“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 5 REBIRTH OF XIANG FU


Chapter 5 Rebirth of Xiangfu 

Sunlight from the windows and doors closed the gap; add to dim interior is several silk seem like to have less light.

A pot of cold water, “Crash” sound, splashed straight into Li Su face , drops of water drip down to face into her neck, the chill from the heart is banish, she suddenly woken, brow wrinkled,  only to find blazing eyes  doing constantly to sway.

Wake up!” A raucous denounced: “pretended to be dead too!”

Suddenly heard bursts of tingling scalp, it seems to be a fiercely grabbed the red figure close to Lisu’s ear, said: “Su Li you this dead girl, since young you play weak, to win sympathy, do not think of today to make this move , the lady will easily spare you!” The woman’s tone and his vicious contempt.

Su Li? This name seems to have heard that she is who …… pain, so she can not help to put an effort in order to see, Lisu eyes widened, blurred vision gradually clear. In front of the woman, a positive young, looks quite fair, red dress, work extraordinary, expensive jewelry, dazzling, a look that is ladylike! Unfortunately, it is a hideous to look a little distorted, as if hell demands messengers, completely at odds with this dress!

Lisu cough a few times, slightly open mouth, she should ask if the other party isn’t mistaken person the right man, but found his throat burning like pain, only weakly uttered: “I ……”

“What are you? The lady knows you are pretending to be dead! Just suddenly pretend to faint, that can escape the interrogations? If I were you will not act the same way! Quickly attracted to the lady from the real!” Clenched hand full of black hair, suddenly said something back, forcing Li Su’s head up.

Lisu heart sudden anger, Sheng State law prohibited people of personal punishment, in front of red woman, what exactly is identity, dare to ignore the law act as royal court by setting up a personal torture chamber? Her eyes suddenly widened as cold as ice, the red woman in front of Chen Sheng speak: “Let go!” That sounds small, yet it some flavor of instability, there is a kind of dignified that can not be underestimated.

Red woman tremble to quiver, involuntarily loose his hand, she got up and stepped back, looked puzzled at her, this, this dead girl …… how suddenly like a changed into other person?

Lisu looking around the house, the southeast corner of the wall heap a lot of firewood, the northwest corner stood two guards, armed with sticks, bow tummy of a man on the bench, who was soaked with blood and sweat clothes, already connected with the flesh, the original color of rebirth discerned marriage contract. Air came is reeking of blood, it is the smell like to vomit.

Lisu heart suspicions, this is where? It looks like a barn, she secretly infuriating movement, but clearly felt the breath gone, Lisu secretly scared, this situation is not as infuriating to lose control when the poison, inverted image is never too practice military.

She quickly restrains the heart to have doubts, coldly looked at the woman in red, she said: “Who are you?”

Red woman heard, and looked seemed very surprised and could not help to cover the mouth “giggle,” laughed, and said: “Ah, I say Su Li, You still play the fool? Do not think the lady will let you play the fool! “ She looked at her viciously, sighed: “But this lady also really did not expect, your come back brings bad luck, from childhood like timid mice, who afraid to even breathe loudly, even today, daring to dare agreed to elope with a man!”

 Elope?! As Regent Palace daughter, it was impossible! Hold back the discomfort from throat, Lisu coldly replied: ” You got the wrong person, I don’t know you, do not know who you are and Su Li guilty of?!”

“It’s ridiculous, and this ugly face of yours for sixteen years, even incinerate children can recognize! Imagine that you can be deceitful; still, your disguise is weak. You finally show your true colors, don’t want to confess and began to play fool? Ok! Never mention the lady is unreasonable! Come! Get dozen of basin water and let her see! “Woman in red dress loudly calls. Servant quickly brings a pot of water in front of Lisu.

The water is clear as a mirror, reflecting the small face, color slightly pale, light sweep  of eyebrow , dark eyes bright as star, the next precious, small straight nose, lips, such as the delicate petals. Lisu slightly relieved, this clearly is her appearance, she tried to open her resolution, wind is blowing, blowing the hair on the left side of her cheek, was surprised to find the outside of the left corner, there is a oddly shaped birthmark, such as coins size, bright red like a blood, is this the face of country’s beauty, no deliberately added a bit of horror.

Heart suddenly sank to see her face when there’s more than a piece of red things? Lisu quickly reach so skim water, hardly wipe her cheek for a moment, delicate skin began aching; the face of the stamp has not the slightest sign of fading.

Lisu heart, no reason to panic one point, attentively careful retrospect, the memory of the last one picture, she was black masked men beat hit fly, crashed into the Lancang River in the center of the mouth of the sword thorn has not pulled out, Common sense says, simply can not have hope of survival. Ask her hand on his chest, forced one click, did not expect the pain. Trance she only felt as if floating in the icy air, can not touch the ground.

When she wake up and became Su Li!

Is there any way in this world that can make a heavy injuries recovered in a short of time without treatment do? The answer is clearly no. Lisu heart started pounding uncontrollably, there is an unspeakable fear gradually filled up. She did not want to believe on this terrible fact, and she cannot figure out a reasonable explanation for this.

Reincarnated in someone else body.

Lisu stay for a long time and didn’t say anything.

Seeing her without saying a word, the woman in red is obviously extremely intolerant, where air pollution, filthy, and she wasted so much time, not look at this dead girl to sit silly, eyebrows cried: “Su Li, the patience of lady is limited, no time to play with you, you obediently confessed it quickly, otherwise I’m afraid …… this life is not guarantee!”

Lisu heard, blankly distracted eyes look, with her fingers, slowly toward the man on the bench, there is still no response.

How dare ignore her words? This dead girl, although not seen in a coffin will not shed a tears! Red woman with anger directed to two retainers standing, fiercely shouted: “Give me! To kill!

“Stop!” Chen soon came; two guards immediately close hand, retreated to the side. Outside, by two girl helped, a woman in costume came, her head emerald beads, clothing and luxurious, unhurried paces, in surface water, looks prestige with no anger.

Upon seeing the woman in red, heart slightly surprised, walked quickly greeted, sweetly: “Mother! How do you come now? This place is dirty, smelly; do not dirty your clothes. “



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