“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 1 THE SUDDEN WEDDING

The rebirth: Deceased consort that astounded the world 《重生之惊世亡妃》 by Mo Yan Shang

The rebirth: Deceased consort that astounded the world 《重生之惊世亡妃》 by Mo Yan Shang

Translated synopsis (FROM SUMMER):

Unmarried woman being pregnant? A disgrace in the grand wedding!

Princess (Wang fei) of Jing An, who was envied by everyone, in the blink of an eye became a fallen woman. Insults, divorce, assassination, perishing….

Everything seemed like a meticulously schemed game!

When dead game revived by a chance, she returned with a hatred and with exactly the same face as in the past. Dazzling and with astonishing talent, she awe-struck the imperial court as well as the ordinary people!

The former husband was struggling between love and regret while princes of three countries were mutually enamored with her.

She sneered at it all. If people humiliated me I will humiliate them. If people ruined me, I will ruin them.

At that time, while suffering false accusations , she suppressed her tears and asked with an accusation: „Is prince (Wanye) willing to believe me?“

His expression chilling, with a straight wave of the palm he caused her dress shattering into small pieces, using the most cruel method proving her innocence!

At this moment, with extreme regret and ache said: „I believe you.“

She coldly smiled, „I will never believe you!“



All prosperity comes in Sheng country, and today it become livelier.

Regent Palace sent an escort for the bride to the Prince Palace, stretching for several ten years; the city has never had the luxury of guards of honor, joy all the way around, constantly salute the whole country. All are infected with a red festivity.

Lisu sitting quietly with Emperor Chin Chee on the imperial carriage among hands tightly hide, fingertip slightly eye a sweat, never thought that one day, she would be so nervous!

Jing Wang Dongfang Zhuo, is the Queen’s illegitimate, as distinguished, intellect, and won the favour of Sheng Emperor. All woman of the city of whole Beijing, without exception, want to marry him as Weifei! And he looks at her, and then scared to heaven, insisted to marry her. On the pear tree, love starts, his heart, only for her. Eyes emerged out variant of brave) Very affectionate face, her heart unconsciously have desire.
Suddenly, on a wide avenue, far swiftly ten ride horses.

If an arrow, rapidly come. The original wedding team arranged very neatly, now such as red of tide water, have to back down the road on both sides of the Bay.

Led by a man sitting on the horse, with easy access to the former imperial carriage. Winds sweep to the complete tour brushed line curtain curtain falls, revealing Lisu in a red dress, shine like a water. People could not help but exclaim out loud, which is so bold, dare collision Jingan future princess!

Black elegant horse neighing softly firmly stopped.

Standing in front of the palace of Jing Wang is Dongfang Zhuo,   surrounded by court official, the long body erect, like a stand, honorably dazzling. Who dressed in embroidered clothes, tall and extraordinary handsome. Watching to come, He looked slightly heavy, involuntarily step back.

The man in embroidered gown, gold crown bundle hair, who’s his face such as crown jade, healthy and beautiful, a sharp eye, a black hair gently, fluttering in the spring breeze, the whole child who is like a two-edged sword masterpiece scabbard soon! Exude serve askance world momentum of the King! Lightly lifts his arm, silently issued a directive, and followed by the bodyguard quickly dismount, points out two lines, neat quiet….
All around is suddenly silent, all eyes are firmly fixed in his body, can not move a half minutes.
The man in black clothes dismounted cleanly, quickly went in front of Dongfang Zhou, smiled submissively said: Second brother. No wonder you look overjoyed today, I Dongfang Ze, come to congratulate the Second Elder brother. “

Originally, the highly discouraged today is emperor six Prince –  Zhenning Wang Dongfang Ze!…

Sheng country crown prince is still undetermined, between Donfang Zhou and  Dongfang Ze headed. These rumors have been heard by Lisu.

Hearing this voice, Lisu heart jump, suddenly strange feeling rises from her heart , Six Prince Dongfang Ze, she had never seen, but this sounds …… why his sound familiar? ! It seems to have been stuck in the minds, but can not remember where you heard.

Dongfang Zhou eyes sank slightly, the side of the Secretary see him look bad, quickly leans beside him, carefully cautioned: “Jing Wang, first pick up the Princess to start the weddings now, further delay probably will miss the auspicious time.”
Dongfang Ze Zhuo, sneered: “! The grace Wang Meng Fu Huang queen mother, become very fond of Princess Yu Ming for a lifetime ( ** I’m not sure in this line), if six brothers come is sincere to congratulate, please go get drunk it,” when he finished, he walked to the imperial chariot to reach out the hand of beauty from the seat.

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Curtain lifted, I saw the refined luxury of the imperial carriage, Lisu sitting in the middle, wearing a bright red phoenix costumes, dress pulled in, such as willow waist, although at the moment can not see her face, but this temporary change not scared of exquisite manners, and peerless grace, as people already enchanted endless. She slowly put your hand into the palm of his wide real, but also to their own future, they are entrusted to the front of the royal Allegiance.
Lucky, one is the first beauty, in a glorious day stand together, really a perfect match.

Dongfang Ze eye light somber, Chen Sheng said: “! Come”

A former attendants quickly on the ground, carefully goes to a delicate silver box, very careful, as if offer is peerless treasure.

Dongfang Ze hand the silver box, slowly toward to Lisu, laughed softly:.. “I’m taking a trip this time, even have an exquisite gem  for Second Huangxiong wedding today, on this matter as a gift to wish Huangxiong, Huangsao , to live and grow old together ”

Lisu micro one looked up, and that silver box happens on the show in their own eyes. Sterling silver, fine workmanship, moire pattern on the lid, surrounded by layers, dazzling. Her heart secretly surprised, a box can be so fine, I do not know inside the gift, what should be how stunning peerless.

She did not wait to say something, but around the Dongfang Zhou put an arm around her waist, her step away from the box, whispered a hum, must smiled and said: “Thank you, six Huang di. He determined the present king and regent marriage, but the pro-Fu Huang, thanks to countless tours of the gold and silver jewelry and I’m afraid is irrelevant. “

Dongfang Ze laughed, slightly raising his hand, in that fine moire patterns carved central, push the button, just listen Kacha soon Qing Xiang, automatic lid actually bounce.

Bright red, shocked bloom, instantly aglow order before a spring, people could not help but exclaim out loud!
Compact silver box, brocade like snow, glittering red color 一枚 spirit of jade, in the bright sunlight, exquisitely carved, glossy shine on people. A look that is known, not every product.

Are all the people around the eyes light up, then whispering. Dongfang Zhuo is looking , immediately took up the hand, welcome the light and shine, I saw blood jade among the trapped locked a Nirvana of the Phoenix, as if to break clamped from sky.

This is …… Feng Yu Xueling (Phoenix Jade blood spirit)? Dongfang Zhou conceal the surprise and asked.
Dongfang Ze slightly narrowed eyes, cold smile: “Other than the two Huang xiong gem, how?”

Four weeks subjects uproar, Feng Yu Xueling, is the legendary sacred. Heard this is not only a spirit, but also to identify the main blood jade rumors woman executed in the sun, if blood jade phoenix wings folded to show surrender, it means that this woman is really a life queen.

Six Huang di always lavish gift, in any product really different. Lisu, you also take a look.” Dongfang Zhou vision of dynamic, pulled her hand, with that the blood jade was into her hands, eyes exposed expectations.

Lisu hear tightly, a chance to react, blood jade already in her hand. Dongfang Zhou to confirm what, deliberately slowly raised her hand and placed under the sun, red Yan Yan’s blood red, seemed to flow into her hand, like fingers and swayed her white, red increasingly red, white and increasingly white.

Around the eyes, suddenly focusing on her hands, as if the world is changing, changing only confirmed immortal. Lisu hands just felt shocked, blood in jade Phoenix, suddenly moved!…

Wings  gather together, phoenix lower his head, follow by the wings rise gesture to fly, , in a blink of eye the head vow, and that is all.

The crowd gasps of surprise, “Feng Yu Xueling recognize the master is really amazing! Congratulations Jing Wang, Ming Yu Princess Congratulations!” Now someone came up to congratulate. All official is amazed, shouted wonderful.

If Feng Yu Xueling recognized the Queen, it is self-evident that her husband is the future emperor!
Ha ha ha!” Dongfang Zhou could not help but to laugh, hold up Lisu hand and said: “Six Huang di to congratulate, this gift is truly love Aifei (Imperial concubine), you have to keep close at hand, must live up to it! For six brother good intentions! “

 In the hands of Fengling blood jade, red as blood, Lisu slight frown, there is a sense of premonition that cage on the heart, lingering.

Dongfang Ze dark eyes flash, hook lip smiles: “Second Huang xiong too serious an hour late, Second Huang xiong quickly finish the ceremony and to Huangsao (sister-in-law) salute it, do not miss the auspicious time and finish it!”

Couple, Zhenning Wang said, don’t missed the auspicious time!” The crowd echoed repeatedly.

Salute crackling exploding sound constantly, red gun flying debris scattered in the smoke, drink the master of ceremonies loudly sing, rejoice together sound.

Dongfang Zhou hands holding Lisu, slowly crossed the palace door.

One preparing for the wedding, two thanks to the decree, husband and wife three times worship, after these three worship, Lisu is the real princess Jing! Just this last prayer, she feel dizzy, too late to make any response, she fall down to the ground, the dazzling Feng Yu Xueling, knock on the ground, issued a crisp sound .

Suddenly, all the guests stood stunned, stunned including Dongfang Zhou
“Fast pass imperial!” Finally someone shouted up.

While running around in circles in the lobby floundered. Dongfang Zhou wake up, and immediately picked up Lisu, she was placed on a couch in the Hall.

Imperial treatment comes, and Lisu is already awoke, but feeling weak, drowsy mind, eyelids feel heavy。

Imperial somber, And looked volatile, sometimes shocking, sometimes bewildered, pulse explore Revisited, lest diagnosis wrong cause.

“Imperial Princess exactly what got disease?”  see Imperial doctor, not loosing the hand for long, Dongfang Zhou asked a questions.
At the side of maid, guard Lian Er, urgent: “Imperial doctor quickly what is the Miss condition, why she is fainted??”

“This ……

Not quick to sayDongfang Zhou in heart and mind suddenly anger, the eyes with obvious anger. Jing Wang, anger must have hurt. The palace folk known. Imperial Erect surprised, hurried to knock nod

Li imperial palace for many years, have not seen what disease, how to diagnose the troubles today are not so happy? Could it be, second Huanxiong wife body has hidden illness, that hard to say and it is inconvenience to tell?” Sitting in the outer chamber of the Dongfang Ze started playing in the cup, light voice without emotion clearly spread within the Church.

Donfang Zhou looking with cold eyes, Li imperial fear scared hurriedly replied: “Princess itself is okay, Because she is pregnant, and failed to carefully nursed her health back, and she’s over tired before the break, that result to unconscious …… “


These word, like a Lethal bomb into a calm lake suddenly, the outer hall room, have set off waves.

—End of Chapter 1—



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  1. Hi Yi Yue!
    You seem to have the same taste in books like me 😀 It will be a long translation project but good luck

    P.S. you made a typo in my name. You wrote Sumire instead of Summer (∩_∩)

    1. Thanks Summer…sorry for G.T.E.,,,it takes time for me to post it after my accident….and now I’m near to finish the editing of following nine chapters… 🙂

  2. it sounds very interesting and yet sad….to have the one whom you love the most doubt you….
    she turned into a cold woman, will she ever change back??
    thanks for the chapter!!! 🙂 translating this must have been tough, thank you so much for your hard work! Are you planning to continue to translate this?

  3. I personally think it’s great that you translated word for word from the original. but if you have someone look over your chapters and help you edit – when you’re finished. You can improve a lot. There are some grammar mistake and misleading text that I couldn’t imagine the scene.

  4. just started reading this, and pls do make index of chapters. scrolling down to end of blog is gonna get harder the more chapters you have. also chapter navigation would help a lot (previous/next chapter)

  5. Thank you for the translations, though it is a bit hard to understand it if you just directly translate it from chinese. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind getting an editor to look through it? Regardless, thank you for your work.

    1. Your welcome laexdream! 🙂
      You’re right, I need the editor. But unfortunately, I’m still waiting for someone to volunteer and who is willing to do so.

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