“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 27 AT THE LAKE”


Chapter 27

At the Lake

Door slowly close, leaving only  in the cabin is  Donfang Zhou gasping for breath, ups and downs is difficult to set

They just stepped onto the deck, suddenly  the  water surface of tranquil lake began on  crashing waves, accompanied by dense showers of white spray, three  individual in black masks who rise into the sky, the person in the middle, cover by shining white light, in stern voice shouted loudly: “Dongfang Ze, we’ll take your life!” That bright light as snow of double-edged sword, pancold and gloomy chill in the air, it seems a big net from three directions, straight toward to Dongfang Ze’s head! Threatening, rapid and violent incomparable.

Dongfang Ze pulled Su Li to walk toward to staircase, behind the cabin, as far as the eye can see is actually no turning back.

Su Li call out in fear: “Wang Ye be careful!” voice not yet out, when the body was embraced gently by Dongfang Ze, to protect behind. His stature did not move for slightest, both arms pick up the ink robe to flies upward, body suddenly curls up the silk floss the strength of air flow, imitates such as an invisible iron wall, to topple and overturn the assassin.

Three assassins heart was shocked, all together take away the double-edged sword, one of them with slim stature, seems to be a woman! But the personal appearance is more clever and resourceful than the two vigorously,  back of the silver mask, are pair of cold eyes chill in the air is threatening. Su Li’s mind move, unexpectedly in heart has familiar feeling of not being able to say. Her feeling slightly strange, in these three people, two of them are wear the silver mask, another person is bronze mask, does not know what meaning.

The black woman rapidly withdraw, was nearly swept by the fresh breeze, raise the head to hint other two people to launch the attack once more,  but actually they are too late. The Imperial bodyguards already hear the noise and surrounded the three people in mask.

The pressure suddenly disappeared without a trace,  Dongfang Ze stands before Su  Li’s body who is still not moving, it seems never gets rid. Feeling his heartbeat is too fast, it is ten thousand have not expected the internal force of this man is unexpectedly to be awful, acting freely, to follow heart’s desires.

Dongfang Ze turns the head,  deeply staring at her, asked in a soft voice: ” Susu  are you scare? Are you okay?”

Su Li shake his head: “I’m fine.”  hard to imagine in full strength  can annihilate the enemy, his heart is somewhat has fluctuation mood,  still  his awareness of him is keen. 

Dongfang Ze nodded, did not speak, look to the front of three assassins. Unknowingly why, she as if inside of his eyes, to capture a hint of expectation and movement, suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye .

“How dare you! Actually dare to come on Ben Wang boat to assassinate? Not quickly do without a fight!” hear the noise Dongfang Zhou walked out of the boat, the whole body is sending out wroth that soaring to the sky.

“Jing Wang, the goal of our trip is Dongfang Ze, it has nothing to do with you. You’d better mind your own business.” A man in black with warning voice conceal of arrogance, in the expression is difficult to cover haughtily, as if has not paying attention to this two powerful and prominent people. Two emperors sons all are the crown princes, except on the difference of son of first wife and concubine, the status grade is the same. He called Dongfang Zhou as Jing Wang, but address Dongfang Ze in his name, this slight difference, did not escape  Dongfang Ze ears.

Dongfang Ze eyes flash of hostility, sneered: Wants the life of  Ben Wang, it depends on how you have this ability!” Then, cast a glance with a glance of indifferent, swept Dongfang Zhou figure.

Dongfang Zhou upwelling anger, now he is extremely in a bad mood, also these assassins come to provoke, he hurriedly step forward, flicks the sleeve to shouted it clear:” What is Ben Wang care on your goal, dares to despise the imperial family to be dignified, you must have the ability to bear the consequences! Wang An, Zhao Xun, fast catch these three people! Ben Wang want to live! “

Issuing an order, sound of fight immediately on the upper deck, Dongfang Zhou’s personal bodyguard Wang An, and Zhao Xun who lead several ten people, to surround the three people in black, to carry out the order they launched the deadly fight.

Those three people in black are clearly well-trained killer, especially that woman in black, the moves are very strong and ruthless, straight to the key point, in an instant these bodyguards were killed half are almost dead and injured, step by step to retreat, gradually several people that stands before approach  the cabin. One bodyguard who stabbed in the shoulder, covers in wound is stagger for several steps, nearly hit Dongfang Zhou’s body.

A group of waste! Dongfang Zhou in furious, use his foot to kick, and take the weapon pointed, straight towards to the people in black clothes.

Dongfang Ze vision moves, quickly warned Su Li: “be careful.” he seized the long sword of Imperial bodyguard conveniently, sword in hand, lips sneer, a cold pair of bright ink eyes, giving him to be more deep and unpredictable, offense is very  ruthless.

The three people in black clothes are suddenly surprised, properly double the murderous aura!

Dongfang Ze fly fast gracefully, moving like a swimming dragon, it’s just perfectly fit with Dongfang Zhou’s strong and firm power, in no time, successively defeats the three people in black.

The woman in black sees the situations is far from good, winking toward the man behind to send a signaled, to immediately jumps, mouth whistled, that sound is ear-piercing,  the sound is very unique, quickly pass through the clouds layers open and turn into four sided.

Dongfang Zhou’s heart cold, she was summoning the reinforcements! Suddenly hands is more to offensive.

Su Li closely observes the black woman’s figure, this person movement is neat, exquisite peerless style, all made her heart be startled. Wan Xin once said, teaching her martial arts is equal to the lessons in books, certainly it must not pass on with other people. Wan Xin in this past few days happens to go on a journey for work, not in official residence or government, could it be that…

Su Li’s heart suddenly jump, suddenly frightened by his own idea.

Rescue signal is launch, has not gotten hit the target on time, the black woman feel athe situation is not good, fast gives the hand signal to the two, hints to retreat. 

“Want to go? I’m afraid that is not so easy!” Dongfang Ze sneer, flying jumps onto the cabin roof, to send out the clear moan of Dragons.

Moon Lake, suddenly rush forth of a big group of Imperial bodyguards, in turn of progressive, lines up in formation distinctly, the hand holds the crossbow arrow, directly facing the ship. When does not know, this ship drove near the shore unexpectedly.

Black woman eyes sink, another bronze mask Men in Black called out wickedly:“Well you Dongfang Ze, had long laid in trap!”

Dongfang Ze coldly said: ” Since that you want to kill Ben Wang,  Ben Wang naturally must give you a chance. Hoping to take the bait.!”

Then the door was opened. Li Yao came out, she apparently just awake, still somewhat confused, under the foot is unstable, a pair of beautiful eyes are widely open, staring to Dongfang Zhuo and said: “Wang Ye, what happened?”

Dongfang Zhou glared at her angrily yelled: “Go Home”!

Three assassin meaningful glance express, two black men launched a strong attack to Dongfang Ze, then the black woman went straight to Li Yao!

Li Yao was frightened immediately stays, unable to call, standing there shivering, could not move for one step. Body suddenly pull by someone, sight is immediately burst of dark, rolling on the ground. Only heard saying: “Susu!”, when Li Yao opens eyes soberly, Su Li was held hostage in the hands of black woman, in front of neck is a sharp sword.

Li Yao fail voice to scream: “Miss Su!” voice not yet say, she before one’s eyes, were groundless of a black figure, is Dongfang Ze.

“Release her, Ben Wang leave you all as a whole corpse.”  Dongfang Ze coldly uttered.

Li Yao bends down on the ground raise her head, in front of this tall figure as a mountain, the chill in the air showing in that words, cause the human to stay in the world of ice and snow, she can’t help it to shiver with fright.

“Wang Zhenning are joking right?” Black woman without fear, shouted in low voice: “You dare stepped forward, I will kill her.”! Pancold and gloomy ray sharp knife blade, has pressed a point downward..

Dongfang Ze footstep, suddenly paused.

Really her! Su Li’s heart suddenly sank, although her voice deliberately try to hide, but can not escape on his degree of feelings. Who would have thought, a servant girl from the official residence of minister, is actually a cold-blooded assassin? It seems, she’s the leader among the three! Wan Xin Wan Xin ah, hiding your identity is really good!



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