“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 3 TO SHAME THE PAIN

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Chapter 3: To Shame the Pain 

Lisu heart’s suddenly surprised, she understand his intentions, her face pale and shocked

“Are you afraid?” Dongfang Zhou gazed at her white face, and at the moment coldly he asked: “If you are really innocent, you have nothing to fear?

Lisu’s heart feel pain, the most looking forward for a woman is her wedding, and also to have the best night, and  not should be used to prove if she is innocence! Such humiliating way, is absolutely unacceptable! Her self-esteem, do not allow him to do so. She strongly suppressed her trembling heart, instinctively struggling to get up, but was mercilessly back by a pair of big palm.

Unable to fight, only passively wait for the bad luck of being humiliated, her heart can not help but panic. But the more she panic and looked up, a pair of cold eyes, tightly stared at her: “Dongfang Zhou, you dare!”    

Dongfang Zhou eyes narrowed coldly and chuckle: “This is a wonderful thing …… I Dongfang Zhou really, did not dare to do so!” Having said he grasps her hand, and firmly pressed above her head, in spite of her resistance, he eagerly stripped her clothes.

Lisu eyes open widely, though her body she has no little of his strength, but she is still desperately struggling to make an effort to push him. But Dongfang Zhou has made up his mind. Seeing of her struggling, is the more doubt, it was due to a guilty conscience. An intense anger and shame instantly filled in his heart, which makes him crazy and not sensible.

On one raise hand, her bright clothes, was stripped to the ground. On top of the gold silk embroidery phoenix, are powerful severely broken wings, feel sorrow, she’s creeping in the side.

Women’s pale breasts, suddenly barely see, his eyes flashed is like as a thrill of destruction. Lisu pupils suddenly shrink, urgent voice cried: “Dongfang Zhou …. you do not! You cannot do this to me! Please Stop!”

Heart in panic, her usual calm and intelligent is lost, at the moment she can not help shivering. From childhood, she was been care until she grown up, and never been treated and humiliated,,, and now she cannot help but to feel hate and hate harder  towards Dongfang Zhou, suddenly, she bite his hand!

Dongfang Zhou is angry, waving his palm, she turned aside, coldly said: “You endure me earlier” his hands movements are never been stopped.

“This is a misunderstanding!” Her voice trembled, “Dongfang Zhou, let go of me! …… If you dare to do it in me, you’ll regret it!    

The thought of glaring this man, her heart drastically ups and down. All disappointment and fear all turned into one. To treat her like this, only to prove if she is innocence.

Dongfang Zhou’s action slight pause, her eyes looked up to see a hint of resentment, suddenly heart in pain, she obviously do immoral things with other man, and also to be pregnant and married him! Being betrayed! Now, at this point of view, who actually dare! In the end who is shameless? Dongfang Zhou put more hate in mind, keeping her hand, to do more brutal way.

“Regret? I’d like to see, how I’ll regret it!”

In a straight wave of his palm, her dress made of silk shattering into small pieces.

After the moment of his effort, the woman soft body, nothing left, appears in his eyes, creamy skin, and curve reveals, Dongfang Zhou breathe pause, body suddenly tight.

There is no gentle caress, but no lingering affection, he grabbed her waist, her long legs apart quickly, he leaned towards her.

Tearing pain, run through her body, he once told her promise, that torn to pieces! She still remember the pear tree on the spring sunshine, handsome and romantic man plucked a white pear,  gently insert in her hair, at that time, he looks gentle, she promised, “If you’ve got heart, extremely don’t give up.”  Promise …… moment, ringing in the ear, but that handsome gentle man, from her heart he is died forever .

Pain, of a sudden penetration, in all of her internal organs, bones and thorough to her heart. She clenched her lips; want to blurt out a few screams, but tough to force back.

Salty smell of blood flow instantly comes from the mouth. At this point she very hated herself, wasting ten years of practice, even in the most critical moment; she can not protect her innocence and dignity!

Tears of humiliation, she was desperate to close her eyes, suddenly in her heart unconsciously give birth to a strong resentment, she hates him for not believing her, and he hurt and disgraces her!

Dongfang Zhou took her slender waist, hand soft and smooth skin than the world’s most perfect silk, good touch, people can not help heart gallop swing ripple. And her body is very compact, unconsciously he tightly wrap her  in pleasure, slightly rise, and saw her eyelids hung on the tears glistening in the sunlight, to the extremely nice face, pale that reflect like a snow, pity staring from his heart.

Suddenly, his movements slow down, gently stroking her almost transparent skin, and sometimes he actually forgets his original intention. Bowed his head, trying to kiss her lips, Lisu subconsciously tilted his head to go. He slightly annoyed, she cupped her face, forced to kiss the upper lip.

Six months ago, he firstly see her at the Regent Palace(shèzhèng wángfǔ), actually  he can not believe in this world there is such a beautiful woman! Delicate facial features, slim figure, elegance, and dull small cold eyes, as if in close proximity, and as if far away. Between gestures, full of breathtaking fascination, all attracted his attention. Just this side, he finds that she is the woman that he wants in this life. Lisu’s soft lips, out of control, he unconsciously wanted to go further opening and savory, aromatic draw in her mouth, wanton tease.

Obviously effective raging Lisu have a moment of absence, but was soon awake, sudden anger in  hearts and minds, the whole body can not move, can only mouth to bite down hard towards him!

“Ah -“ Dongfang Zhou screamed in pain, mouth seep out blood. Shake off his palm, unable to prepared, abruptly he got out of bed!

This woman seems weak, patience is very staunch! Dongfang Zhou use the hand to wipe the blood, suddenly remembered something,

The bed covers with no mark of symbol of woman chastity.

Dongfang Zhou pupil suddenly shrunk, suddenly turned around, cold and sharp eye toward her like a steel knife piercing over. Grabbed her hair, body raised up, and voice with full hate: “You Slut, Queen seeing clearly! Whether the king misunderstood you! “

Lisu suddenly stared, transfixed, this …… how could that be?

Impossible! Impossible!

Secret, incredible facts brought bewildered and fear, instantly hit her, that she almost collapsed, uncontrollable trembling. She suddenly close the eyes, tingling to numbness, what happened today, she is totally unprepared

Eyes see the evidence, all she argues, have no effect.

“How? Nothing to say? You have just sly excuses, Say what you understand the etiquette most, shame …… ha ha, really funny! “  Dongfang Zhou laugh out loud, full of self-deprecating heartache.

He hated his life of deception, he falls for her in vain, do everything possible to let Fu Huang decreed grant marriage, but did not expect at the date of his wedding, is such a big joke! Looks like a perfect woman, is so degrading unbearable! He felt extremely stupid, complex and bitterly: “Come take a paper, ink and brush, I’ll divorce this slut.”

As the door opened and a cold wind, sweeping in, scraping in the women’s bare skin, her heart, now more than three feet of ice between the twelfth lunar month, on a bit colder.

Lian Er straight in, panic her in his arms, hurried tight rope that dilapidated clothes, trying to cover exposed skin. He stared, disbelief at his master, he look to the face of gloomy Jing Wang, shocked speechless.

Lisu sitting on the ground, his face calm scary, Lian Er looked like she could not help but scared to cry, but she still did not respond. Only slightly looked up, glanced at those eyes looking at her with contempt, and the rest said to her, suddenly, she laughed coldly.

Dongfang Zhou did not see her smile, and walked straight on the table to write, angry. Suddenly, he stops to write, grabbed the book and threw if at the side of the master or the servant!

Do not know where strength come from, she actually grabbed the book, stood up, at the glimpse of eyes, she come in front of Dongfang Zhou.  

Dongfang Zhou this time a fit of anger, seeing that she approached, the thought that the necessary requirement is to forgive, one cold sound scrap into the ground, disdain is too far. Did not find that a trace of her lips sneer, deeper and deeper, more and more cold

Still clear that body torn pain, her chin lifted high, with hanging up vision, coldly watching this very handsome, but ruthless man, his eyes no temperament, but also without the slightest emotional ups and downs. Blandly, she sneered, slowly said one word: “Jing Wang! Rest Well! A man like you …… Today you broke me; in the future I will destroy you! “

“You!” Dongfang Zhou angry back, seems staggering, she even dare say such a thing!

Lisu said: “Jing Wang Dongfang Zhuo …… hope in the future, nothing involved between us, otherwise, I will make you regret doing today! “

Her voice is not big, but calm was terrible, with the cold like ice, every word hit him in the heart. Dongfang Zhou heart startled, surprised look conceal his pain anger, glared at her, like that denounced her before the same, but the mouth but found he actually spit a word. Such pride pull off the Lisu, obviously heart pain, the surface is so calm woman, he seemed never know.

She suddenly force the book tear off to half, torn into a thousand pieces again. Gray white of paper scrap, as the cold winter snow, they are shed in his eyes, A surge of cold chill, He instantly watch the moment.

Dongfang Zhou involuntary shivers, heart choke of unable sudden grief, he stayed there. He just looked at her hands and leaning to Lian Er, as the pace hard, but it went straight to leave!

She was his dream woman, want to care for life in his arms, he thought she was a star of Hong Fuji, Even Phoenix Blood Spirit Jade also recognized the her, but this moment, He finally prove she is his disgrace, under extremely anger, he break her, but could not get the heart to hate and hate her! He watched her walk out step by step, as if out of his life and never look back ……

His heart, suddenly, like being hollowed out!

___End of Chapter 3___


2 thoughts on ““The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 3 TO SHAME THE PAIN

  1. I feel bad for her, no woman deserve this kind of treatment. Rape on her wedding day and divorce at the same spot. Poor thing what is she going to do?

    This man is vulgar, he seem to have only wanted one thing and then throw her out when she wasn’t perfect for him. What an ass!

  2. mm can’t pity her completely, he did that to her but, it isn’t clear if she betrayed him or not cause she did mention she was innocent “except for something 6 month ago ” …
    thanks for the chapter 🙂

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