“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 28 LIFE OR DEATH


Chapter 28

Life or Death

Su Li’s convey her thoughts, to warn of: “Ah,  this…… strong and courageous person, you to take the small woman as hostage, I’m afraid that your idea is wrong, this small woman…. the status is lower,  only casual acquaintance of both Wang Ye. Even if you have killed me,  you cannot escape from the inescapable net under Wang Ye’s cloth.

The black woman sneer, gloomy says:“Saying that, are you fooling a  three year old  kid! Who does not know, Wang Zhenning never invited a female to accompany him, and alone with that person to go for a tour, how can you be just a casual acquaintance? It is nonsense! Quickly asked Wang Zhenning to withdraw his troops, and release the three of us to leave safely, otherwise… do not blame me of being impolite!”

Su Li’s heart is clear as a mirror, studying the heavy martial arts is only the first step, if Wan Xin have an accident, herself without the slightest benefit, and with this critical situation now…… she must find a way to help her to get out of here  as soon as possible.

Dongfang Ze is still silent, watching her eyes with slight of hesitation, it seems he is still weighing.

Her mind suddenly has a plan, he is already weighing, it must have the scruples. She will certainly not be muddleheaded to think, opposite of Dongfang Ze emotions that contradicted, although Su Li is a concubine daughter, whatever the outcome she is still the prime minister daughter, in the future if spread out that he to see somebody in danger and do nothing, is not a good thing. However, the weight of bargaining chip is obviously not light, After hastily bet, the probability of winning is really unknown. But, in one point of view this kind of opportunity, which he cannot miss!

The woman in black sees Dongfang Ze not to say a word, brows knitted and just about to open her mouth to speak, when suddenly she notice a pair of hand  of Su Li that firmly grasp on the sword, heart can not help but alarm, wanting to make a distance, but she is struggling, straight toward the sword to  hit the blade! She decisively shouted: Wang Ye, Su Li …… die in pity is insufficient, refrain because I spoiled Wang Ye’s social event!” Completely staunch not willing to give in trend. Dongfang Ze has a taboo word at this moment, must have the response; on the other hand; Wan Xin certainly understand the intention of her submission. 

Suddenly a sharp blade pierced the white skin, bright red blood, a faint trace of red come out on the blade, especially order to people to be afraid. The woman in black heart’s fiercely jump, suddenly her body carefully opened, to keep her away from the sword. 

Dongfang Ze face suddenly pale, blurted to call out: “Susu can not!” The two fist in long sleeve grips tightly, joints are whitish.

“You let her go, Ben Wang will keep you safe and secure!” Dongfang Zhou is decisive loud, move quickly to,  stands with Dongfang Ze shoulder to shoulder, his chest fiercely move up and down, is staring to Su Li who compels, completely disregards Li Yao who lying in the ground. Such remarks, the people are all startled. Everyone was waiting for Dongfang Ze’s reply, certainly they did not expect Dongfang Zhou to speak.

Dongfang Ze brows rise, he was astonished at him, obviously  very surprised, but there’s no objection.

Su Li’s thoughts  mixed of hundreds of feelings to tell, never think that the first person to respond, is turned out to be him! Just as she angered him, almost to the aspect at daggers drawnWhy at this time ……

“Good! Jing Wang is really sensible! Ask them to  prepare the boat immediately.” The black man with silver mask immediately spoke, action failed, they were trapped, at this time does not  go now, when?

“All persons on the board, cannot fall,  all retreated on the back!”

Dongfang Zhou calm and collective face is now gloomy, the people underneath understand  and withdraw completely.

The silver mask  man in black looks all around, coldly said:. “Wang Zhenning orders all your bodyguards to withdraw from the  Moon Lake two miles away from the ship. Otherwise, while we embarking, in addition,  do not shoot ok?”

Dongfang Ze looks gloomy, no waves, lifts the hand to issue the instruction, the bodyguard in lakeside withdraws from peach forest neatly, does not see the confusion. At this moment, the Moon Lake now is gradually covers by twilight, charming and gentle  lights of red clouds,  beautiful, splendid and pleasing to the eye, in the middle transmits the little low cries of waterfowl.

Su Li stagger to be dragged all the way to the boat, foot drifts, gradually towards the lake.

“Imagine this little girl, looked soft and weak, unexpectedly the two Wang Ye changed their mind just for you! This method is not simple. The black man in the silver mask ponder to say.

Su Li did not like to hear, she secretly sigh, calmly said:“Tied me up.”

The man eye’s show doubt look, Su Li coldly glanced at him, said lightly: “Could you ever thought for a moment, they can also divide the energy to chase and kill you?”

He squinting his eyes, immediately awakens, the Moon Lake waters are broad, his original intention is to safety zone, keeping the hostage on the ship, three people flee taking the advantage of the dim light of night from the lakeIf she also falls in the water, Dongfang Ze  will have no time to do several things at the same time to pursue with Dongfang Zhuo surely. All imperial bodyguard aboard  are rubbish, absolutely not to fear…..good thoughts of this young girl!

“So you help us,  what is the purpose?” The black man in silver mask apparently does not know why,  this woman and they are neither relative nor kin, but not in the same boat, why do this?

Su Li faintly replied: “I did not help you, I just want to help myself. You believe or not believe worth mentioning, in short, I’m to that two people, does not have the favorable impression.”  This saying, listens in person with high aspirations ear, has the explanation respectively.

The black dress woman who compels Su Li, slightly hesitates picked up the hemp rope that on the boat unused,  to Su Li’ s pair of hands behind her back, tightly tied up.

The men in black with silver mask carefully looked at Su Li, the vision is deep and quiet.

The boat goes more distance in Dongfang Ze line of sight, the twilight four gather,  already could not see her simple and gorgeous face, closing the eyes, only the pitch-black pair of eyes has brightness, always stubborn unyielding flashing light, quietly staring at him.

The tranquil level of the lake, suddenly “ah -“ calls out in alarm, that is Su Li’s voice! Following  “plop” the loud sound of water, he suddenly open his eyes, the lake water tuck dive of ripples all around, the boat overturn in the water and keeps spinning, on the ship four people are all missing!

All people are startled because of this accident at the scene.

Dongfang Ze took a deep breath, never hesitate he move quickly to jump into the lake.

Cold, darkness, as well as the will of people to live in desperate fear, in that moment sinking to the bottom, drowned.

Underwater light is unclear, mixed of visible faintly giant water plant that develop to lives, looked swaying, waving slowly, like a relentless promoter of fate, accidentally, they can possibly closely wrapped down the people,  and not able to get rid of.

Su Li stubbornly held one breath, can not have too much action, just to save energy. After being tied tightly with both hands, is hard to  stretch , both legs swing from time to time, trying not to sink.

Hands tied knot, it seems complicated, the actual wrist flip can break, Wan Xin……really understand her mind, with such sleight of hand, is a chance for her to live…… what a pity, today is probably irrelevant.

Without the warmth of sunshine, the water temperature is near at the freezing point, cold  penetrating the bone seamless flow inside of her body,  the petite body wrapped tightly hold, she tried to overcome the fear of her that difficult to damp, try to relax her mind, imagine that she is still that little baby who do not know how to worry, seeking refuge in the arms of her gentle Imperial Mother.

Fear quietly dispersed, Li Su’s after rebirth, can not, and will not have any weaknesses.

Before the time seems to be inconstant, the last remaining air in her mouth, is turn into a bunch of small bubbles, cheerfully go to the top of her head, for a long time of being numb with cold stiff body, she gradually lost her consciousness. She secretly plan in mind, although Dongfang Ze is still in the critical moment, he will never watched her die, otherwise he may really throw a good money after the bad things. After so long, he will probably appear nearly. Compared with ruthless…… sometimes woman’s plan can win the man.

Dense clump deep water, it seems to be among the black osprey that flexible to travel around; with pair of bright eyes like a stars, anxiously searching around, when suddenly see her, he immediately becomes firm and steady, to speed up straight in front of her. Su Li smiled at him, mind suddenly loose, then her body immediately sinking

Trance, she was pushed forward in the bosom by a strong arms, he had cold whitened lips, that pressed to her firmly.

A powerful tongue tightly made an effort to open her clenching teeth,  a life-saving warm breath crossing to come in,  Su Li’s feel her spirit shaken, that a bit of heat,burnt the icecold lips and tongue, allowing her blood vessels to flow slowly, in order for her numb body to gradually warm up. Dongfang Ze untied the rope, tightly supporting her body, quickly turn towards to the water surface.

“Crash” sound, they were out of the water.

Su Li’s complexion is deathly white,  eyes closed, as if no consciousness,  Dongfang Zes heart sinks unexpectedly,  “Susu, Susu, you wake up.” He patted her face, eagerly call out.

The cold wind is blowing on the lake, painful as if knife cutting thoroughly to the skin of his face,  Dongfang Ze no longer hesitate, he hugged Su Li  and quickly swim to shore.

Dongfang Zhou run fast to the large and luxurious carriage, gloomy look to see the figure of Dongfang Ze who tightly holding Su Li at the shore, has a trace of unspeakable pain and jealous. He said nothing, came and quickly off his robe, wrapped to Su Li’s body.

The Imperial carriage is run quickly to go in the direction of  the Prime Minister residence.

Su Li’s complexion was deathly pale, her wet hair was disorderly stick to half of her beautiful cheek, more lovely and pitiful. Dongfang Ze brows knitted, pushed infuriating, steady flow along the palm, transport to her body. Despite of this, Su Li is still shivering terribly, subconsciously looking for a little warmth, turn toward to his bosom and embraced him. Dongfang Ze tightened his arms, tightly embrace her delicate and petite body in his arms, natural affectionate that imitates such as a pair of lover.

Dongfang Zhou suddenly gloomy raised his eyes with violent storm, immediately clench his fist, actually still did not say a word, only tightly clenched his teeth,extremely repress his own emotions to leak.

In the carriage the air is extremely depressing, nobody spoke all the way. Li Yao is in the corner, motionless, as if by this sudden a series of accidents being shocked. 

In front of the door of the Prime Minister residence, when the carriage has not been completely stopped, Dongfang Ze quickly jump down, carrying Su Li he run quickly to go to her small courtyard. Dongfang Zhuo heavy voice command: “Return Miss Li to her residence” then, he stand up to follow them and to keep up.

____END OF CHAPTER 28____


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  1. I had to go back and read a few chapters to fully understand this action but – I think she’d be better off avoiding all the royal brothers in this lifetime!

  2. 😀 Finally the conclusion to that last chapter!
    I can see that DF Zhou still has feelings for a person he drove to death. Obviously his feelings were so shallow, it couldn’t surpass the set up so why should he care now? He makes me angry!

    DF Ze better step it up if he’s going to be main man!

    Thank you for the chapter!

  3. Hi Yi Yue,
    Ive read this book thru cos at that time I cant find any English translation for this.

    Would you like me to edit the chapters for you as there are some translations which doesn’t make sense to the readers and some errors here and there?
    Not that Im good but if you like so that readers can enjoy each chapter fully to appreciate this wonderful love story!
    Thanks for picking this up to translate….

    1. Hello Silhoutte,
      Thank you for taking the time to volunteer! 🙂
      I’m glad to hear your offer..can I ask for your email address? So that, I can send the drafts to you during my free time for editing . Probably, it is after 3 days after I finish my reports ( sorry about that… i can’t promise, most of my time consumed of doing reports-)

      Many thanks in advance.

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