Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 124 THREATS

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(NOTE: The translations of this Cnovel is not originally mine (link: …I interpreted it through google translate when I’m reading the Chinese Version…I think to share it with you guys..If you find a mistake, you are free to say it to me and I’m gladly to correct it. Thank you! 🙂 )


“Ten years of the agreement, you may be ready.” Bai Li Mo nodded, Xu Wei Ran once again made it a condition to, to know Hua Qian Zi done so much, and they cannot lose the trust of people.

Even the world of struggle, Xu Wei Ran still maintained a gentleman.

Heard the remark, Bai Li Mo seems to understand, stand on from his chair, slowly he walked around the body still weak, but has been in recovery:. “I see.”

While moving Xu Wei Ran smiled.

Do not misunderstand, It just pure relationship with her.”Xu Wei ran slightly stiff, He laughed in cool wind.

But Bai Li Mo laugh, without a word, some things, he feel and not to say it and all depends on how things develop.

Right now, we need to do is find a way to leave the Bai Hua Kingdom, and only then, they have to turn over the capital.

Now, he did not know quiet infidelity owned no action, Ao Yun Kingdom afraid what do not know it, It had always been under house arrest here, Nang Go Mo believe it has been the palace of Bai Hua control, To pass a message back to the Ao Yun Kingdom , is impossible and…

This time, he decided to attack Bai Hua Kingdom at all costs.

Even Mo Wen Xuan intervene, cannot sit still.

Not to retreat.

So many years of silence, but also the southern border once again bustling.

They hit it off the back can be considered.

Then, to see Hua Qian zi means

Do not let go of the Royal Court from two such important figures, is not easy.

Here, Hua Qian zi also difficult, she knew things would not be so easy, she thought, if she unmasked herself, what the consequences will be.

You know, if she spent her childhood in the hands of Hua Qian Yi, it must be a dead end

Help yourself, no one.


A purple shirt wind drift, her heart is not calm, just because Mo Wen  Chen say, she was thinking, the death of a Su Qi Qi, and Xiao Susu came is really unwilling.

But now is not the time to consider these, she may still need help Mo Wen Chen.

He said that as long as no harm to Xiao Susu.

So he promised he is.

Anyway, with Xiao Susu’s character, is not like Su Qi Qi is so compromises Qi Qi marries Mowen Chen, and to Mo Wen Chen character, it will not lower social status to please Xiao Susu.

Even Xiao Susu talent and beauty make Mo Wen Chen heart, but also the heart of it

Hua Qian Zi reason to think, because she knows best Mowen Chen.

** Believers knew he did not.

Not to judge by appearances.

At first, he dislikes Su Qi Qi only because the Su Qi Qi is bestow by  Mowen Xuan, hands to him.

This is a shame for him, which he could not accept and treated Qi Qi.

Do not read the Royal Court of the terrain for a long while, Hua Qian Zi slowly to a small hospital Mowen Chen around living.

Go very slowly, she wants to see the man and afraid to see that person, the heart is in conflict and Ju Yi simultaneously.

She also promised to free and to let go Zhu Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo, only to bear the consequences of that kind of fear is very serious, even if she is  Hua Ru  Xue’s daughter,  her affection towards her daughter is not enough to secure her life.

If Mo Wen Chen is involved, presumably Hua Ru Xue will not dare to say anything.

After all, even Mowen Xuan are afraid of Mowen Chen presence, not to mention the Bai Hua Country.

And Lei Yu feng backing of Mowen Chen, it can be said Mowen Chen is the most horrible existence in this world.

But he was too low-key recently.

Coming.” Seems Mowen Chen and other Bai Hua’s general, a black standing in front of a small hospital, looking still no expression, like a pair of indifference.

Royal Highness.” Mowen Chen will spend time waiting Hua qian Zi eviction scheduled for the North palace, he ordered her princes only allowed to call their own, the kindness of a clean break between them.

Although not personally expose Hua qian Zi, but such punishment is also understand of Huan Qian zi understand that they have done, became public

So, she feared him.

I can help you.” Mowen Chen straight to the point, do not beat about the bush: “But …. There’s a condition.”

Royal Highness, please speak.” Hua Qian Zi is not surprise, Mowen Chen never do the trading loss.

Looked at the distant days, Mowen Chen, eyes sort of mood fluctuations: “If things can be done, you have to replace Xiao Susu to married Yan Palace.”

Ah ……” Hua Qian Zi spend the whole person shoved back, inconceivable, unacceptable expression of all written on the face.

Yes, if you Bai Hua’s country, but you know, even if you do not agree, the king is also a way to get you to replace her.” Mo Wen Chen cold smile.

This time, he must try to protect Xiao Susu.

Even hurts everyone.

Royal Highness ……” Hua Qian Zi’s pale as a sheet: “I am your elder cousin.”

She did not think how, Mo Wen Chen would mention such conditions.

Her heart is also vaguely understand Mo wen Xuan, why send a troops to help the Bai Hua country, it must be Hua Ru Xue who gave a promised, and surely Xiao Susu is one of them.

This is not her consideration, so I did not much think.

We’ve been live with each other.” Mo Wen Chen a little black face, voice Ice cold: “If you not agree, it all depends on you.”

Then, he no longer look at her, just standing there, her long hair flying in the wind, summer wind is hot, but it is in Hua Qian Zi feeling cold.

She stood there, holding her fist fiercely, this day she suffering from a blow just a beginning.

This man, really did care about Xiao Susu?

Or he left for too long,. And she does not know him anymore.

That, Bai Hua Kingdom ……” Hua Qian Zi adjust her emotions, and to calm himself down.

She now wants nothing more than Bai Hua Kingdom.

From Mo Wen Xuan, I’ll help you.” Mo Wen Chen hides from her, to tell the truth, he certainly did not hold the Bai Hua country to Hua qian Zi hands, but he did not want to do that.

Now, he is not helping Hua Qian Zi, but a threat.

Teeth clenched, Hua Qian Zi whole person exudes brutal cold breath, she knows Mo Wen Chen threatening , do not help themselves, but what she means, this means the man she too well.

Well, Xue Wei Ran and Bai Li Mo are there ……” Hua Qian Zi knew framed large long while, and finally just give Mo wen Chen do the wedding dress, so that he can be honest shot.

They will go back to their country.” Mo Wen Chen touches Insider.

His visit is aims to Xiao Susu, other things to do with him.

But Yan Kingdom sends troops.” Hua Qian Zi some urgency.

     “There’s Huang xiong troops?” Mowen dust cold smile: “Do you want to replace the Xiao Susu, You should be aware of the difficulty of this issue, so everything depends on your own.

““I ……” Hua Qian Zi thousand million counts, did not expect to be calculated Mo Wen Chen come in

She has now been openly with Hua Qian Yi enemies, and Hua Ru Xue bent on supporting people also Hua Qian Yi, she was here, just a puppet, and nothing to deceive the public.

After all, the female is respected in Bai Hua’s States, in order to Hua Qian Yi justifiably throne as emperor, is not so easy, so she Hua Qian Zi will have existence value.

So, if one day, their existence meaningless, what end.

She is not without thought, so will the country desperate to flowers in her hand.

Right now, she found that their strength is too weak, too weak.

As long as Yan and southern continue to calm down, the Bai Hua will be your kingdom sooner or later.” Mo wen Chen finally gave her a promise

________________________________________________END of Chapter 124


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    1. Hi Thiri! Many thanks. Yes. I’m planning to finish this project. Hopefully , It takes only 1 1/2 year (hehehe)…. I have a difficulties of translating this novel, because the structure of their sentence is different….But it”s okay…since I love this Cnovel! 🙂

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