“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 29 Love and Hate


 Chapter 29

Love and hate

Dongfang Ze straight all the way to the room while holding Su Li.

Mo Xiang see that both are wet, shocked, she quickly come close to dress up Su Li.  Change into clean clothes,  the quilt gathers together to her upper body, Su Li still shivering in cold, the whole body does not have the strength.

The first rank  imperial bodyguard came in a hurry, and go closely to Dongfang Ze’s ear to said something, his complexion slightly changed, in an instant looked at Su Li, exhorts her to rest well, then he strode away.

Su Li is in deep thoughts, she do not know if Wan Xin, can  escape safely?

Dongfang Zhuo entered the room, a handsome face covers in the unknown light ray, complexion sometimes cloudy sometimes clear, constantly changing, as if for a moment in the room, he is struggling for several times, look complex.

Su Li does not want to see him, closed her eyes, head slightly lean to the back side. But at Dongfang Zhou vision, by no means he has no intention to leave slightly. Cannot see the birthmark on the side of her face, pale and almost transparent, suddenly he remember correctly the resentment of the woman who take the letter of divorce. Heart in an instant is filled of raging tide, he cannot control to go forward, puts out a hand to touch her face ……

The fingertip is just about to touch the skin, when Su Li suddenly opened her eyes, she turned around and looked at him coldly. Gazed indifferently like an ice, to made the person to be frozen.

Dongfang Zhou slightly look distracted, hand suddenly froze in mid-air.

“You…. really are the Prime Minister daughter Su Li?” still unbelievable, two unrelated people unexpectedly the looks are similar!

Su Li’s pale lips smile, mockingly said: ” Wang Ye come along here, not just to prove this matter? The answer is very clear now; Wang Ye, please return now.”

She gave away the thoughts, more ruthless under the expulsion order.. Never which a woman, can be so indifferent to him, almost disgust. Dongfang Zhou in an instant was enraged, brows wrinkled, two eyes sink darkly, grabbed her collar dress to carry her to him, her eyes glared, while in his mind constantly reappear the another exactly the same peerless face.

“You really hate Ben Wang? …… You hate  Ben Wang?

Su li’s heart startled, tried to restrain her own physical discomfort, said calmly with a smile: “Wang Ye is really joking, Su Li and Wang Ye are strangers, how to hate?

Dongfang Zhou without a word, decides to look at the nearby of indifference face, she was too calm, clearly deliberately disguised, the deep dark eyes is hiding the unknown emotions, that he wanted to tear into shreds this appearance of her very much, and peek into outcome!

Suddenly he looked down, he kissed her suddenly. Does not give slightly the opportunity of rejection, the big palm tightly hold the back of her head, feel the soft touch of lipS to her, shortly it cause to waken her memory of the sweetness taste of love-hate. Su Li never anticipated him to be so strong, the pain had been forcibly violated her heart, her whole body tremble,tried to push him away from her, waved palm firmly slap on the face.

“Pop”  a clear and loud sound, palpitation when the man flee in great disarray, while quickly disappear her full strength to a single waved of palm.

Atmosphere, falls into a heavy deathly stillness.

Dongfang Zhou seems stared at her in disbelief, for first time in his life woman slapped his face, the anger that unable to hold back rise to the sky, straight to forehead, his face darken, like a violent storm is coming.

He pressed firmly her neck!

Slender neck, was tightly griped by his hand, as if single break. Presently Su Li was ill, this moment her breathing suddenly cut off, just to feel that all strength of the whole body  was pulled out, the body is now hot and now cold, internal organs are in burning fire, this feelings, somewhat is unexpectedly similar with the symptoms of the former poison. She tightly grabbed the large palm on her neck, stared widely with unwilling eyes, ithe hands of this man, how unwilling she dieHeart’s move, she suddenly lower her hands, two eyes lacking strength close, the whole person was like a drained  flowers, wither and die suddenly.

Dongfang Zhou  immediately look distracted, startled in a split second the fury was extinguished  cleanly.

His Royal highness. Heart gush panic, his hands trembling. Picked up her to hold in his bosom, urgently called out: ” You?  Awake! .”

Su Li did not response.

Dongfang Zhou panic deepens, this pain cause him to be outofcontrol, he shouted loudly : ” Come! Quickly call the doctor here!

Su Li gasp for breath, lifts the eyelid slowly, the man did not have enough time to lose his panic, complicated view in her eyes. Her gaze turn, tightly clutching Dongfang Zhou’s sleeve, sound weak to stop him, saying: “Do not …… do ……

Dongfang Zhou’s complexion darkened, he grabbed her hand, anxious and anger that he reprimanded lightly: “Your body is ill, and you do not want to  see a doctor?” Between words, as if she mistreating herself, but he forgot,  he just almost strangled her!

Su Li shakes the head gently, It’s useless! My years of chronic illness.….. ordinary doctor looked is also useless!” Before the eyes no longer the cold, on the contrary both eyes has sadness, let the person see heart will unconsciously tighten. Dongfang Zhou subconsciously hold her, urgently called out to outside: Wang An, summons the Imperial Physician.”

A trace of a few invisible chill, gently across Su Li’s eyes, she quickly hang down  her eyelids. Dongfang Zhou large hand landed softly on her hair, in a very gentle voice said: “You endure first, soon the imperial physician will arrive.

Su Li was  startled, the hand has been firmly holding her, move down, in violent anger he grasp her neck cruelly, to kill her. But she do not know why at this moment he’s so gentle to favor her, and for what? Her heart is filled with bursts of bitter, Su Li’s clenching her teeth while the head down in silence.

Dongfang Zhou seems to felt that her mood is difficult to be peaceful, thinks that his impulsed just a moment ago almost accidentally killed her, can not help but regret  and pain, but the inborn pride keeps him not to say a word of apology, he can only hold her and not to let go. Two people are both silent, oppressive mood makes Su Li’s chest of stuffy pain. 

The imperial doctor comes really quickly, he quickly steps passed through the door, Dongfang Zhuo called out: “Her body is very hot, Imperial doctor Li, you take a look whats the matter!

Imperial doctor Li! Su Li’s heart jump, looks up hastily. He had come to the hospital too who diagnosed Lisu’s illness, Imperial doctor Li Zhong! At this time he also came forward, see the half open side face of Su Li, suddenly shocked.

Donfang Zhou see his face with surprise color, frowning impatiently: “What are you staring blankly? Quickly come and check her pulse.

Su Li pushed him and said: “I ask Wang Ye to leave.

Dongfang Zhou disgruntled vision sweeps immediately, the thick eyebrows closely wrinkle, seemed anxious to attack, but restrained to stop. A long time before he stand up to go out. A long time before he stand up to go out. 

Li Zhonghe lifted the hand to wipe a cold sweat, his eyes looked alarmed to Su Li. Su Li smile and said: “Thank you for your trouble Imperial doctor Li.”

Li Zhonghe smiled reluctantly, he go forward to feel the pulse for her, sighed and said: ” Young Lady’s body is all right, simply inherent weakness, physical weakness, once wind chills invade the body, caused by the anger to launch a psychological attack to be the result. I write a prescription for the young lady, takes medicine for seven day then to alleviate. However……If wants to recuperate completely, need to  pay more attention to the personal habits!

Su Li nodded to express thanks, “Doctor, thank you for your trouble!

Li Zhong said with harmonious laughed: “Young Lady is a lucky person, even if I have not come to feel the pulse for young lady today, in the future must have the opportunity.  Young Lady no need to be polite!  he stared at her face, pontedly. Su Li, although understand, did not argue, only look down the eyes to say lightly: “Thanks to Imperial doctor auspicious words! I want to consult an issue with the imperial doctor.”

“Young lady, please speak.”

“Is maiden body (virgin body) can be pregnant? Did not know about the matter of men and women, this issue, she is unable to determine. She lower the voice as far as possible, in order to avoid to be heard by the person outside of the room.




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