“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 24 THE REUNION


CHAPTER 24 The Reunion

Today’s weather is good, the dark blue sky is clear, cloudless, warm sunshine on the body, is particularly warm. Bring the smell of first spring, fresh and clean fragrance towards  the door of the house of Su Li, spirit slightly rise up.

Dongfang Ze is waiting outside the gate,  followed by two imperial bodyguards standing nearby at the distant place. He’s wearing black embroider robe, tall and straight figure, his looks is seems more extraordinary, brave appearance is more dominating. Su Li can not help but secretly sigh, this man, no matter what kind of occasion, are absolutely outstanding, which you can not ignore.

Whole black and shiny, a horse which whole body is no single trace of piebald, in the master gentle touch, and  right away in sight has become very soft.

Su Li walk in front of Dongfang Ze, and softly greet: “Su Li  greets Wang Ye. Let Wang Ye wait for long time.”

Dongfang Ze turn around, looked at her head and stopped briefly on the hairpin, then smiled and said: “Ben Wang thought you were going to dress up for a long time, it seems …… Susu is really different from ordinary women.”

Susu? He went so far as calling her by her nickname! The friendship between them, is not to the point that they are familiar to each other! Su Li slightly pause, she indifferently bend down to replied, “Su Li is aware that appearance is ugly, even well-dressed, still difficult to conceal the ugly appearance. I’m afraid today tour with Wang Ye, can cause Wang Ye disappointment. She still in puzzle, Su Li an ominous person, why Dongfang Ze is particularly gentle and considerate to her, exhibit quite strong interest, is it not all men are fond of belle? And let alone with him with honorable status. if not want to investigate the palace truth, she is already hide from him in no time.

“Ben Wang, who like in the same place; and want to speak with you, to be your friend, Ben Wang…… to have reason. Susu no need to think about it too much. Come on, Ben Wang is taking you to tour at Wang Yuehu (Moon Lake).” Dongfang Ze casually change the topic, never gave her the slightest chance to retreat. When he finished, He’s agile to ride on the horse, and to extend hand to Su Li

Su Li gently stepped back, looked around, clear eyes look to Dongfang Ze, hesitate to ask:“Wang Ye is going to ride a horse? Not have prepared a carriage?” Obviously, want to keep her distance with him.

Dongfang Ze complexion slightly dark, seems unhappy, light smile: “Susu and Ben Wang traveling together, why should punctilious?

Su Li carefully whispered:“I’m not …… ah!”  not waiting for her to finish, Dongfang Ze stoop down the body,  long arm seize Su Li’s slim waist  forcefully upward, the entire body was lifted, can not refuse in a short time, she hold on the horseback.

His warm lips, accidentally reached her small white ear, two hearts are shocked, she on the body emit mild fragrance,  penetrate to heart, for no reason at all he feel at ease. Su Li’s whole face is red and ashamed, and almost fall from the horse! She quickly grasp on the front lapel of Dongfang Ze’s clothes, just stabilize the mind.

Dongfang Ze smile, black horse is like an arrow, that instantly ran out,  Imperial bodyguards always maintained ten feet distance to followed.

Out from city she do not know how long they run, Su Li gradually appeared in front is a huge lake, viewed from afar, it is like a sleeping young girl in the flowers, quiet and peaceful. Several of peach blossom are lining in the lakeside forest.  set off by green willow pipe, to even more tender and beautiful.

Dongfang Ze went straight to the shore and just stopped, Su Li extent to dismount, and he turn around to tell: “Sheng Qin, Wei Shu, you just wait in here.”

Two guards in unison: “Yes.”

Su Li accidentally glanced at Sheng Qin who come, he is around thirty of age, build is tall and sturdy, convex and powerful fine temple, apparently exquisite internal strength. Contrast with Wei Shu slender figure, head bend down to bow, even though not able to see clearly one’s appearance, but there are hidden hostility.  Her mind for no reason thought to be on guard, no time to ponder, Dongfang Ze just hold her hand to live.

Entered the peach forest, fragrance of flowers are even more stronger, smell makes you drunk. he took Su Li to walk toward the deep woods, at the lake shore there’s one small boat, quietly stopped there, seems looking forward already for a long time, just waiting for the owner to come.

Boat paddle forced to move, then he shook sway the boat to sailed out, ripples on the water. Draw to the middle of the lake.  glittering the lake, water merge with sky, looked like one. Su Li see his eyes grow dim, complexion slightly white, between heart suddenly a tight, she drowned last time in high pressure water, she quickly hold tight on the side of the boat, the long view, afraid to look at the lake and somewhat dizzy.

Dongfang Ze sensed Su Li is seemed somewhat strange, he put down the boat oar, and take a seat beside her, asked with concern: “Are you feeling unwell?” Su Li throat tighten, speechless, just shook her head and closed her eyes, Dongfang Ze closer looked,  and suddenly said:“Perhaps you are afraid of water? Why not say earlier?”

Su Li fix and compose herself, sweeping and said to him: “Su Li is not, just a little seasick, in time will be okay. Wang Ye no need to mind.” After the wedding that day, she did not want others to know her weak point, especially, as cautious, such as hair of a man. Deep down there is a little sense of fear, as will fall into despair. She had sweat on the forehead because of nervous, lightly dodge Dongfang Ze eyes, he took the embroidered handkerchief,  straightly wipe Su Li’s forehead.

Su Li subconsciously dodge her head to avoid, stared at him warily, Dongfang Ze hands, on set in front of her, not retreat. Sometimes awkward scenes. Obviously there is a trace of disappointment passing on his face, into the dark depths of his eye pupil, quickly have cold condensation, instant dispersed. Faced with her rude, he should not get angry, just lightly say: “Right away speak out if you are feeling unwell, otherwise, uncomfortable on your own.”

An embroidered handkerchief is gently wipe her forehead,  Su Li did not escape, lightly say: “Wang Ye thanks for care.” There are important things she needed his help, If it would annoy him, it may even all lead to nothing. The man’s mind is too deep too keen, difficult as people see what. She deeply understand, under the immediate appearance of infinite tenderness, she must conceal the dark secret.

“Your hairpin is very beautiful, who give it?” His eyes, at Su Li’s face above behind wander for a moment, stare fix at Su Li’s hair. Very common word, partially told her to listen a bit more, to get the meaning.

Her heart sank slightly, instantly emerge in mind, Wan Xin who solemnly warned her, merely one hairpin, this tiny object is simply a protection of Su Li’s life in critical situation, but to call Dongfang Ze so much attention, is it possible that he already make out what come around?

“Many thanks  for Wang Ye’s compliment.” Su Li said, reaching for the hairpin to take down, with closer look on the hands, a very simple shape,  no strange looks, her heart magnanimous, looked and lightly smile:“Very ordinary, not worth. Let rare in Wang Ye’s eyes. “

Dongfang Ze slowly smile, lean close to her, gaze to scan her hairpin, meaningful laugh to her and said::“It is indeed common, however, many seemingly simple less odd things, frequently inside have Yin and Yang, that exceeds expectations. to cast sidelong glances at sharp eyes, Su Li eyes firmly locked.

Two faces, that so close, close enough to be able to see their own little shadow in each eyes. Innocent people at first glance, think that the two are couple that so in love to each other, with a gentle smile, as the positive look. Only body in which people can only perceive that nameless sparks into the air, already looked spatter.

“Six Younger brother is really in good mood, to bring a beauty on the lake to tour, I do not know which Lady from families is to have this honor!” Behind there is a deep voice of male in a distant, that makes Su Li body startled,  and  back instantly stiff, smile congealed in the lips.This sounds like a ruthless razor, mercilessly stabbed her heart, in the middle of old wounds.



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