“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 26 ESCAPE


Chapter 26


Su Li unable to contain the pain in her heart, in the past she loves his younger sister in every possible way, after the accident, actually to harming own person, so shows good will, how can not make one to mock fearfully, in this world’s except for her most beloved Mother Princess, what should be cherished?

Saw Dongfang Zhuo standing closely to Su Li,  the surprised is seen to Li Yao’s eyes, cannot help but hastened towards to hercould not believe mouth muttered: “Elder sister, Elder sister?” she holds Su Li, excited look is beyond control, Dongfang Zhou was pushed immediately at one side.

Li Yao trembling hand, touching Su Li’s face gently, like a confirmation, if this person in front of her is true or notWarm touch came at that moment, she could not stop from crying. Large tears is flowing, instantly the clothes wet, she broke down in tears, repeatedly shouted: “Sister,  are you really my sister?  Why do all they said to me, my sister was passed? “ she embrace Su Li, clinging firmly,“Sister, Yao-er really miss you ah! In this world only sister loved Yao-er, you obviously well, why frighten me like this? “

Su Li blank face, hand gently pushed Li Yao, said slowly: “This young lady, you …… got the wrong person. I am…… not your sister, my surname is Su, named Su Li.  By chance with Miss Li Su …..is somehow has resemblance. “

Li Yao, “ah” sound, the hand gently covered her mouth, tearful eyes ask: You lie, in this world how this matter happens? “

Su Li quietly look to her, puts out her hand to the hair that deliberately blocked her left cheek, stroking to his ear, to reveal a piece of bright red as blood, a birthmarks, she does intentionally and said: “You look at, certainly  this thing is not in your sister’s face.” In delicate white skin, reveals this mark, red and white, at first sight also seriously somewhat fearsome.

Li Yao suddenly pull out by cold air, puts out a hand to rub the birthmarks, sees not any color in the hand, is startled backs up several steps, leaning against  Dongfang Zhou’s body, trembling voice: “You, you really are not my sister?”

Su Li’s pupil of the eye is bright sharp, straight at Li Yao, it seems that can read the thoughts in her heart, for a long while slowly shakes his head.

Why?! Such a good sister, why God let her die? ! “ As if hard to accept such brutal attack, Li Yao erupts suddenly, for a moment, her facial expression is lifeless and she turns around to Dongfang Zhou:“Sister is gone, my sister is really gone ……” Suddenly both hands hold his head, extremely cried out in grief, shaking his head and said: I do not believe that I do not believe …… Suddenly, she fell down.

Dongfang Zhou stands in one side, just likes he has not seen. His vision, tightly set to the piece of bright red birthmark on Li Su’s face,  it is not able to move for half minute.

“Miss Li Yao ……!” Su Li was shocked, she dashed to help and go in a soft chair, repeatedly shouted:“Miss Li, you wake up!”

Li Yao eyes is closed, lying on her arms in pale look.

Even call a few times, Li Yao had still not responded, Su Li is anxious, suddenly looked up, clenching her teeth to interrogate Dongfang Zhou:“Jing Wang,  you still stunned of what to do? The fiancée who soon would be marry you is remains unconscious, why can you be so indifferent? ! In your heart, the life and death of woman, is always indifferent?! ” Her state of mind surges, every word is sonorous, being loud and clear, cannot conceal the vision of resentment, staring straight at the man in front who was not responding.

Dongfang Zhou bend down to look at her, suddenly he strode forward, pulling Su Li to his arms, tightly seized her chin, forcing to raised his head. Pair of beautiful eyes, and never hide the anger in his sight,  wishing to turn it into a sharp blade immediately, this hate to the bone as a knife to slice this man to death!

Dongfang Zhou eyes can not help some redness, sound hate:“You look at yourself, you hate me, you dare to say that you’re not  Lisu?”

Su Li stared at him, and said:“Miss Li Su is the first child of the first wife of Regent Palace, that his Majesty bestow marriage, the status is honored, how inauspicious I am to be able and  to place on a par with her. “ She paused, then suddenly smile and said:But it is a pity, such a person, was actually framed, one’s whole lifetime change beyond recognition was passed on and not even clear his name, After dies,….. the corpse was not even buried into imperial tomb., also cannot enter to Li ancestral grave, and finally only buries the bone in a remote ravine…... all of this, are all because of you! “

 “I, such as, what! Dongfang Zhou insisting for a long while.

“If you does not mistakenly believe on the slanderous report, to insult and drive her away! How she would die! All of this is exactly you! Did Wang Ye forgot?!” Restraining the strong hatred in heart, her fingers fingertip almost pinch into the flesh.

Dongfang Zhou eyes are more frightening, hand holds fiercely, about to crush her chin, gentle voice, like asking oneself: “Forgets? She gives shame to Ben Wang ,  how could Ben Wang forget? “

Su Li is absorb in pain, push him motionless, innermost feelings resenting, does not know what to do, Dongfang Zhou simply watch her face, he fiercely said:“Actually you, why  keep saying that you are not Lisu, if you’re not her, and by what status, for you to question  Ben Wang? ! “

Su Li angrily replied:“”Miss Li Su is only Su Li’s friend, originally has no right in questioning on her private affairs, however, this person same as God is indignant, any person will not watch on the sidelines!”

“She only bring disgrace to Ben Wang!”

“Man certainly from disgrace after that man disgrace him!”

You! Really audacious!” Dongfang Zhou stopped moment, whole body in anger, almost forced people can not breathe.

Su Li raised his head, proudly looks at his face, eyes that completely without fear  

Dongfang Zhou stared at her quite a while, the vision is complex, changing constantly, does not know what to think of, actually evil smile, head bend to approach her, cold voice, through her ear every word was clearly says:“Good! Good! Ben Wang admire your guts! I tell to you, Ben Wang no matter who you are in the end,  you could not escape again! “

This is the funniest joke Su Li heard in this life! She really could not help but laugh, just several days not see,  this man arrogant and overbearing is steadily increasing, what does he think of himself, to control everything in this world as God? As long as he say, he can easily control her on his palm? Su Li is no longer the former Lisu! After her fate, she’ll control it on his own hand!

Tried to restrain her anger, she really wanted to give him a strong slap in the face to wake him up! But at this moment, someone quickly pulled her, the trace flicks of sleeve,  that strength just right, made Dongfang Zho to involuntarily loose his hand, he withdraw back for several steps, gasps for breath to stare to that person.

Dongfang Ze seized Su Li’s waist, immediately body turned, taking few steps to take her out, lightly scolded: “Susu, you overstepped. How can you oppose Huang xiong,  so impolite!” His face was calm, and then said: Miss Li leaves the world unfortunately, inevitably sad when heard that,  simply departed, living in this way, for Second Huang Xiong  to inherit the Sheng country,  first  he need to take care  of his body well! “

Dongfang Zhou look ashen, clenching his teeth saying: “Six Younger brother do not trouble yourself of about that matter!”

“Also, Ze will not disturb Huang xiong peaceful rest, we go ahead.”  After Dongfang Ze finished, he pulled away Su Li.

“Stop!” Dongfang Zhou angry voice, “Su Li stay behind, did Ben Wang allow you to leave?

Dongfang Ze has not returned, lightly:“Ben Wang brought Susu, naturally taken away by Ben Wang. If Huang xiong has objection, you can appeal in front of Fu Huang and Mu hou.” His lips flashed a faint smile, full of satire.

Su Li’s heart feels heavy.



13 thoughts on ““The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 26 ESCAPE

  1. Thanks for taking this up again – this story becomes more intriguing chapter by chapter.

    Hmm, how could her former life have brought Dongfang Zhou disgrace? In how she died or in her previous behavior? I think I will have to go and re-read! And on a side note – I think in this sentence, “Su Li unable to contain the pain in her heart, in the past she loves his younger sister in every possible way” , Su Li is taking about HER younger sister, right? Li Yao was Li Su’s younger sister, I think.

  2. You’re back! And with an update~~ Welcome back~ and thanks for your hard work! Please update again soon!

  3. It’s been so long I had to refresh prior chapters before finishing this chapter.
    Can’t wait to figure out who conspired against her in the last life.

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