear  

Dongfang Zhou stared at her quite a while, the vision is complex, changing constantly, does not know what to think of, actually evil smile, head bend to approach her, cold voice, through her ear every word was clearly says:“Good! Good! Ben Wang admire your guts! I tell to you, Ben Wang no matter who you are in the end,  you could not escape again! “

This is the funniest joke Su Li heard in this life! She really could not help but laugh, just several days not see,  this man arrogant and overbearing is steadily increasing, what does he think of himself, to control everything in this world as God? As long as he say, he can easily control her on his palm? Su Li is no longer the former Lisu! After her fate, she’ll control it on his own hand!

Tried to restrain her anger, she really wanted to give him a strong slap in the face to wake him up! But at this moment, someone quickly pulled her, the trace flicks of sleeve,  that strength just right, made Dongfang Zho to involuntarily loose his hand, he withdraw back for several steps, gasps for breath to stare to that person.

Dongfang Ze seized Su Li’s waist, immediately body turned, taking few steps to take her out, lightly scolded: “Susu, you overstepped. How can you oppose Huang xiong,  so impolite!” His face was calm, and then said: Miss Li leaves the world unfortunately, inevitably sad when heard that,  simply departed, living in this way, for Second Huang Xiong  to inherit the Sheng country,  first  he need to take care  of his body well! “

Dongfang Zhou look ashen, clenching his teeth saying: “Six Younger brother do not trouble yourself of about that matter!”

“Also, Ze will not disturb Huang xiong peaceful rest, we go ahead.”  After Dongfang Ze finished, he pulled away Su Li.

“Stop!” Dongfang Zhou angry voice, “Su Li stay behind, did Ben Wang allow you to leave?

Dongfang Ze has not returned, lightly:“Ben Wang brought Susu, naturally taken away by Ben Wang. If Huang xiong has objection, you can appeal in front of Fu Huang and Mu hou.” His lips flashed a faint smile, full of satire.

Su Li’s heart feels heavy.



“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World”: Chapter 6 SHU WOMAN FORCED TO MARRY

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Chapter 6 Shu Woman Forced to Marry

The servant Duanliao Yi quickly put straight-backed chair, and the woman in dress slowly sat up, some people are swept to the house and sit, Eyes fixed on Li Su’s body, frowned and asked: “Not asked the result?”

Red woman face gloomy, bitterly said: “The dead girl, mouth bite is also tighter than mussels, witnesses and evidence are there, also pretended to be gentle and innocent, and know nothing!”

Woman in dress face disgust with color of contempt, staring at Li Su, Chen Sheng speaker said: “She did not recognize, Recognition might do, and it was recognized on the line.” When he finished, eyes glanced to the man on bench, two guards hint and tried to lift the stick.

Lady Miss mercy, do not fight, do not fight, I recognize and I believe it!!! Second lady seduce me and told me to take her out of the mansion!” Man screaming out loud, kowtow for mercy. To get several beat of rod, he is dead, Second lady, Liu Zhong had to apology to you!

“All right not admitting at once at early point! Really asking for trouble!” Red woman face suddenly a joy could not conceal his proud hearts.

Li Su lowered eyelids and heart some inexplicable sadness for themselves, but also for the owner of this body Su Li. Before it all like a farce, life and death of a man is not the end of torture, trumped-up charges will be recognized. Su Li is not really matter to elope with him, he sold her. Man is not really credible; whoever pays the trust, at the end it will lose.

Today, the real Su Li is dead, the living, is Lisu, she won’t permit this bullying from them! But now, under own weaknesses, she must not be reckless; priority should be to find ways to get out of here as soon as possible.

She was thinking to uphold, when the woman in dress calling out: “Mother Gui!”

At the door a body burly middle-aged crone came, respectfully replied: “Slaves in”

“A few days ago I told you to arrange things, completed?”

“In Lady’s returned, servants have been arranged already”

The Lady nodded, Lisu’s head lift with dignity said: “Although you become a concubine, but you are also noble daughter of Xiang Fu, In spite of everything is no honor and shameless, make such behavior as testimony! I see you live in the palace incredibly, after three days of compassion, I find a matchmaker, and give you an order for marriage, married earlier.*** Save not know when they poke the basket, to Xiang Ye shame! “

Xiang Ye! Lisu’s heart cold, awaken to enlightenment, where actually in the Prime minister house mansion! No wonder the name Su Li is somewhat familiar, based on rumors Su has children, one son and two daughters, the eldest son is Su Chun, given the rank of Imperial, first lady is Su Qin, is in the main building since childhood is arrogant and headstrong; second lady is Su Li, always in the room, ugly and sick, weak and timid character, never go out.

Ms. Su sees her bow in silence, some impatience, frowning: “how, you are not be happy?”

Compassion Temple in the north, that there will be a government that is it? Li Su heart of a dynamic, bow softly: said:. “Su Li dare, Madam. decisions” Totally submissive dared not resist a look, her heart secretly sneer, Su’s mother and daughter took a lot of thought  of this, Su Li was evicted from the house and nothing, the reasons for this is high-sounding and important, really hypocritical to the extreme

Mrs. Su “Well,”, this girl is fairly fitters, he turned around and told: “Mother Gui, first go to temple, after three days of compassion you and second lady,  find an auspicious day, let her get married.” When she finished, she got up and walk away.

Really is…… It could not be better……

Lisu stood up, and did not speak, looked at Ms. Su disappearing back with undefeated eye. That woman in red – Su Qin could not be reached the following departure, but conspire Lisu around, leering light laugh: “Sister is rejoicing, sister is here to congratulate you in advance.” Then, towards Mother Gui quietly winked, smiled and just went out. Mother Gui shimmering vision, jaw slightly, did not speak.

Lisu the trick panoramic view between the two, she looks intact. Mother Gui coldly said: “After three days, slaves will come, to pick the second lady from compassion, Second lady have a good rest now!” When he finished, the guards called the Liu Zhong dragged out, the “bang Lang” sound lock.


In three days, we always time the daily meal. In addition, actually, I’m one to scramble.

The 4th day, Mother Guangxi really came, she gone to see Lisu, deadpan authentic: “Second lady, please now!”

Lisu silent, walked behind of Mother Guangxi to the door.

At mansion side door, a carriage parked, two men sitting in the courage coachman chatting, saw Mother Gui , quickly jumped out of the car and tried to say hello.

Mother Gui slowly said: “This is the Second Miss, you have to look after her carefully, if on the way out is a slightest error, be careful of your head!” in her tone, they truly understand the hidden meaning, because they are not fool..

“Yes, Mother Gui rest assured, things will never go wrong!” Both men repeatedly soothingly

Lisu quickly glanced at the two men, the heart suddenly sank, that they have a black and blue, dressed in ordinary clothes, but conceal the eyes naked shoot, agile, the looks like a train household! Wrong! If Lisu is just  getting  married, why got two masters for escort? They can do now, no other way, before knowing that the road is dangerous, she clench teeth, on the carriage

Carriage slowly twitch , all the way to the outside on the west side of the avenue to Chi.

Lisu view of flag lifted , this is clearly not the way to go to the north of compassion Um! They think Su Li has never married, certainly not their way! Su Qin and Gui Mother are indeed another attempt.Now, how to get rid of these men?  Lisu glimpsed at wind falling leaves outside the window, her eyes, suddenly a light.

“Oh, good!” Lisu inside of carriage is screaming, it is extremely confused uneasy.

“Calls -” coachman quickly stopped, opened Julian, and shouted: “What happened?”

Lisu Seems to be shocked, to the rear carriage of a finger, carefully authentic: “I, I’m in trouble, my chain is off out ……Brother, and Can you let me go a little?”

“No!” Flatly rejected her black guy, “is nothing but a chain, you miss expensive in the Prime Minister’s palace, but also care about this stuff! We promised to Mother Gui, to take you to the temple before dark, without delay. “

“I beg you, brother,” Li Su pleaded sorrow, tears in the eyes unconsciously float that looks exceptionally feminine pity to feel way, her small sound: “It’s a chain, not worth much of money, it is my mother relic that she left for me, I never leave it to my body, just, just suddenly I remembered my mother, it was off to see, no one thought, it accidentally fall out. Brother, I beg you, let me go and look for it! Two great kindnesses, Su Li life will never forget!”  After saying this she broke down in tears.

“I say no no!” Black guy just like the iron-hear-ted general, did not see the shake

“Ai Ai, why are you so cruel to a pitiful little girl enough, you are so fierce on the people, little girl do not cry, let you go back to the grindstone.” Another man said softly rebuked a blue companion, good words for comfort. He reminded with a wink, she was fragile anyway, and no where to go? Safely to their destination to complete the task.

——Digression ——

__End of Chapter 6__

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 4 DOUBLE DEATH


Chapter 4 Double Death

On midday sun, Lisu is shining on her broken dress. On top of that had gold embroidered phoenix, already fragmented, but still shining bright as golden light. However, this is no longer a symbol of honor and glory, but proof of shame! Today’s weather is so good, it seems that even God, has deliberately let her embarrassed & nowhere to hide.

Streets are filled with people, they seem hiding in the side, but secretly laugh at her, laughing that she is slut, deserve to get this end! And go home? If mother and father saw her on this way, how much heartache and anger they will feel? No, cannot let them see her pair appearance! Lisu arm suddenly broke away from Lian Er, quickly ran at the opposite way of Regent Palace.

“Miss?” Lian Er very worried and call her.

“Do not follow me, I want to be alone, be quiet.” Lisu cried out without looking, although not fully restore her strength the air blow makes her every step hard to forward, she never stops. Just walked to a deserted place, a man quietly, waiting in the dark. Dark can swallow everything, no one noticed her embarrassed look. No one knew who she was

The feeling of heaven fell to hell, she will remember forever.

Both sides of the scene quickly receded; ears heard the whirring sound of the wind, until Lisu feel the foot of a soft, fell to the ground. She slowly looked down; the body has been flapping in the water, dazed look around, shore flower fan and leaves, spring just

This is, Lancang river? She had been run so far.

Rippling around a circle to go through, reflected in the face of the river, with the ripples kept swaying, as if her heart chaotic complex, after a moment, she gradually calmed down.

Lisu afford to sit on this river, not wait, strange and sudden, abundant of extraordinary intelligence, don’t have a time to sort out. Her body has strange poison, the thought of cannot live, her mother use all kinds of methods, all over the world to see doctors and herbal medicine, in recent years, after careful conditioning, she secretly asked people to teach her a martial arts,  body a lot stronger than a year. If the poison is positive, she will never be Dongfang Zhou …… heart suddenly in pain; father picked and chose for her beloved, and actually got such treat!

The wind wrinkled the surface of the water, vaguely dotted with numerous broken lights, a sudden flash of silver, Lisu heart of a cold, immediately roll to the left, two-edged sword, someone approach intended to kill, the aim to hit landed on the shore of river!

On the river bank a black man stood, silver cladding, armed with a sword, Lisu just felt strange stature in front of man, actually see his face! Her subconscious mind she steps back, secretly take air to gather to palm of the hand.

The man is not going to attack and it seems not in a hurry to attacked, only standing not far from her staring, eyes passing touch of stunning color.

Lisu quickly settled down God, tentatively said: “Are you seeking for money?”

The man did not answer.

Lisu frown, she never fully recovers her internal forces, gas can not be suppressed, and it is possible to re-attack at any time. This person martial arts is not low, not only can outsmart recklessly. Then slowly stepped forward and said: “If you ask the wealth, this young woman is not stingy, and hands offer. Only demands for my safety, there are parents at home, to get back,” she said, she would slowly remove from head the golden hairpin, eyes still tightly locked on his right hand double edge sword.

Black man eyes narrowed slightly on this princess, seems weak, pleasant, actually extraordinary smart, just now he has double edge sword on his hand to assassinate, her martial arts described and not weak! He should be particularly careful, and must not be taken lightly. ,

She gazes at his actions, his right wrist turn, his sword stick back; Li Su understands clearly that it turn to move.

Black man cautious paces, every step to step on the land, are deeply printed footprints, exactly the same depth that imprint. Lisu vision fretting hands infuriating flow, ready to go. The two sides are getting closer, until the time when a step away, they instantaneously, simultaneously shot!

Black man body quickly lower to twist, in the hands of the sword slanting to Lisu swept away! Lisu slightly sideways, can avoid this sharp sword, her teeth, backhand blow, “pop” sound, Gold hairpin severely piercing the right arm of a black man, black man cried out in pain, shoulder suddenly bleeding profusely, almost landed in the hands of the sword.

Lisu hit in, and then quickly back, to her surprise, her Royal mother sent personal things, and today it became a weapon to protect her life. Her intuition was right; this man is not seeking of money, simply to be her life! This series of things happen, it must be someone deliberately framed her

Black man over his wound slowly got up, color of eyes appears violent now, and he underestimated the princess! No longer hide his purpose, black man left handed sword slowly, exude a terrible attack to kill, flying leap, straight into Lisu to stabbed!

Lisu violent heartbeat, she no longer had the extra time to think, even death! Never keep yourself, and then focused on the situation!

Thinking of this, infuriating suddenly improved, rapid flows throughout the body, Full head of black hair, flying in mid air. Lisu jump into the sky launched a strong attack on the black man. Two in a fight, to infect fierce hot, almost equal to each other vital force. Strong and murderous, the forest suddenly flush flock of birds, flapping wings eager to escape away of shocked, but still be strong air flow scraped a few feathers

Do not know how long, within the body Lisu feel the anger is out of control, poison gas crest, tendons have been perverse trend. She knew him to falter, not to last long, but the black man is still not exhaustive. Could she really be loss her life here today?

The pace of superficial messy, less dodge, Lisu direct to it to the central port of black man, such as spring-like blood flooded out. Her sad smile in heart, quickly made a decision, anti-refundable forward, a few steps forward, the sword, and instantly penetrate through body!

Black man eyes widened, hearing piercing voice, golden hairpin truly aim is to stab his abdomen. Think of this woman actually playing to destroy indiscriminately, but also desperate for attack!

Lisu eyes extremely red, placing her final energy, the gold hairpin not fully enters the body of a black man, his blood on her hand.

Black man severe pain, shouted out loud, on one hold on Lisu’s shoulder aim to break the bone, her body directly fly out, the wind and sky, whistling blowing in the ears, like the souls crying, “plop ” Soon, Lisu heavily falling in the Lancang River!

The surging river, biting cold, instant put her engulfing.

Sharp sword, also inserted in her body, a lot of blood gushing from the wound gurgles, and melt in a river. Flirtatious red, with soaring hate, together poured her internal organs

This life, she is respectful, cautious and good, she never done a wicked thing, but come to such a tragic situation.

In this world, she’s kind towards others and never hurt an innocent people, but in exchange she received this kind of ending of being killed.

This whole life is very short, only sixteen years old, never enjoy the glory and splendor to the greatest extent, achieve to dote on, in the end, she died of unbearable humiliation!

In the end that is in harm her, why she was the target? She really can not be reconciled, not willing to wronged aggrieved, wasted step. But the pain of suffocation has gradually overtaken her last vestiges of sanity. Trance, she seems to think that the soul has left the body, cold and watching all of this, but unable to touch!


Lancang River shore, it is still a faction of beauty of the lush green of spring, all around, if not changed. However, no one knows, in this world, thousands of it are gathered as attribute for the young eldest princess of the Regent Palace, country’s first beauty Li Su Sheng, who doesn’t exist no more ……

___End of Chapter 4___

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 2 INFIDELITY SLUT


Chapter 2: Infidelity Slut

Dongfang Zhou suddenly looks, hearing the voice of the Dongfang Ze from outside: “Nonsense! Princess Jing and Huang Xiong, the two are just married today, how could she be pregnant? Li imperial doctor, so you lip service, tainted the princess name, loss the royal face, do you have a few head can afford to be magnanimous? “

“Wang Zhenning appeases! Jing Princess … Indeed it has been two months pregnant, Xiaguan dare nonsense! “Li imperial bow knelt among the inner hall, in Dongfang Zhou fierce dark eyes, Li Imperial sweating, quick rolled from his forehead.

Do not how long, Dongfang Zhou, slowly forward and finally to look away from the imperial body. Swipe the ripped curtain, Lisu eyes inflated and face pale, and gloomy as if to bite people.

“This is impossible!” Lisu quickly recovered from the shock, she was trying to hold up the body, and in turn she fell down. Lian Er screamed: “Miss!” Quickly helped her up.

“Princess pulse, re-examined for many times, knows a serious matter of slightest mistake, But this pulse does …… If Jing Wang and Princess heart doubts arising feel recruit other imperial doctor to examine! If different, Please……have mercy! “Li imperial prostrate on the ground, every word clear, Voice firm.

Donfang Zhou involuntarily clenched fists, veins fly, eyes tightly gripped Lisu eyes, an extract from the teeth slowly grinding his teeth: “Come! Go to the palace of the third grade all over imperial king called all to this! Now! “

Wait, long, almost suffocating.

Sheng country, towards eighteen Imperial consultations, three results, is exactly the same.

“You, do you have any words?” Dongfang Zhou slowly turned around, asked the woman in bed that still distracted, eyes are red.

Lisu face, show a bit white! In the people staying there, her mind went blank. This, this matter how come? She still at the child’s body, who has never been in contact with any man, in addition to that time …… But that is already six months ago, she did not Distortion, pregnant? How is this possible! But, Kneeling beneath a row of imperial, Even Li imperial included, a total of eighteen people, if that one will strike the wrong diagnosis, but this eighteen people, are all physicians, all through layers of selection to the palace for the Queen’s last emperor. Should the consultations wrong?

Silence, as all things are dead. Shrouded in choking luxurious lobby.

“Jing Wang ……”An imperial over longer lives this oppressive atmosphere, risking weak opening.

“Go! Get out, all of you!  “ Dongfang Zhou emotional suddenly broke out, crimson eye, screaming out loud, like an avalanche stormed a fierce, the items on the side desk case wiped out, shattered.

Lian Er scared unconsciously, Loosen the hold on Lisu hand, his face covered with fear of color, back again and again fell at the door. Imperial doctor hears the edict (蒙), trembling body to climb up to the door and ran for their lives in general.

Dongfang Ze  got up, slowly came to the door in the hall, a mess hall lightly swept ground, no trace of waves eyes, sighed softly: “Congratulations to Huang xiong, in wedding day the three happiness blessings is  really unparalleled. Unexpected, Father Emperor grandchildren is so soon! “Listening to his word, Dongfang Zhou, Just find it very ironic.

Lisu bed, light panting, in small side of her head, the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of the door within the Church. That tall, burly black figure standing back,that could not see his face, she just feel a strong sense of familiarity again crest on the heart.

Dongfang Zhuo heard suddenly is angry, readily took a wooden bench and fell directly to Dongfang Ze,  urgently noticed it, Dongfang Ze retreat on side way, waving his palm, just listen to “bang” sound, the door closed within the Church! That bench suddenly hit the door, and fell a pulpy!

Dongfang Ze smiled, that smile made him look, actually some unfathomable. He no longer stay, he went out and turned stride.

Dongfang Zhuo looked to Lisu, at the door to see an instant vision, heart suddenly startled, a few steps forward, grabbed one of her skirts, anger sound shouted:? “Why do you look at him you know him …… the sin in your stomach? is Dongfang Ze? Is not it?! ” He called, while vigorously shaking Lisu body. The urgent anger of Dongfang Zhou, has gradually begun to lose reason

Lisu already so weak, he forced a shake, but felt light-headed, my breath. She pulled Dongfang Zhuo wrist, boneless touch; Dongfang Zhou hands make involuntarily loose a little.

Lisu looked up at him, usual cold nice eyes, now with the urgent and pleading, she struggled and asked:”Is prince, willing to believe me? …… I …… never had an affair and be pregnant with any man, it must be mistaken! ” Speaking her heart extremely sad, who knows, the long-awaited wedding day, even to her husband she would like to explain she is innocent!

“Misunderstanding?” Dongfang Zhou the hearts of inexplicable move, but the thought of Dongfang Ze before leaving, that cynical tone, he then could not resist, one will be dragged in front of her, looking down teeth sneered: “What mistake! within eighteen Imperial doctors, they have wronged you? You this cheap woman! ” He cursed, threw her to the dirt.

Lisu hurriedly use air forced to, she study martial arts since childhood, but this time in the pubic, can’t even breath, As if poison! How come? She suddenly froze, obviously there six months left!

Body straight to the ground, broken porcelain, punctured her delicate skin, the moment to spill blood. She frowned pain, but no scream.

It should not reflect on the window light, suddenly darkened. Dongfang Zhou figure, slowly approaching.

Looked at his gloomy face, like a violent storm is brewing in the sky, her heart could not stop trembling, in front of the man, still handsome and extraordinary, but right now and after that day in the Regent Palace garden the gentle handsome prince, is like a different person!

She looked up and stared, looking forward for a long time. All expressions on her eyes , gradually, everything faded , leaving only a cold.

He looked at her in the eyes. Dongfang Zhou heart pain is unspeakable increasingly, raising his hand, even severely pinch her face, he said bitterly: “The Emperor thought that I married the best woman of Sheng country, did not think it was a fallen woman! You let the king face disgrace, and  became the laughing stock of the whole world, you say, how the Emperor …… thank you?

Extremely hate, his fingers turn to her delicate skin, wishing her jaw bone crush

Severe pain, almost to her defeat! Pain is not physical, just his sentence as a fallen woman!

Fallen woman ……

In his eyes, she was such a woman? ! Lisu could not help but smile sadness; suddenly heart sank as iron, actually once calmed down. Stubbornly raised her head, she looked at him, a single word:“Lisu from childhood knows etiquette well , parents teaching is very strict, never done deviant things! Prince think I dare to trouble you, yet if I was having an affair with the man, and promised to marry prince, do I dare as Weifei? Even without being diagnosed as pregnant, until the wedding, and not be detected, how I have to explain? “

Her words orderly, not chaotic panic. Dongfang Zhou slightly hesitated, and finally with a trace of anger in the eyes of abatement. He was still staring at her in disbelief, out of that flawless face, could not find the slightest trace of false. He finally let go of his hand.

Lisu get relief, secretly breath, raising his hand, see fine white palm, sharp tiles already deeply embedded in the flesh, is red.

Dongfang Zhou eyes move, staring straight at the blood on her hand, mouth suddenly said: “To tell if you are innocent, you need only one way!” He would not finish, he suddenly hold her up from the ground! Step to the soft couch edge, she lost on a large couch!

___End of Chapter 2___

Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 124 THREATS

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(NOTE: The translations of this Cnovel is not originally mine (link:http://sut3kii.wordpress.com/) …I interpreted it through google translate when I’m reading the Chinese Version…I think to share it with you guys..If you find a mistake, you are free to say it to me and I’m gladly to correct it. Thank you! 🙂 )


“Ten years of the agreement, you may be ready.” Bai Li Mo nodded, Xu Wei Ran once again made it a condition to, to know Hua Qian Zi done so much, and they cannot lose the trust of people.

Even the world of struggle, Xu Wei Ran still maintained a gentleman.

Heard the remark, Bai Li Mo seems to understand, stand on from his chair, slowly he walked around the body still weak, but has been in recovery:. “I see.”

While moving Xu Wei Ran smiled.

Do not misunderstand, It just pure relationship with her.”Xu Wei ran slightly stiff, He laughed in cool wind.

But Bai Li Mo laugh, without a word, some things, he feel and not to say it and all depends on how things develop.

Right now, we need to do is find a way to leave the Bai Hua Kingdom, and only then, they have to turn over the capital.

Now, he did not know quiet infidelity owned no action, Ao Yun Kingdom afraid what do not know it, It had always been under house arrest here, Nang Go Mo believe it has been the palace of Bai Hua control, To pass a message back to the Ao Yun Kingdom , is impossible and…

This time, he decided to attack Bai Hua Kingdom at all costs.

Even Mo Wen Xuan intervene, cannot sit still.

Not to retreat.

So many years of silence, but also the southern border once again bustling.

They hit it off the back can be considered.

Then, to see Hua Qian zi means

Do not let go of the Royal Court from two such important figures, is not easy.

Here, Hua Qian zi also difficult, she knew things would not be so easy, she thought, if she unmasked herself, what the consequences will be.

You know, if she spent her childhood in the hands of Hua Qian Yi, it must be a dead end

Help yourself, no one.


A purple shirt wind drift, her heart is not calm, just because Mo Wen  Chen say, she was thinking, the death of a Su Qi Qi, and Xiao Susu came is really unwilling.

But now is not the time to consider these, she may still need help Mo Wen Chen.

He said that as long as no harm to Xiao Susu.

So he promised he is.

Anyway, with Xiao Susu’s character, is not like Su Qi Qi is so compromises Qi Qi marries Mowen Chen, and to Mo Wen Chen character, it will not lower social status to please Xiao Susu.

Even Xiao Susu talent and beauty make Mo Wen Chen heart, but also the heart of it

Hua Qian Zi reason to think, because she knows best Mowen Chen.

** Believers knew he did not.

Not to judge by appearances.

At first, he dislikes Su Qi Qi only because the Su Qi Qi is bestow by  Mowen Xuan, hands to him.

This is a shame for him, which he could not accept and treated Qi Qi.

Do not read the Royal Court of the terrain for a long while, Hua Qian Zi slowly to a small hospital Mowen Chen around living.

Go very slowly, she wants to see the man and afraid to see that person, the heart is in conflict and Ju Yi simultaneously.

She also promised to free and to let go Zhu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo, only to bear the consequences of that kind of fear is very serious, even if she is  Hua Ru  Xue’s daughter,  her affection towards her daughter is not enough to secure her life.

If Mo Wen Chen is involved, presumably Hua Ru Xue will not dare to say anything.

After all, even Mowen Xuan are afraid of Mowen Chen presence, not to mention the Bai Hua Country.

And Lei Yu feng backing of Mowen Chen, it can be said Mowen Chen is the most horrible existence in this world.

But he was too low-key recently.

Coming.” Seems Mowen Chen and other Bai Hua’s general, a black standing in front of a small hospital, looking still no expression, like a pair of indifference.

Royal Highness.” Mowen Chen will spend time waiting Hua qian Zi eviction scheduled for the North palace, he ordered her princes only allowed to call their own, the kindness of a clean break between them.

Although not personally expose Hua qian Zi, but such punishment is also understand of Huan Qian zi understand that they have done, became public

So, she feared him.

I can help you.” Mowen Chen straight to the point, do not beat about the bush: “But …. There’s a condition.”

Royal Highness, please speak.” Hua Qian Zi is not surprise, Mowen Chen never do the trading loss.

Looked at the distant days, Mowen Chen, eyes sort of mood fluctuations: “If things can be done, you have to replace Xiao Susu to married Yan Palace.”

Ah ……” Hua Qian Zi spend the whole person shoved back, inconceivable, unacceptable expression of all written on the face.

Yes, if you Bai Hua’s country, but you know, even if you do not agree, the king is also a way to get you to replace her.” Mo Wen Chen cold smile.

This time, he must try to protect Xiao Susu.

Even hurts everyone.

Royal Highness ……” Hua Qian Zi’s pale as a sheet: “I am your elder cousin.”

She did not think how, Mo Wen Chen would mention such conditions.

Her heart is also vaguely understand Mo wen Xuan, why send a troops to help the Bai Hua country, it must be Hua Ru Xue who gave a promised, and surely Xiao Susu is one of them.

This is not her consideration, so I did not much think.

We’ve been live with each other.” Mo Wen Chen a little black face, voice Ice cold: “If you not agree, it all depends on you.”

Then, he no longer look at her, just standing there, her long hair flying in the wind, summer wind is hot, but it is in Hua Qian Zi feeling cold.

She stood there, holding her fist fiercely, this day she suffering from a blow just a beginning.

This man, really did care about Xiao Susu?

Or he left for too long,. And she does not know him anymore.

That, Bai Hua Kingdom ……” Hua Qian Zi adjust her emotions, and to calm himself down.

She now wants nothing more than Bai Hua Kingdom.

From Mo Wen Xuan, I’ll help you.” Mo Wen Chen hides from her, to tell the truth, he certainly did not hold the Bai Hua country to Hua qian Zi hands, but he did not want to do that.

Now, he is not helping Hua Qian Zi, but a threat.

Teeth clenched, Hua Qian Zi whole person exudes brutal cold breath, she knows Mo Wen Chen threatening , do not help themselves, but what she means, this means the man she too well.

Well, Xue Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo are there ……” Hua Qian Zi knew framed large long while, and finally just give Mo wen Chen do the wedding dress, so that he can be honest shot.

They will go back to their country.” Mo Wen Chen touches Insider.

His visit is aims to Xiao Susu, other things to do with him.

But Yan Kingdom sends troops.” Hua Qian Zi some urgency.

     “There’s Huang xiong troops?” Mowen dust cold smile: “Do you want to replace the Xiao Susu, You should be aware of the difficulty of this issue, so everything depends on your own.

““I ……” Hua Qian Zi thousand million counts, did not expect to be calculated Mo Wen Chen come in

She has now been openly with Hua Qian Yi enemies, and Hua Ru Xue bent on supporting people also Hua Qian Yi, she was here, just a puppet, and nothing to deceive the public.

After all, the female is respected in Bai Hua’s States, in order to Hua Qian Yi justifiably throne as emperor, is not so easy, so she Hua Qian Zi will have existence value.

So, if one day, their existence meaningless, what end.

She is not without thought, so will the country desperate to flowers in her hand.

Right now, she found that their strength is too weak, too weak.

As long as Yan and southern continue to calm down, the Bai Hua will be your kingdom sooner or later.” Mo wen Chen finally gave her a promise

________________________________________________END of Chapter 124

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 1 THE SUDDEN WEDDING

The rebirth: Deceased consort that astounded the world 《重生之惊世亡妃》 by Mo Yan Shang

The rebirth: Deceased consort that astounded the world 《重生之惊世亡妃》 by Mo Yan Shang

Translated synopsis (FROM SUMMER):

Unmarried woman being pregnant? A disgrace in the grand wedding!

Princess (Wang fei) of Jing An, who was envied by everyone, in the blink of an eye became a fallen woman. Insults, divorce, assassination, perishing….

Everything seemed like a meticulously schemed game!

When dead game revived by a chance, she returned with a hatred and with exactly the same face as in the past. Dazzling and with astonishing talent, she awe-struck the imperial court as well as the ordinary people!

The former husband was struggling between love and regret while princes of three countries were mutually enamored with her.

She sneered at it all. If people humiliated me I will humiliate them. If people ruined me, I will ruin them.

At that time, while suffering false accusations , she suppressed her tears and asked with an accusation: „Is prince (Wanye) willing to believe me?“

His expression chilling, with a straight wave of the palm he caused her dress shattering into small pieces, using the most cruel method proving her innocence!

At this moment, with extreme regret and ache said: „I believe you.“

She coldly smiled, „I will never believe you!“



All prosperity comes in Sheng country, and today it become livelier.

Regent Palace sent an escort for the bride to the Prince Palace, stretching for several ten years; the city has never had the luxury of guards of honor, joy all the way around, constantly salute the whole country. All are infected with a red festivity.

Lisu sitting quietly with Emperor Chin Chee on the imperial carriage among hands tightly hide, fingertip slightly eye a sweat, never thought that one day, she would be so nervous!

Jing Wang Dongfang Zhuo, is the Queen’s illegitimate, as distinguished, intellect, and won the favour of Sheng Emperor. All woman of the city of whole Beijing, without exception, want to marry him as Weifei! And he looks at her, and then scared to heaven, insisted to marry her. On the pear tree, love starts, his heart, only for her. Eyes emerged out variant of brave) Very affectionate face, her heart unconsciously have desire.
Suddenly, on a wide avenue, far swiftly ten ride horses.

If an arrow, rapidly come. The original wedding team arranged very neatly, now such as red of tide water, have to back down the road on both sides of the Bay.

Led by a man sitting on the horse, with easy access to the former imperial carriage. Winds sweep to the complete tour brushed line curtain curtain falls, revealing Lisu in a red dress, shine like a water. People could not help but exclaim out loud, which is so bold, dare collision Jingan future princess!

Black elegant horse neighing softly firmly stopped.

Standing in front of the palace of Jing Wang is Dongfang Zhuo,   surrounded by court official, the long body erect, like a stand, honorably dazzling. Who dressed in embroidered clothes, tall and extraordinary handsome. Watching to come, He looked slightly heavy, involuntarily step back.

The man in embroidered gown, gold crown bundle hair, who’s his face such as crown jade, healthy and beautiful, a sharp eye, a black hair gently, fluttering in the spring breeze, the whole child who is like a two-edged sword masterpiece scabbard soon! Exude serve askance world momentum of the King! Lightly lifts his arm, silently issued a directive, and followed by the bodyguard quickly dismount, points out two lines, neat quiet….
All around is suddenly silent, all eyes are firmly fixed in his body, can not move a half minutes.
The man in black clothes dismounted cleanly, quickly went in front of Dongfang Zhou, smiled submissively said: Second brother. No wonder you look overjoyed today, I Dongfang Ze, come to congratulate the Second Elder brother. “

Originally, the highly discouraged today is emperor six Prince –  Zhenning Wang Dongfang Ze!…

Sheng country crown prince is still undetermined, between Donfang Zhou and  Dongfang Ze headed. These rumors have been heard by Lisu.

Hearing this voice, Lisu heart jump, suddenly strange feeling rises from her heart , Six Prince Dongfang Ze, she had never seen, but this sounds …… why his sound familiar? ! It seems to have been stuck in the minds, but can not remember where you heard.

Dongfang Zhou eyes sank slightly, the side of the Secretary see him look bad, quickly leans beside him, carefully cautioned: “Jing Wang, first pick up the Princess to start the weddings now, further delay probably will miss the auspicious time.”
Dongfang Ze Zhuo, sneered: “! The grace Wang Meng Fu Huang queen mother, become very fond of Princess Yu Ming for a lifetime ( ** I’m not sure in this line), if six brothers come is sincere to congratulate, please go get drunk it,” when he finished, he walked to the imperial chariot to reach out the hand of beauty from the seat.

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Curtain lifted, I saw the refined luxury of the imperial carriage, Lisu sitting in the middle, wearing a bright red phoenix costumes, dress pulled in, such as willow waist, although at the moment can not see her face, but this temporary change not scared of exquisite manners, and peerless grace, as people already enchanted endless. She slowly put your hand into the palm of his wide real, but also to their own future, they are entrusted to the front of the royal Allegiance.
Lucky, one is the first beauty, in a glorious day stand together, really a perfect match.

Dongfang Ze eye light somber, Chen Sheng said: “! Come”

A former attendants quickly on the ground, carefully goes to a delicate silver box, very careful, as if offer is peerless treasure.

Dongfang Ze hand the silver box, slowly toward to Lisu, laughed softly:.. “I’m taking a trip this time, even have an exquisite gem  for Second Huangxiong wedding today, on this matter as a gift to wish Huangxiong, Huangsao , to live and grow old together ”

Lisu micro one looked up, and that silver box happens on the show in their own eyes. Sterling silver, fine workmanship, moire pattern on the lid, surrounded by layers, dazzling. Her heart secretly surprised, a box can be so fine, I do not know inside the gift, what should be how stunning peerless.

She did not wait to say something, but around the Dongfang Zhou put an arm around her waist, her step away from the box, whispered a hum, must smiled and said: “Thank you, six Huang di. He determined the present king and regent marriage, but the pro-Fu Huang, thanks to countless tours of the gold and silver jewelry and I’m afraid is irrelevant. “

Dongfang Ze laughed, slightly raising his hand, in that fine moire patterns carved central, push the button, just listen Kacha soon Qing Xiang, automatic lid actually bounce.

Bright red, shocked bloom, instantly aglow order before a spring, people could not help but exclaim out loud!
Compact silver box, brocade like snow, glittering red color 一枚 spirit of jade, in the bright sunlight, exquisitely carved, glossy shine on people. A look that is known, not every product.

Are all the people around the eyes light up, then whispering. Dongfang Zhuo is looking , immediately took up the hand, welcome the light and shine, I saw blood jade among the trapped locked a Nirvana of the Phoenix, as if to break clamped from sky.

This is …… Feng Yu Xueling (Phoenix Jade blood spirit)? Dongfang Zhou conceal the surprise and asked.
Dongfang Ze slightly narrowed eyes, cold smile: “Other than the two Huang xiong gem, how?”

Four weeks subjects uproar, Feng Yu Xueling, is the legendary sacred. Heard this is not only a spirit, but also to identify the main blood jade rumors woman executed in the sun, if blood jade phoenix wings folded to show surrender, it means that this woman is really a life queen.

Six Huang di always lavish gift, in any product really different. Lisu, you also take a look.” Dongfang Zhou vision of dynamic, pulled her hand, with that the blood jade was into her hands, eyes exposed expectations.

Lisu hear tightly, a chance to react, blood jade already in her hand. Dongfang Zhou to confirm what, deliberately slowly raised her hand and placed under the sun, red Yan Yan’s blood red, seemed to flow into her hand, like fingers and swayed her white, red increasingly red, white and increasingly white.

Around the eyes, suddenly focusing on her hands, as if the world is changing, changing only confirmed immortal. Lisu hands just felt shocked, blood in jade Phoenix, suddenly moved!…

Wings  gather together, phoenix lower his head, follow by the wings rise gesture to fly, , in a blink of eye the head vow, and that is all.

The crowd gasps of surprise, “Feng Yu Xueling recognize the master is really amazing! Congratulations Jing Wang, Ming Yu Princess Congratulations!” Now someone came up to congratulate. All official is amazed, shouted wonderful.

If Feng Yu Xueling recognized the Queen, it is self-evident that her husband is the future emperor!
Ha ha ha!” Dongfang Zhou could not help but to laugh, hold up Lisu hand and said: “Six Huang di to congratulate, this gift is truly love Aifei (Imperial concubine), you have to keep close at hand, must live up to it! For six brother good intentions! “

 In the hands of Fengling blood jade, red as blood, Lisu slight frown, there is a sense of premonition that cage on the heart, lingering.

Dongfang Ze dark eyes flash, hook lip smiles: “Second Huang xiong too serious an hour late, Second Huang xiong quickly finish the ceremony and to Huangsao (sister-in-law) salute it, do not miss the auspicious time and finish it!”

Couple, Zhenning Wang said, don’t missed the auspicious time!” The crowd echoed repeatedly.

Salute crackling exploding sound constantly, red gun flying debris scattered in the smoke, drink the master of ceremonies loudly sing, rejoice together sound.

Dongfang Zhou hands holding Lisu, slowly crossed the palace door.

One preparing for the wedding, two thanks to the decree, husband and wife three times worship, after these three worship, Lisu is the real princess Jing! Just this last prayer, she feel dizzy, too late to make any response, she fall down to the ground, the dazzling Feng Yu Xueling, knock on the ground, issued a crisp sound .

Suddenly, all the guests stood stunned, stunned including Dongfang Zhou
“Fast pass imperial!” Finally someone shouted up.

While running around in circles in the lobby floundered. Dongfang Zhou wake up, and immediately picked up Lisu, she was placed on a couch in the Hall.

Imperial treatment comes, and Lisu is already awoke, but feeling weak, drowsy mind, eyelids feel heavy。

Imperial somber, And looked volatile, sometimes shocking, sometimes bewildered, pulse explore Revisited, lest diagnosis wrong cause.

“Imperial Princess exactly what got disease?”  see Imperial doctor, not loosing the hand for long, Dongfang Zhou asked a questions.
At the side of maid, guard Lian Er, urgent: “Imperial doctor quickly what is the Miss condition, why she is fainted??”

“This ……

Not quick to sayDongfang Zhou in heart and mind suddenly anger, the eyes with obvious anger. Jing Wang, anger must have hurt. The palace folk known. Imperial Erect surprised, hurried to knock nod

Li imperial palace for many years, have not seen what disease, how to diagnose the troubles today are not so happy? Could it be, second Huanxiong wife body has hidden illness, that hard to say and it is inconvenience to tell?” Sitting in the outer chamber of the Dongfang Ze started playing in the cup, light voice without emotion clearly spread within the Church.

Donfang Zhou looking with cold eyes, Li imperial fear scared hurriedly replied: “Princess itself is okay, Because she is pregnant, and failed to carefully nursed her health back, and she’s over tired before the break, that result to unconscious …… “


These word, like a Lethal bomb into a calm lake suddenly, the outer hall room, have set off waves.

—End of Chapter 1—