“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World”: Chapter 7 FIRST MET WANG ZHENNING


Chapter 7 First Met Wang Zhenning

Lisu heard pleasantly surprised to look up, she raise her face with dry tears, repeatedly said: “Thank you! The kind of big brother, thank you, thank you,” she quickly climb up, pull up the dress to get off.

“Wait!” Blue man reached for a bar, laughing: ” Young lady, walk slowly or call him to find you.”  she nodded and smiled to the black man.

Black man obviously in anxious face, but did not insist, Impatience to leave the hands of the whip, get off the road always strode view walking down to the ground.

“Big Brother is really good-hearted people,” Li Su took off a few pieces of jewelry and handed it in front of the blue man that truly appreciate: “Su Li think not to have of recompense, only this thing holds now, please don’t dislike it brother and return it, you don’t need to bother for the next meal and drinks.”  In her palm the ornaments is shining illuminated by bright sunshine.

Blue man’s face the color of greed flash, on Lisu’s sharp eyes it did not escape, as a daughter of Prime minister the jewelries that she wearing  jewelry is better than the use of ordinary people was, It seems this move is not wrong.

“Say say.” Blue man standing on the carriage side, slander smile and reach to pick up, Lisu’s hand twisted, pretending not careful, the pieces of jewels fell to the ground. Blue man “Oh” sound, quickly bend down to pick up.

Want this danger! Lisu immediately whip the horse buttocks, the horse suddenly shocked, scream loudly, he ran forward like crazy. Blue man was shocked, and quickly rolled away to the side, he was nearly to run when suddenly the wheel is  already rolling, when he stand up, he only see the billowing smoke on the boulevard

“Damn! That cunning little bitch!” Blue man fiercely cursed, black guy sped over from behind, angrily shouted: “You said a better price! Just let her run! Not fast chase!” Immediately flying to carriage to chase….

Lisu severely beaten horses, heart is racing, from time to time she is looking back, if they can followed, carriage is too heavy, only one horse is pulling, run up is not easy. No, she had to speed things up if they are to catch up, she will be a dead pig in her rebirth.

Carriage bumps almost frantically run,Almost thrown out of her, Lisu bite, blasted a rush forward, firmly clinging to the horse neck, legs clamped tight girth, is covered with fragrant perspiration dripping, She finally control the horse, twisting both tried to set the cart rope untied. Dragging heavy sense of falling, impressively between a loose, as if relieved kilograms of burden. Horse immediately flew away to the front, one person, one ride, the two men will gradually break away disappeared.

West Greenway is direct access to Fengyang, halfway through of Sumeru mountain where the road is narrow, is not conducive for riding walking, often of per capita will go to Avenue, the opposite direction is mountain, taking this road she can possibly avoid them. Without any hesitation, Lisu quickly turn the horse ran straight into Mount Meru.

The narrow mountain road, galloping hoofs, echoed across the empty mountain, as if between heaven and earth, with the exception that regular rhythm. Hill suddenly heard bursts front hoofs dull confused, suddenly riding this rhythm disorder, Lisu hearts of a cold, the men would not have so quickly put her block, right?

A set of eight horse-drawn carriage is coming unhurried and slow, the black body of the carriage was carved with ancient gold pattern, solemn yet elegant, the body is very large, travelling the entire road of mountain hill. Both before and after of the carriage are escorted by dozens of guards on horseback, come with great panache! And she thought that someone in general, do not take the ordinary road.

Seeing in front of someone out of the way, before the guards shouted: “Who are you blocking the way,and not quickly retreat?”

Lisu heart sneer, and now this increasingly troubled world really did not care to tell, This overlord who occupy the road is also to blame, but the identity of this person does not seem low, she was anxious to escape and no time to argue with them, if in the past, she won’t forgive easily. she looked down the road, can not help but Liu Mei wrinkled, she’d like to avoid that children in the narrow road who passes by, but where to avoid?

Guards did not see her reaction, and shouted: “Are you deaf? Calling you to withdraw! If the prince frightened of riding, watch your head!”

Lisu heart sank, Royal Highness! Hero of Chao Zhong (: North Korea-China), aside from his father Li Fengxian, are the two princes. And none of these guards look acquaintance of her father! Who would it be? Mind suddenly emerge the handsome face of Dongfang Zhou, and in her heart raise the unfathomable mystery of pain . No, why she feel heartache for such people? He misunderstood her, do not believe her, do not want her, he was rude to her that makes her totally awake!

Li Su dismount, a few steps forward, several guards “daub” a few times, have sword scabbard, sword chide said: “Bold woman, dared to stepped forward, will be beheaded! “

“This young woman is Su Li, heading towards my father Prime Minister Su, Unfortunately, today going out I meet the culprits and was chase to kill, Please prince save this young woman’s life! “Lisu stood there, did not dare move, then chill dense air of double-edged sword, across the way, he has been through over.

No slightest response from the carriage, as if no one inside, but inside the huge pressure, no secret comes out, almost equal in front of Li Su.

Between the silence of the mountain, only she “A life, a life ……” the voice echoed repeatedly. Lisu slightly heavy heart, this prince did not respond, are in bed? Can outside so much movement, How he wake up, And why would not hear the sound?

Lisu see that no response from the carriage, indistinct anger rise from his breast, damn this prince is obviously playing dumb, which is not quietly reserving like Dongfang Zhou, is it the Dongfang Ze? She put up with and endures complex and opening: “Since the princes did not want to help, a young woman nor would insist, there’s some people chasing after life, please helped the young woman.” The implication,  that prince to think of ways to give way.

“Bold! Wangye with million gold of body, how can just give out a way for you?”Guards flatly cried.

Vaguely heard footsteps behind him, Lisu no longer hesitate, quickly ready to stood , she decided to shock him a shock, she shouted toward the carriage: “Your Excellency as a prince, you saw a thieves bullying a weak woman, are you still not lending a helping hand even it further to injury! Really, because of vain of a man! Today, Su Li is desperate to fight, if I escape, I will certainly keep in mind the Imperial Prince kindness! ” her voice with annoyance and fast, but every word clearly, clearly in very disdain.

“Well.” Soon Leng Heng from flag sign falls in the spread.,a pleasant and strong male voice, though it is extremely cold but very pleasant. “You have a great courage, dare to threaten the Prince.” voice hardly ever, flag sign set off, the person came out.

___End of Chapter 7___


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