“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World”: Chapter 6 SHU WOMAN FORCED TO MARRY

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Chapter 6 Shu Woman Forced to Marry

The servant Duanliao Yi quickly put straight-backed chair, and the woman in dress slowly sat up, some people are swept to the house and sit, Eyes fixed on Li Su’s body, frowned and asked: “Not asked the result?”

Red woman face gloomy, bitterly said: “The dead girl, mouth bite is also tighter than mussels, witnesses and evidence are there, also pretended to be gentle and innocent, and know nothing!”

Woman in dress face disgust with color of contempt, staring at Li Su, Chen Sheng speaker said: “She did not recognize, Recognition might do, and it was recognized on the line.” When he finished, eyes glanced to the man on bench, two guards hint and tried to lift the stick.

Lady Miss mercy, do not fight, do not fight, I recognize and I believe it!!! Second lady seduce me and told me to take her out of the mansion!” Man screaming out loud, kowtow for mercy. To get several beat of rod, he is dead, Second lady, Liu Zhong had to apology to you!

“All right not admitting at once at early point! Really asking for trouble!” Red woman face suddenly a joy could not conceal his proud hearts.

Li Su lowered eyelids and heart some inexplicable sadness for themselves, but also for the owner of this body Su Li. Before it all like a farce, life and death of a man is not the end of torture, trumped-up charges will be recognized. Su Li is not really matter to elope with him, he sold her. Man is not really credible; whoever pays the trust, at the end it will lose.

Today, the real Su Li is dead, the living, is Lisu, she won’t permit this bullying from them! But now, under own weaknesses, she must not be reckless; priority should be to find ways to get out of here as soon as possible.

She was thinking to uphold, when the woman in dress calling out: “Mother Gui!”

At the door a body burly middle-aged crone came, respectfully replied: “Slaves in”

“A few days ago I told you to arrange things, completed?”

“In Lady’s returned, servants have been arranged already”

The Lady nodded, Lisu’s head lift with dignity said: “Although you become a concubine, but you are also noble daughter of Xiang Fu, In spite of everything is no honor and shameless, make such behavior as testimony! I see you live in the palace incredibly, after three days of compassion, I find a matchmaker, and give you an order for marriage, married earlier.*** Save not know when they poke the basket, to Xiang Ye shame! “

Xiang Ye! Lisu’s heart cold, awaken to enlightenment, where actually in the Prime minister house mansion! No wonder the name Su Li is somewhat familiar, based on rumors Su has children, one son and two daughters, the eldest son is Su Chun, given the rank of Imperial, first lady is Su Qin, is in the main building since childhood is arrogant and headstrong; second lady is Su Li, always in the room, ugly and sick, weak and timid character, never go out.

Ms. Su sees her bow in silence, some impatience, frowning: “how, you are not be happy?”

Compassion Temple in the north, that there will be a government that is it? Li Su heart of a dynamic, bow softly: said:. “Su Li dare, Madam. decisions” Totally submissive dared not resist a look, her heart secretly sneer, Su’s mother and daughter took a lot of thought  of this, Su Li was evicted from the house and nothing, the reasons for this is high-sounding and important, really hypocritical to the extreme

Mrs. Su “Well,”, this girl is fairly fitters, he turned around and told: “Mother Gui, first go to temple, after three days of compassion you and second lady,  find an auspicious day, let her get married.” When she finished, she got up and walk away.

Really is…… It could not be better……

Lisu stood up, and did not speak, looked at Ms. Su disappearing back with undefeated eye. That woman in red – Su Qin could not be reached the following departure, but conspire Lisu around, leering light laugh: “Sister is rejoicing, sister is here to congratulate you in advance.” Then, towards Mother Gui quietly winked, smiled and just went out. Mother Gui shimmering vision, jaw slightly, did not speak.

Lisu the trick panoramic view between the two, she looks intact. Mother Gui coldly said: “After three days, slaves will come, to pick the second lady from compassion, Second lady have a good rest now!” When he finished, the guards called the Liu Zhong dragged out, the “bang Lang” sound lock.


In three days, we always time the daily meal. In addition, actually, I’m one to scramble.

The 4th day, Mother Guangxi really came, she gone to see Lisu, deadpan authentic: “Second lady, please now!”

Lisu silent, walked behind of Mother Guangxi to the door.

At mansion side door, a carriage parked, two men sitting in the courage coachman chatting, saw Mother Gui , quickly jumped out of the car and tried to say hello.

Mother Gui slowly said: “This is the Second Miss, you have to look after her carefully, if on the way out is a slightest error, be careful of your head!” in her tone, they truly understand the hidden meaning, because they are not fool..

“Yes, Mother Gui rest assured, things will never go wrong!” Both men repeatedly soothingly

Lisu quickly glanced at the two men, the heart suddenly sank, that they have a black and blue, dressed in ordinary clothes, but conceal the eyes naked shoot, agile, the looks like a train household! Wrong! If Lisu is just  getting  married, why got two masters for escort? They can do now, no other way, before knowing that the road is dangerous, she clench teeth, on the carriage

Carriage slowly twitch , all the way to the outside on the west side of the avenue to Chi.

Lisu view of flag lifted , this is clearly not the way to go to the north of compassion Um! They think Su Li has never married, certainly not their way! Su Qin and Gui Mother are indeed another attempt.Now, how to get rid of these men?  Lisu glimpsed at wind falling leaves outside the window, her eyes, suddenly a light.

“Oh, good!” Lisu inside of carriage is screaming, it is extremely confused uneasy.

“Calls -” coachman quickly stopped, opened Julian, and shouted: “What happened?”

Lisu Seems to be shocked, to the rear carriage of a finger, carefully authentic: “I, I’m in trouble, my chain is off out ……Brother, and Can you let me go a little?”

“No!” Flatly rejected her black guy, “is nothing but a chain, you miss expensive in the Prime Minister’s palace, but also care about this stuff! We promised to Mother Gui, to take you to the temple before dark, without delay. “

“I beg you, brother,” Li Su pleaded sorrow, tears in the eyes unconsciously float that looks exceptionally feminine pity to feel way, her small sound: “It’s a chain, not worth much of money, it is my mother relic that she left for me, I never leave it to my body, just, just suddenly I remembered my mother, it was off to see, no one thought, it accidentally fall out. Brother, I beg you, let me go and look for it! Two great kindnesses, Su Li life will never forget!”  After saying this she broke down in tears.

“I say no no!” Black guy just like the iron-hear-ted general, did not see the shake

“Ai Ai, why are you so cruel to a pitiful little girl enough, you are so fierce on the people, little girl do not cry, let you go back to the grindstone.” Another man said softly rebuked a blue companion, good words for comfort. He reminded with a wink, she was fragile anyway, and no where to go? Safely to their destination to complete the task.

——Digression ——

__End of Chapter 6__


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