“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 4 DOUBLE DEATH


Chapter 4 Double Death

On midday sun, Lisu is shining on her broken dress. On top of that had gold embroidered phoenix, already fragmented, but still shining bright as golden light. However, this is no longer a symbol of honor and glory, but proof of shame! Today’s weather is so good, it seems that even God, has deliberately let her embarrassed & nowhere to hide.

Streets are filled with people, they seem hiding in the side, but secretly laugh at her, laughing that she is slut, deserve to get this end! And go home? If mother and father saw her on this way, how much heartache and anger they will feel? No, cannot let them see her pair appearance! Lisu arm suddenly broke away from Lian Er, quickly ran at the opposite way of Regent Palace.

“Miss?” Lian Er very worried and call her.

“Do not follow me, I want to be alone, be quiet.” Lisu cried out without looking, although not fully restore her strength the air blow makes her every step hard to forward, she never stops. Just walked to a deserted place, a man quietly, waiting in the dark. Dark can swallow everything, no one noticed her embarrassed look. No one knew who she was

The feeling of heaven fell to hell, she will remember forever.

Both sides of the scene quickly receded; ears heard the whirring sound of the wind, until Lisu feel the foot of a soft, fell to the ground. She slowly looked down; the body has been flapping in the water, dazed look around, shore flower fan and leaves, spring just

This is, Lancang river? She had been run so far.

Rippling around a circle to go through, reflected in the face of the river, with the ripples kept swaying, as if her heart chaotic complex, after a moment, she gradually calmed down.

Lisu afford to sit on this river, not wait, strange and sudden, abundant of extraordinary intelligence, don’t have a time to sort out. Her body has strange poison, the thought of cannot live, her mother use all kinds of methods, all over the world to see doctors and herbal medicine, in recent years, after careful conditioning, she secretly asked people to teach her a martial arts,  body a lot stronger than a year. If the poison is positive, she will never be Dongfang Zhou …… heart suddenly in pain; father picked and chose for her beloved, and actually got such treat!

The wind wrinkled the surface of the water, vaguely dotted with numerous broken lights, a sudden flash of silver, Lisu heart of a cold, immediately roll to the left, two-edged sword, someone approach intended to kill, the aim to hit landed on the shore of river!

On the river bank a black man stood, silver cladding, armed with a sword, Lisu just felt strange stature in front of man, actually see his face! Her subconscious mind she steps back, secretly take air to gather to palm of the hand.

The man is not going to attack and it seems not in a hurry to attacked, only standing not far from her staring, eyes passing touch of stunning color.

Lisu quickly settled down God, tentatively said: “Are you seeking for money?”

The man did not answer.

Lisu frown, she never fully recovers her internal forces, gas can not be suppressed, and it is possible to re-attack at any time. This person martial arts is not low, not only can outsmart recklessly. Then slowly stepped forward and said: “If you ask the wealth, this young woman is not stingy, and hands offer. Only demands for my safety, there are parents at home, to get back,” she said, she would slowly remove from head the golden hairpin, eyes still tightly locked on his right hand double edge sword.

Black man eyes narrowed slightly on this princess, seems weak, pleasant, actually extraordinary smart, just now he has double edge sword on his hand to assassinate, her martial arts described and not weak! He should be particularly careful, and must not be taken lightly. ,

She gazes at his actions, his right wrist turn, his sword stick back; Li Su understands clearly that it turn to move.

Black man cautious paces, every step to step on the land, are deeply printed footprints, exactly the same depth that imprint. Lisu vision fretting hands infuriating flow, ready to go. The two sides are getting closer, until the time when a step away, they instantaneously, simultaneously shot!

Black man body quickly lower to twist, in the hands of the sword slanting to Lisu swept away! Lisu slightly sideways, can avoid this sharp sword, her teeth, backhand blow, “pop” sound, Gold hairpin severely piercing the right arm of a black man, black man cried out in pain, shoulder suddenly bleeding profusely, almost landed in the hands of the sword.

Lisu hit in, and then quickly back, to her surprise, her Royal mother sent personal things, and today it became a weapon to protect her life. Her intuition was right; this man is not seeking of money, simply to be her life! This series of things happen, it must be someone deliberately framed her

Black man over his wound slowly got up, color of eyes appears violent now, and he underestimated the princess! No longer hide his purpose, black man left handed sword slowly, exude a terrible attack to kill, flying leap, straight into Lisu to stabbed!

Lisu violent heartbeat, she no longer had the extra time to think, even death! Never keep yourself, and then focused on the situation!

Thinking of this, infuriating suddenly improved, rapid flows throughout the body, Full head of black hair, flying in mid air. Lisu jump into the sky launched a strong attack on the black man. Two in a fight, to infect fierce hot, almost equal to each other vital force. Strong and murderous, the forest suddenly flush flock of birds, flapping wings eager to escape away of shocked, but still be strong air flow scraped a few feathers

Do not know how long, within the body Lisu feel the anger is out of control, poison gas crest, tendons have been perverse trend. She knew him to falter, not to last long, but the black man is still not exhaustive. Could she really be loss her life here today?

The pace of superficial messy, less dodge, Lisu direct to it to the central port of black man, such as spring-like blood flooded out. Her sad smile in heart, quickly made a decision, anti-refundable forward, a few steps forward, the sword, and instantly penetrate through body!

Black man eyes widened, hearing piercing voice, golden hairpin truly aim is to stab his abdomen. Think of this woman actually playing to destroy indiscriminately, but also desperate for attack!

Lisu eyes extremely red, placing her final energy, the gold hairpin not fully enters the body of a black man, his blood on her hand.

Black man severe pain, shouted out loud, on one hold on Lisu’s shoulder aim to break the bone, her body directly fly out, the wind and sky, whistling blowing in the ears, like the souls crying, “plop ” Soon, Lisu heavily falling in the Lancang River!

The surging river, biting cold, instant put her engulfing.

Sharp sword, also inserted in her body, a lot of blood gushing from the wound gurgles, and melt in a river. Flirtatious red, with soaring hate, together poured her internal organs

This life, she is respectful, cautious and good, she never done a wicked thing, but come to such a tragic situation.

In this world, she’s kind towards others and never hurt an innocent people, but in exchange she received this kind of ending of being killed.

This whole life is very short, only sixteen years old, never enjoy the glory and splendor to the greatest extent, achieve to dote on, in the end, she died of unbearable humiliation!

In the end that is in harm her, why she was the target? She really can not be reconciled, not willing to wronged aggrieved, wasted step. But the pain of suffocation has gradually overtaken her last vestiges of sanity. Trance, she seems to think that the soul has left the body, cold and watching all of this, but unable to touch!


Lancang River shore, it is still a faction of beauty of the lush green of spring, all around, if not changed. However, no one knows, in this world, thousands of it are gathered as attribute for the young eldest princess of the Regent Palace, country’s first beauty Li Su Sheng, who doesn’t exist no more ……

___End of Chapter 4___


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