“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : Chapter 29 Love and Hate


 Chapter 29

Love and hate

Dongfang Ze straight all the way to the room while holding Su Li.

Mo Xiang see that both are wet, shocked, she quickly come close to dress up Su Li.  Change into clean clothes,  the quilt gathers together to her upper body, Su Li still shivering in cold, the whole body does not have the strength.

The first rank  imperial bodyguard came in a hurry, and go closely to Dongfang Ze’s ear to said something, his complexion slightly changed, in an instant looked at Su Li, exhorts her to rest well, then he strode away.

Su Li is in deep thoughts, she do not know if Wan Xin, can  escape safely?

Dongfang Zhuo entered the room, a handsome face covers in the unknown light ray, complexion sometimes cloudy sometimes clear, constantly changing, as if for a moment in the room, he is struggling for several times, look complex.

Su Li does not want to see him, closed her eyes, head slightly lean to the back side. But at Dongfang Zhou vision, by no means he has no intention to leave slightly. Cannot see the birthmark on the side of her face, pale and almost transparent, suddenly he remember correctly the resentment of the woman who take the letter of divorce. Heart in an instant is filled of raging tide, he cannot control to go forward, puts out a hand to touch her face ……

The fingertip is just about to touch the skin, when Su Li suddenly opened her eyes, she turned around and looked at him coldly. Gazed indifferently like an ice, to made the person to be frozen.

Dongfang Zhou slightly look distracted, hand suddenly froze in mid-air.

“You…. really are the Prime Minister daughter Su Li?” still unbelievable, two unrelated people unexpectedly the looks are similar!

Su Li’s pale lips smile, mockingly said: ” Wang Ye come along here, not just to prove this matter? The answer is very clear now; Wang Ye, please return now.”

She gave away the thoughts, more ruthless under the expulsion order.. Never which a woman, can be so indifferent to him, almost disgust. Dongfang Zhou in an instant was enraged, brows wrinkled, two eyes sink darkly, grabbed her collar dress to carry her to him, her eyes glared, while in his mind constantly reappear the another exactly the same peerless face.

“You really hate Ben Wang? …… You hate  Ben Wang?

Su li’s heart startled, tried to restrain her own physical discomfort, said calmly with a smile: “Wang Ye is really joking, Su Li and Wang Ye are strangers, how to hate?

Dongfang Zhou without a word, decides to look at the nearby of indifference face, she was too calm, clearly deliberately disguised, the deep dark eyes is hiding the unknown emotions, that he wanted to tear into shreds this appearance of her very much, and peek into outcome!

Suddenly he looked down, he kissed her suddenly. Does not give slightly the opportunity of rejection, the big palm tightly hold the back of her head, feel the soft touch of lipS to her, shortly it cause to waken her memory of the sweetness taste of love-hate. Su Li never anticipated him to be so strong, the pain had been forcibly violated her heart, her whole body tremble,tried to push him away from her, waved palm firmly slap on the face.

“Pop”  a clear and loud sound, palpitation when the man flee in great disarray, while quickly disappear her full strength to a single waved of palm.

Atmosphere, falls into a heavy deathly stillness.

Dongfang Zhou seems stared at her in disbelief, for first time in his life woman slapped his face, the anger that unable to hold back rise to the sky, straight to forehead, his face darken, like a violent storm is coming.

He pressed firmly her neck!

Slender neck, was tightly griped by his hand, as if single break. Presently Su Li was ill, this moment her breathing suddenly cut off, just to feel that all strength of the whole body  was pulled out, the body is now hot and now cold, internal organs are in burning fire, this feelings, somewhat is unexpectedly similar with the symptoms of the former poison. She tightly grabbed the large palm on her neck, stared widely with unwilling eyes, ithe hands of this man, how unwilling she dieHeart’s move, she suddenly lower her hands, two eyes lacking strength close, the whole person was like a drained  flowers, wither and die suddenly.

Dongfang Zhou  immediately look distracted, startled in a split second the fury was extinguished  cleanly.

His Royal highness. Heart gush panic, his hands trembling. Picked up her to hold in his bosom, urgently called out: ” You?  Awake! .”

Su Li did not response.

Dongfang Zhou panic deepens, this pain cause him to be outofcontrol, he shouted loudly : ” Come! Quickly call the doctor here!

Su Li gasp for breath, lifts the eyelid slowly, the man did not have enough time to lose his panic, complicated view in her eyes. Her gaze turn, tightly clutching Dongfang Zhou’s sleeve, sound weak to stop him, saying: “Do not …… do ……

Dongfang Zhou’s complexion darkened, he grabbed her hand, anxious and anger that he reprimanded lightly: “Your body is ill, and you do not want to  see a doctor?” Between words, as if she mistreating herself, but he forgot,  he just almost strangled her!

Su Li shakes the head gently, It’s useless! My years of chronic illness.….. ordinary doctor looked is also useless!” Before the eyes no longer the cold, on the contrary both eyes has sadness, let the person see heart will unconsciously tighten. Dongfang Zhou subconsciously hold her, urgently called out to outside: Wang An, summons the Imperial Physician.”

A trace of a few invisible chill, gently across Su Li’s eyes, she quickly hang down  her eyelids. Dongfang Zhou large hand landed softly on her hair, in a very gentle voice said: “You endure first, soon the imperial physician will arrive.

Su Li was  startled, the hand has been firmly holding her, move down, in violent anger he grasp her neck cruelly, to kill her. But she do not know why at this moment he’s so gentle to favor her, and for what? Her heart is filled with bursts of bitter, Su Li’s clenching her teeth while the head down in silence.

Dongfang Zhou seems to felt that her mood is difficult to be peaceful, thinks that his impulsed just a moment ago almost accidentally killed her, can not help but regret  and pain, but the inborn pride keeps him not to say a word of apology, he can only hold her and not to let go. Two people are both silent, oppressive mood makes Su Li’s chest of stuffy pain. 

The imperial doctor comes really quickly, he quickly steps passed through the door, Dongfang Zhuo called out: “Her body is very hot, Imperial doctor Li, you take a look whats the matter!

Imperial doctor Li! Su Li’s heart jump, looks up hastily. He had come to the hospital too who diagnosed Lisu’s illness, Imperial doctor Li Zhong! At this time he also came forward, see the half open side face of Su Li, suddenly shocked.

Donfang Zhou see his face with surprise color, frowning impatiently: “What are you staring blankly? Quickly come and check her pulse.

Su Li pushed him and said: “I ask Wang Ye to leave.

Dongfang Zhou disgruntled vision sweeps immediately, the thick eyebrows closely wrinkle, seemed anxious to attack, but restrained to stop. A long time before he stand up to go out. A long time before he stand up to go out. 

Li Zhonghe lifted the hand to wipe a cold sweat, his eyes looked alarmed to Su Li. Su Li smile and said: “Thank you for your trouble Imperial doctor Li.”

Li Zhonghe smiled reluctantly, he go forward to feel the pulse for her, sighed and said: ” Young Lady’s body is all right, simply inherent weakness, physical weakness, once wind chills invade the body, caused by the anger to launch a psychological attack to be the result. I write a prescription for the young lady, takes medicine for seven day then to alleviate. However……If wants to recuperate completely, need to  pay more attention to the personal habits!

Su Li nodded to express thanks, “Doctor, thank you for your trouble!

Li Zhong said with harmonious laughed: “Young Lady is a lucky person, even if I have not come to feel the pulse for young lady today, in the future must have the opportunity.  Young Lady no need to be polite!  he stared at her face, pontedly. Su Li, although understand, did not argue, only look down the eyes to say lightly: “Thanks to Imperial doctor auspicious words! I want to consult an issue with the imperial doctor.”

“Young lady, please speak.”

“Is maiden body (virgin body) can be pregnant? Did not know about the matter of men and women, this issue, she is unable to determine. She lower the voice as far as possible, in order to avoid to be heard by the person outside of the room.



“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 28 LIFE OR DEATH


Chapter 28

Life or Death

Su Li’s convey her thoughts, to warn of: “Ah,  this…… strong and courageous person, you to take the small woman as hostage, I’m afraid that your idea is wrong, this small woman…. the status is lower,  only casual acquaintance of both Wang Ye. Even if you have killed me,  you cannot escape from the inescapable net under Wang Ye’s cloth.

The black woman sneer, gloomy says:“Saying that, are you fooling a  three year old  kid! Who does not know, Wang Zhenning never invited a female to accompany him, and alone with that person to go for a tour, how can you be just a casual acquaintance? It is nonsense! Quickly asked Wang Zhenning to withdraw his troops, and release the three of us to leave safely, otherwise… do not blame me of being impolite!”

Su Li’s heart is clear as a mirror, studying the heavy martial arts is only the first step, if Wan Xin have an accident, herself without the slightest benefit, and with this critical situation now…… she must find a way to help her to get out of here  as soon as possible.

Dongfang Ze is still silent, watching her eyes with slight of hesitation, it seems he is still weighing.

Her mind suddenly has a plan, he is already weighing, it must have the scruples. She will certainly not be muddleheaded to think, opposite of Dongfang Ze emotions that contradicted, although Su Li is a concubine daughter, whatever the outcome she is still the prime minister daughter, in the future if spread out that he to see somebody in danger and do nothing, is not a good thing. However, the weight of bargaining chip is obviously not light, After hastily bet, the probability of winning is really unknown. But, in one point of view this kind of opportunity, which he cannot miss!

The woman in black sees Dongfang Ze not to say a word, brows knitted and just about to open her mouth to speak, when suddenly she notice a pair of hand  of Su Li that firmly grasp on the sword, heart can not help but alarm, wanting to make a distance, but she is struggling, straight toward the sword to  hit the blade! She decisively shouted: Wang Ye, Su Li …… die in pity is insufficient, refrain because I spoiled Wang Ye’s social event!” Completely staunch not willing to give in trend. Dongfang Ze has a taboo word at this moment, must have the response; on the other hand; Wan Xin certainly understand the intention of her submission. 

Suddenly a sharp blade pierced the white skin, bright red blood, a faint trace of red come out on the blade, especially order to people to be afraid. The woman in black heart’s fiercely jump, suddenly her body carefully opened, to keep her away from the sword. 

Dongfang Ze face suddenly pale, blurted to call out: “Susu can not!” The two fist in long sleeve grips tightly, joints are whitish.

“You let her go, Ben Wang will keep you safe and secure!” Dongfang Zhou is decisive loud, move quickly to,  stands with Dongfang Ze shoulder to shoulder, his chest fiercely move up and down, is staring to Su Li who compels, completely disregards Li Yao who lying in the ground. Such remarks, the people are all startled. Everyone was waiting for Dongfang Ze’s reply, certainly they did not expect Dongfang Zhou to speak.

Dongfang Ze brows rise, he was astonished at him, obviously  very surprised, but there’s no objection.

Su Li’s thoughts  mixed of hundreds of feelings to tell, never think that the first person to respond, is turned out to be him! Just as she angered him, almost to the aspect at daggers drawnWhy at this time ……

“Good! Jing Wang is really sensible! Ask them to  prepare the boat immediately.” The black man with silver mask immediately spoke, action failed, they were trapped, at this time does not  go now, when?

“All persons on the board, cannot fall,  all retreated on the back!”

Dongfang Zhou calm and collective face is now gloomy, the people underneath understand  and withdraw completely.

The silver mask  man in black looks all around, coldly said:. “Wang Zhenning orders all your bodyguards to withdraw from the  Moon Lake two miles away from the ship. Otherwise, while we embarking, in addition,  do not shoot ok?”

Dongfang Ze looks gloomy, no waves, lifts the hand to issue the instruction, the bodyguard in lakeside withdraws from peach forest neatly, does not see the confusion. At this moment, the Moon Lake now is gradually covers by twilight, charming and gentle  lights of red clouds,  beautiful, splendid and pleasing to the eye, in the middle transmits the little low cries of waterfowl.

Su Li stagger to be dragged all the way to the boat, foot drifts, gradually towards the lake.

“Imagine this little girl, looked soft and weak, unexpectedly the two Wang Ye changed their mind just for you! This method is not simple. The black man in the silver mask ponder to say.

Su Li did not like to hear, she secretly sigh, calmly said:“Tied me up.”

The man eye’s show doubt look, Su Li coldly glanced at him, said lightly: “Could you ever thought for a moment, they can also divide the energy to chase and kill you?”

He squinting his eyes, immediately awakens, the Moon Lake waters are broad, his original intention is to safety zone, keeping the hostage on the ship, three people flee taking the advantage of the dim light of night from the lakeIf she also falls in the water, Dongfang Ze  will have no time to do several things at the same time to pursue with Dongfang Zhuo surely. All imperial bodyguard aboard  are rubbish, absolutely not to fear…..good thoughts of this young girl!

“So you help us,  what is the purpose?” The black man in silver mask apparently does not know why,  this woman and they are neither relative nor kin, but not in the same boat, why do this?

Su Li faintly replied: “I did not help you, I just want to help myself. You believe or not believe worth mentioning, in short, I’m to that two people, does not have the favorable impression.”  This saying, listens in person with high aspirations ear, has the explanation respectively.

The black dress woman who compels Su Li, slightly hesitates picked up the hemp rope that on the boat unused,  to Su Li’ s pair of hands behind her back, tightly tied up.

The men in black with silver mask carefully looked at Su Li, the vision is deep and quiet.

The boat goes more distance in Dongfang Ze line of sight, the twilight four gather,  already could not see her simple and gorgeous face, closing the eyes, only the pitch-black pair of eyes has brightness, always stubborn unyielding flashing light, quietly staring at him.

The tranquil level of the lake, suddenly “ah -“ calls out in alarm, that is Su Li’s voice! Following  “plop” the loud sound of water, he suddenly open his eyes, the lake water tuck dive of ripples all around, the boat overturn in the water and keeps spinning, on the ship four people are all missing!

All people are startled because of this accident at the scene.

Dongfang Ze took a deep breath, never hesitate he move quickly to jump into the lake.

Cold, darkness, as well as the will of people to live in desperate fear, in that moment sinking to the bottom, drowned.

Underwater light is unclear, mixed of visible faintly giant water plant that develop to lives, looked swaying, waving slowly, like a relentless promoter of fate, accidentally, they can possibly closely wrapped down the people,  and not able to get rid of.

Su Li stubbornly held one breath, can not have too much action, just to save energy. After being tied tightly with both hands, is hard to  stretch , both legs swing from time to time, trying not to sink.

Hands tied knot, it seems complicated, the actual wrist flip can break, Wan Xin……really understand her mind, with such sleight of hand, is a chance for her to live…… what a pity, today is probably irrelevant.

Without the warmth of sunshine, the water temperature is near at the freezing point, cold  penetrating the bone seamless flow inside of her body,  the petite body wrapped tightly hold, she tried to overcome the fear of her that difficult to damp, try to relax her mind, imagine that she is still that little baby who do not know how to worry, seeking refuge in the arms of her gentle Imperial Mother.

Fear quietly dispersed, Li Su’s after rebirth, can not, and will not have any weaknesses.

Before the time seems to be inconstant, the last remaining air in her mouth, is turn into a bunch of small bubbles, cheerfully go to the top of her head, for a long time of being numb with cold stiff body, she gradually lost her consciousness. She secretly plan in mind, although Dongfang Ze is still in the critical moment, he will never watched her die, otherwise he may really throw a good money after the bad things. After so long, he will probably appear nearly. Compared with ruthless…… sometimes woman’s plan can win the man.

Dense clump deep water, it seems to be among the black osprey that flexible to travel around; with pair of bright eyes like a stars, anxiously searching around, when suddenly see her, he immediately becomes firm and steady, to speed up straight in front of her. Su Li smiled at him, mind suddenly loose, then her body immediately sinking

Trance, she was pushed forward in the bosom by a strong arms, he had cold whitened lips, that pressed to her firmly.

A powerful tongue tightly made an effort to open her clenching teeth,  a life-saving warm breath crossing to come in,  Su Li’s feel her spirit shaken, that a bit of heat,burnt the icecold lips and tongue, allowing her blood vessels to flow slowly, in order for her numb body to gradually warm up. Dongfang Ze untied the rope, tightly supporting her body, quickly turn towards to the water surface.

“Crash” sound, they were out of the water.

Su Li’s complexion is deathly white,  eyes closed, as if no consciousness,  Dongfang Zes heart sinks unexpectedly,  “Susu, Susu, you wake up.” He patted her face, eagerly call out.

The cold wind is blowing on the lake, painful as if knife cutting thoroughly to the skin of his face,  Dongfang Ze no longer hesitate, he hugged Su Li  and quickly swim to shore.

Dongfang Zhou run fast to the large and luxurious carriage, gloomy look to see the figure of Dongfang Ze who tightly holding Su Li at the shore, has a trace of unspeakable pain and jealous. He said nothing, came and quickly off his robe, wrapped to Su Li’s body.

The Imperial carriage is run quickly to go in the direction of  the Prime Minister residence.

Su Li’s complexion was deathly pale, her wet hair was disorderly stick to half of her beautiful cheek, more lovely and pitiful. Dongfang Ze brows knitted, pushed infuriating, steady flow along the palm, transport to her body. Despite of this, Su Li is still shivering terribly, subconsciously looking for a little warmth, turn toward to his bosom and embraced him. Dongfang Ze tightened his arms, tightly embrace her delicate and petite body in his arms, natural affectionate that imitates such as a pair of lover.

Dongfang Zhou suddenly gloomy raised his eyes with violent storm, immediately clench his fist, actually still did not say a word, only tightly clenched his teeth,extremely repress his own emotions to leak.

In the carriage the air is extremely depressing, nobody spoke all the way. Li Yao is in the corner, motionless, as if by this sudden a series of accidents being shocked. 

In front of the door of the Prime Minister residence, when the carriage has not been completely stopped, Dongfang Ze quickly jump down, carrying Su Li he run quickly to go to her small courtyard. Dongfang Zhuo heavy voice command: “Return Miss Li to her residence” then, he stand up to follow them and to keep up.

____END OF CHAPTER 28____

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 27 AT THE LAKE”


Chapter 27

At the Lake

Door slowly close, leaving only  in the cabin is  Donfang Zhou gasping for breath, ups and downs is difficult to set

They just stepped onto the deck, suddenly  the  water surface of tranquil lake began on  crashing waves, accompanied by dense showers of white spray, three  individual in black masks who rise into the sky, the person in the middle, cover by shining white light, in stern voice shouted loudly: “Dongfang Ze, we’ll take your life!” That bright light as snow of double-edged sword, pancold and gloomy chill in the air, it seems a big net from three directions, straight toward to Dongfang Ze’s head! Threatening, rapid and violent incomparable.

Dongfang Ze pulled Su Li to walk toward to staircase, behind the cabin, as far as the eye can see is actually no turning back.

Su Li call out in fear: “Wang Ye be careful!” voice not yet out, when the body was embraced gently by Dongfang Ze, to protect behind. His stature did not move for slightest, both arms pick up the ink robe to flies upward, body suddenly curls up the silk floss the strength of air flow, imitates such as an invisible iron wall, to topple and overturn the assassin.

Three assassins heart was shocked, all together take away the double-edged sword, one of them with slim stature, seems to be a woman! But the personal appearance is more clever and resourceful than the two vigorously,  back of the silver mask, are pair of cold eyes chill in the air is threatening. Su Li’s mind move, unexpectedly in heart has familiar feeling of not being able to say. Her feeling slightly strange, in these three people, two of them are wear the silver mask, another person is bronze mask, does not know what meaning.

The black woman rapidly withdraw, was nearly swept by the fresh breeze, raise the head to hint other two people to launch the attack once more,  but actually they are too late. The Imperial bodyguards already hear the noise and surrounded the three people in mask.

The pressure suddenly disappeared without a trace,  Dongfang Ze stands before Su  Li’s body who is still not moving, it seems never gets rid. Feeling his heartbeat is too fast, it is ten thousand have not expected the internal force of this man is unexpectedly to be awful, acting freely, to follow heart’s desires.

Dongfang Ze turns the head,  deeply staring at her, asked in a soft voice: ” Susu  are you scare? Are you okay?”

Su Li shake his head: “I’m fine.”  hard to imagine in full strength  can annihilate the enemy, his heart is somewhat has fluctuation mood,  still  his awareness of him is keen. 

Dongfang Ze nodded, did not speak, look to the front of three assassins. Unknowingly why, she as if inside of his eyes, to capture a hint of expectation and movement, suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye .

“How dare you! Actually dare to come on Ben Wang boat to assassinate? Not quickly do without a fight!” hear the noise Dongfang Zhou walked out of the boat, the whole body is sending out wroth that soaring to the sky.

“Jing Wang, the goal of our trip is Dongfang Ze, it has nothing to do with you. You’d better mind your own business.” A man in black with warning voice conceal of arrogance, in the expression is difficult to cover haughtily, as if has not paying attention to this two powerful and prominent people. Two emperors sons all are the crown princes, except on the difference of son of first wife and concubine, the status grade is the same. He called Dongfang Zhou as Jing Wang, but address Dongfang Ze in his name, this slight difference, did not escape  Dongfang Ze ears.

Dongfang Ze eyes flash of hostility, sneered: Wants the life of  Ben Wang, it depends on how you have this ability!” Then, cast a glance with a glance of indifferent, swept Dongfang Zhou figure.

Dongfang Zhou upwelling anger, now he is extremely in a bad mood, also these assassins come to provoke, he hurriedly step forward, flicks the sleeve to shouted it clear:” What is Ben Wang care on your goal, dares to despise the imperial family to be dignified, you must have the ability to bear the consequences! Wang An, Zhao Xun, fast catch these three people! Ben Wang want to live! “

Issuing an order, sound of fight immediately on the upper deck, Dongfang Zhou’s personal bodyguard Wang An, and Zhao Xun who lead several ten people, to surround the three people in black, to carry out the order they launched the deadly fight.

Those three people in black are clearly well-trained killer, especially that woman in black, the moves are very strong and ruthless, straight to the key point, in an instant these bodyguards were killed half are almost dead and injured, step by step to retreat, gradually several people that stands before approach  the cabin. One bodyguard who stabbed in the shoulder, covers in wound is stagger for several steps, nearly hit Dongfang Zhou’s body.

A group of waste! Dongfang Zhou in furious, use his foot to kick, and take the weapon pointed, straight towards to the people in black clothes.

Dongfang Ze vision moves, quickly warned Su Li: “be careful.” he seized the long sword of Imperial bodyguard conveniently, sword in hand, lips sneer, a cold pair of bright ink eyes, giving him to be more deep and unpredictable, offense is very  ruthless.

The three people in black clothes are suddenly surprised, properly double the murderous aura!

Dongfang Ze fly fast gracefully, moving like a swimming dragon, it’s just perfectly fit with Dongfang Zhou’s strong and firm power, in no time, successively defeats the three people in black.

The woman in black sees the situations is far from good, winking toward the man behind to send a signaled, to immediately jumps, mouth whistled, that sound is ear-piercing,  the sound is very unique, quickly pass through the clouds layers open and turn into four sided.

Dongfang Zhou’s heart cold, she was summoning the reinforcements! Suddenly hands is more to offensive.

Su Li closely observes the black woman’s figure, this person movement is neat, exquisite peerless style, all made her heart be startled. Wan Xin once said, teaching her martial arts is equal to the lessons in books, certainly it must not pass on with other people. Wan Xin in this past few days happens to go on a journey for work, not in official residence or government, could it be that…

Su Li’s heart suddenly jump, suddenly frightened by his own idea.

Rescue signal is launch, has not gotten hit the target on time, the black woman feel athe situation is not good, fast gives the hand signal to the two, hints to retreat. 

“Want to go? I’m afraid that is not so easy!” Dongfang Ze sneer, flying jumps onto the cabin roof, to send out the clear moan of Dragons.

Moon Lake, suddenly rush forth of a big group of Imperial bodyguards, in turn of progressive, lines up in formation distinctly, the hand holds the crossbow arrow, directly facing the ship. When does not know, this ship drove near the shore unexpectedly.

Black woman eyes sink, another bronze mask Men in Black called out wickedly:“Well you Dongfang Ze, had long laid in trap!”

Dongfang Ze coldly said: ” Since that you want to kill Ben Wang,  Ben Wang naturally must give you a chance. Hoping to take the bait.!”

Then the door was opened. Li Yao came out, she apparently just awake, still somewhat confused, under the foot is unstable, a pair of beautiful eyes are widely open, staring to Dongfang Zhuo and said: “Wang Ye, what happened?”

Dongfang Zhou glared at her angrily yelled: “Go Home”!

Three assassin meaningful glance express, two black men launched a strong attack to Dongfang Ze, then the black woman went straight to Li Yao!

Li Yao was frightened immediately stays, unable to call, standing there shivering, could not move for one step. Body suddenly pull by someone, sight is immediately burst of dark, rolling on the ground. Only heard saying: “Susu!”, when Li Yao opens eyes soberly, Su Li was held hostage in the hands of black woman, in front of neck is a sharp sword.

Li Yao fail voice to scream: “Miss Su!” voice not yet say, she before one’s eyes, were groundless of a black figure, is Dongfang Ze.

“Release her, Ben Wang leave you all as a whole corpse.”  Dongfang Ze coldly uttered.

Li Yao bends down on the ground raise her head, in front of this tall figure as a mountain, the chill in the air showing in that words, cause the human to stay in the world of ice and snow, she can’t help it to shiver with fright.

“Wang Zhenning are joking right?” Black woman without fear, shouted in low voice: “You dare stepped forward, I will kill her.”! Pancold and gloomy ray sharp knife blade, has pressed a point downward..

Dongfang Ze footstep, suddenly paused.

Really her! Su Li’s heart suddenly sank, although her voice deliberately try to hide, but can not escape on his degree of feelings. Who would have thought, a servant girl from the official residence of minister, is actually a cold-blooded assassin? It seems, she’s the leader among the three! Wan Xin Wan Xin ah, hiding your identity is really good!


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 26 ESCAPE


Chapter 26


Su Li unable to contain the pain in her heart, in the past she loves his younger sister in every possible way, after the accident, actually to harming own person, so shows good will, how can not make one to mock fearfully, in this world’s except for her most beloved Mother Princess, what should be cherished?

Saw Dongfang Zhuo standing closely to Su Li,  the surprised is seen to Li Yao’s eyes, cannot help but hastened towards to hercould not believe mouth muttered: “Elder sister, Elder sister?” she holds Su Li, excited look is beyond control, Dongfang Zhou was pushed immediately at one side.

Li Yao trembling hand, touching Su Li’s face gently, like a confirmation, if this person in front of her is true or notWarm touch came at that moment, she could not stop from crying. Large tears is flowing, instantly the clothes wet, she broke down in tears, repeatedly shouted: “Sister,  are you really my sister?  Why do all they said to me, my sister was passed? “ she embrace Su Li, clinging firmly,“Sister, Yao-er really miss you ah! In this world only sister loved Yao-er, you obviously well, why frighten me like this? “

Su Li blank face, hand gently pushed Li Yao, said slowly: “This young lady, you …… got the wrong person. I am…… not your sister, my surname is Su, named Su Li.  By chance with Miss Li Su …..is somehow has resemblance. “

Li Yao, “ah” sound, the hand gently covered her mouth, tearful eyes ask: You lie, in this world how this matter happens? “

Su Li quietly look to her, puts out her hand to the hair that deliberately blocked her left cheek, stroking to his ear, to reveal a piece of bright red as blood, a birthmarks, she does intentionally and said: “You look at, certainly  this thing is not in your sister’s face.” In delicate white skin, reveals this mark, red and white, at first sight also seriously somewhat fearsome.

Li Yao suddenly pull out by cold air, puts out a hand to rub the birthmarks, sees not any color in the hand, is startled backs up several steps, leaning against  Dongfang Zhou’s body, trembling voice: “You, you really are not my sister?”

Su Li’s pupil of the eye is bright sharp, straight at Li Yao, it seems that can read the thoughts in her heart, for a long while slowly shakes his head.

Why?! Such a good sister, why God let her die? ! “ As if hard to accept such brutal attack, Li Yao erupts suddenly, for a moment, her facial expression is lifeless and she turns around to Dongfang Zhou:“Sister is gone, my sister is really gone ……” Suddenly both hands hold his head, extremely cried out in grief, shaking his head and said: I do not believe that I do not believe …… Suddenly, she fell down.

Dongfang Zhou stands in one side, just likes he has not seen. His vision, tightly set to the piece of bright red birthmark on Li Su’s face,  it is not able to move for half minute.

“Miss Li Yao ……!” Su Li was shocked, she dashed to help and go in a soft chair, repeatedly shouted:“Miss Li, you wake up!”

Li Yao eyes is closed, lying on her arms in pale look.

Even call a few times, Li Yao had still not responded, Su Li is anxious, suddenly looked up, clenching her teeth to interrogate Dongfang Zhou:“Jing Wang,  you still stunned of what to do? The fiancée who soon would be marry you is remains unconscious, why can you be so indifferent? ! In your heart, the life and death of woman, is always indifferent?! ” Her state of mind surges, every word is sonorous, being loud and clear, cannot conceal the vision of resentment, staring straight at the man in front who was not responding.

Dongfang Zhou bend down to look at her, suddenly he strode forward, pulling Su Li to his arms, tightly seized her chin, forcing to raised his head. Pair of beautiful eyes, and never hide the anger in his sight,  wishing to turn it into a sharp blade immediately, this hate to the bone as a knife to slice this man to death!

Dongfang Zhou eyes can not help some redness, sound hate:“You look at yourself, you hate me, you dare to say that you’re not  Lisu?”

Su Li stared at him, and said:“Miss Li Su is the first child of the first wife of Regent Palace, that his Majesty bestow marriage, the status is honored, how inauspicious I am to be able and  to place on a par with her. “ She paused, then suddenly smile and said:But it is a pity, such a person, was actually framed, one’s whole lifetime change beyond recognition was passed on and not even clear his name, After dies,….. the corpse was not even buried into imperial tomb., also cannot enter to Li ancestral grave, and finally only buries the bone in a remote ravine…... all of this, are all because of you! “

 “I, such as, what! Dongfang Zhou insisting for a long while.

“If you does not mistakenly believe on the slanderous report, to insult and drive her away! How she would die! All of this is exactly you! Did Wang Ye forgot?!” Restraining the strong hatred in heart, her fingers fingertip almost pinch into the flesh.

Dongfang Zhou eyes are more frightening, hand holds fiercely, about to crush her chin, gentle voice, like asking oneself: “Forgets? She gives shame to Ben Wang ,  how could Ben Wang forget? “

Su Li is absorb in pain, push him motionless, innermost feelings resenting, does not know what to do, Dongfang Zhou simply watch her face, he fiercely said:“Actually you, why  keep saying that you are not Lisu, if you’re not her, and by what status, for you to question  Ben Wang? ! “

Su Li angrily replied:“”Miss Li Su is only Su Li’s friend, originally has no right in questioning on her private affairs, however, this person same as God is indignant, any person will not watch on the sidelines!”

“She only bring disgrace to Ben Wang!”

“Man certainly from disgrace after that man disgrace him!”

You! Really audacious!” Dongfang Zhou stopped moment, whole body in anger, almost forced people can not breathe.

Su Li raised his head, proudly looks at his face, eyes that completely without fear  

Dongfang Zhou stared at her quite a while, the vision is complex, changing constantly, does not know what to think of, actually evil smile, head bend to approach her, cold voice, through her ear every word was clearly says:“Good! Good! Ben Wang admire your guts! I tell to you, Ben Wang no matter who you are in the end,  you could not escape again! “

This is the funniest joke Su Li heard in this life! She really could not help but laugh, just several days not see,  this man arrogant and overbearing is steadily increasing, what does he think of himself, to control everything in this world as God? As long as he say, he can easily control her on his palm? Su Li is no longer the former Lisu! After her fate, she’ll control it on his own hand!

Tried to restrain her anger, she really wanted to give him a strong slap in the face to wake him up! But at this moment, someone quickly pulled her, the trace flicks of sleeve,  that strength just right, made Dongfang Zho to involuntarily loose his hand, he withdraw back for several steps, gasps for breath to stare to that person.

Dongfang Ze seized Su Li’s waist, immediately body turned, taking few steps to take her out, lightly scolded: “Susu, you overstepped. How can you oppose Huang xiong,  so impolite!” His face was calm, and then said: Miss Li leaves the world unfortunately, inevitably sad when heard that,  simply departed, living in this way, for Second Huang Xiong  to inherit the Sheng country,  first  he need to take care  of his body well! “

Dongfang Zhou look ashen, clenching his teeth saying: “Six Younger brother do not trouble yourself of about that matter!”

“Also, Ze will not disturb Huang xiong peaceful rest, we go ahead.”  After Dongfang Ze finished, he pulled away Su Li.

“Stop!” Dongfang Zhou angry voice, “Su Li stay behind, did Ben Wang allow you to leave?

Dongfang Ze has not returned, lightly:“Ben Wang brought Susu, naturally taken away by Ben Wang. If Huang xiong has objection, you can appeal in front of Fu Huang and Mu hou.” His lips flashed a faint smile, full of satire.

Su Li’s heart feels heavy.


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 25 I’M NOT HER


Chapter 25

I’m not her!

At boat side,  is a unique and luxurious boat slowly halted, a man commanding the boat, standing at prow of a boat while his hands at his back, looks stubborn and arrogant, wearing a navy blue robe, that flying in the wind, with full ten of domineering attitude. In this person behind, for his safety, are personal Imperial bodyguard that both standing, and saw Dongfang Ze, in one’s eyes, they on guard.

Dongfang Ze eyes is slightly cold, lazy to stand up, raise his head to meet the gaze of man, raised his eyebrows with a smile: “I also track who is individual tour at the lake to have big disposition of troops to hold, is actually to be Second Huangxiong ……”

Su Li sitting there, just feel the brain is buzzing, already could not hear what they were saying, blood is rushing straight to the head! She will never forget, the owner of this voice — Dongfang Zhou! In just a few hours, make her life upside down, straight fall on purgatory, not to have joy in life, until she die! If the accident did not happened that day, she must still be his princess, and he is the man that she’s holding the arm in the tour, and  it will not be with Dongfang Ze …..he should be his extremely loving husband, but now turned into her most hated man!

How ridiculous it all? Her body, could not help but shiver, the fingertips of her small hand is cold, hold tightly by big, gentle and soft hands,  warmth quickly passed to heart. Su Li looked up, a handsome and exquisite face of Dongfang Ze , spring shine in the sky, more attractive and engaging. She accidentally display her weakness, he can not help but the hearts move, softly said: “Susu, you just now not feeling well, follow Ben Wang to the boat to rest for a moment.” when he finished, she got help, caring tone, but it has no doubt of dignified.

This face is exactly the same as Lisu, if Dongfang Zhou seen, what is his reaction? This secret, that very day she does not tell to Dongfang Ze, after getting on board he can possibly sense this matter that she conceal, she do not know how to think……the past, after all it will come! Su Li’s eyes looking down to hold back all emotions to hide, any thoughts crest on heart, hatred to the sky, she was cold shoulder without saying a word, quietly followed the Dongfang Ze behind, step by step, she onto the boat.

Large hull, richly ornamented, magnificent hall and decorated cabin, extravagant, Dongfang Zhou sat to master position, slowly head down for tea.

“Gee, speaking of pleasure, really, few can match Second Huangxiong; I as Sixth younger brother not ah!” Dongfang Ze looked around the hall decorations, audible praise it. Just listening these words in Dongfang Zhou’s ears, why he felt with little sarcasm.

Dongfang Zhou snorted, Dongfang Ze indifferently looked behind the woman, she stood there quietly, head down, the left cheek was covered by a wisp of black hair, sometimes see the face. Fresh and pure white dress, in the spring sunshine, shine like a water, whole body emitting a faint light, just like a clear lotus, attractive with an indescribable smell. His mind was actually a slight swing, only a delicate figure, can ordinary man to admire, those lovable face never before lifted, how can possibly overturn the country by a woman?!

Dongfang Ze eyes flash, pulled Su Li from one side and smile, softly: “Susu, come and I’ll introduce you, this is Second Huangxiong, Jing Anwang Dongfang Zhuo. “

Su Li along with him slowly raise her head, generally she’s trying to suppress the upsurge tide in her heart, indifferent look, conceal deep hatred to bone. She’s inch by inch, moved in front of the man, blessed of good body, she says: “Young woman Su Li, greets Jing Anwang.”

Word ‘Susu’,  while Dongfang Zhou holding the small tea cup, suddenly pause, the soul is not yet back, in front of this face, lucid and elegant was vanished, in an instant his heart severely hit, breathing seems to stagnate, even the fingertips, can no longer move for a half minutes.

“You! You are ……” His eyes set off a storm, face expression that startled and could not believe. How could she?!

Exquisite bowl fell to the ground, issued crisp sound, poured the tea, he seems like not yet awake. Could not help to walked towards to Su Li. Such person at first sight is peerless face, how many people are with similar face in this world? No! Not similar, that brow, that eyes….. those temperament that is charm,,,,, is exactly the same with the woman in his memory!

His hand, her delicate shoulders tightly grip in his hand, as if exhausted body strength, eyes looking with surprise on her face, clench his teeth for a long time and says: “Lisu?! …… …… So you are still alive?!”

Lisu?! How can Huangxiong recognized Su Li as Li Su? Dongfang Ze slightly hesitated,  suddenly eyes emit light, carefully looked at, in heart doubts have arisen.

Both shoulders are hurts by pinch, Su Li  brows wrinkled, but no action. He was hoping she’s dead?

However, Dongfang Zhou expression, actually somewhat excited, looks complicated and difficult to distinguish, there are fleeting regret, instant hate has been replaced. And this hate being, but it seems mixed with …..unspeakable joy?

Really funny! Su Li tried to control herself, not to sneer in front of him, she remember that day, his cruel and arrogant discourse, still clearly echoed in her mind: -‘Regret? I’d like to see, how you’ll make me regret it!’-

Rude and overbearing control of her shoulders, really extremely disgusting! Su Li frown, twisting her body to rid of from his hands, trying to keep calm, bowed and stepped back, tone of indifference and alienation laughed and she said: “Your Royal Highness you acknowledge the wrong person? This young woman named is Su Li, really isn’t Wang Ye said Miss Li Su! And Miss Li Su….. already dead, on your wedding that day, drowned in the Lancang River! “

She deliberately kept a distance from him, afraid of losing to control herself, and rushed to kill! Not to mention that she did not have that ability now to kill him, if she was really dead, she injustice, in this lifetime being afraid forever cannot clear it!

Clearly the facts that have occurred, this sentence is seem remember fiercely hot like a whip, Dongfang Zhou heart severely pumping, he stared at the hand froze in mid-air, gradually gasp for breath, gloomy face was terrifying. Slowly, step by step approach; until she is no turning back, the body hit the cabin wall.

Dongfang Zhou grind the teeth shouted: “What do you mean? Is obviously because of your distortion, you jump at the lake to commit suicide, importantly you blamed Ben Wang for that?”

“Distortion”  that word; is like an ice needle in her heart, Su Li has stifle; deep and strong resentment rapidly rush on her heart; however, she is still trying to smile at him:“This young woman did not dare! Royal Highness, you really got the wrong person, I am not Princess Ming Yu !” to be able, she did not even look at him. Distinguished look, the tone has gradually cold.

Dongfang Ze silently stare at the two people, pair of eyes is sharp as an eagle, completely hidden in the shadows inside, looks a little unfathomable. Su Li… Lisu… nickname are both Susu,There was also a similar appearance that even Dongfang Zhou could not tell! Also when the coincidence of very……

“Ah” sound exclaimed, suddenly came from inside the cabin.

Su Li heard the sound and look, she saw a petite woman wearing a light yellow dress, blankly stand at the cabin door, the woman with willow eyebrow and apricot eyes, delicate temperament, just now pair of beautiful eyes open, to be as if cursed it kind of look, staring at her

Su Li complexion startled, ‘Li Yao?!’, almost blurted out the name, and was quickly drowned in the depths of her throat. The girl in front of her…….is her half-sister Li Yao! Unexpectedly, she was formerly her close friend, meet again, actually aboard with Dongfang Zhou! It seems that day, father is not casually say, they …… really together yet?

____END OF CHAPTER 25 ____

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 24 THE REUNION


CHAPTER 24 The Reunion

Today’s weather is good, the dark blue sky is clear, cloudless, warm sunshine on the body, is particularly warm. Bring the smell of first spring, fresh and clean fragrance towards  the door of the house of Su Li, spirit slightly rise up.

Dongfang Ze is waiting outside the gate,  followed by two imperial bodyguards standing nearby at the distant place. He’s wearing black embroider robe, tall and straight figure, his looks is seems more extraordinary, brave appearance is more dominating. Su Li can not help but secretly sigh, this man, no matter what kind of occasion, are absolutely outstanding, which you can not ignore.

Whole black and shiny, a horse which whole body is no single trace of piebald, in the master gentle touch, and  right away in sight has become very soft.

Su Li walk in front of Dongfang Ze, and softly greet: “Su Li  greets Wang Ye. Let Wang Ye wait for long time.”

Dongfang Ze turn around, looked at her head and stopped briefly on the hairpin, then smiled and said: “Ben Wang thought you were going to dress up for a long time, it seems …… Susu is really different from ordinary women.”

Susu? He went so far as calling her by her nickname! The friendship between them, is not to the point that they are familiar to each other! Su Li slightly pause, she indifferently bend down to replied, “Su Li is aware that appearance is ugly, even well-dressed, still difficult to conceal the ugly appearance. I’m afraid today tour with Wang Ye, can cause Wang Ye disappointment. She still in puzzle, Su Li an ominous person, why Dongfang Ze is particularly gentle and considerate to her, exhibit quite strong interest, is it not all men are fond of belle? And let alone with him with honorable status. if not want to investigate the palace truth, she is already hide from him in no time.

“Ben Wang, who like in the same place; and want to speak with you, to be your friend, Ben Wang…… to have reason. Susu no need to think about it too much. Come on, Ben Wang is taking you to tour at Wang Yuehu (Moon Lake).” Dongfang Ze casually change the topic, never gave her the slightest chance to retreat. When he finished, He’s agile to ride on the horse, and to extend hand to Su Li

Su Li gently stepped back, looked around, clear eyes look to Dongfang Ze, hesitate to ask:“Wang Ye is going to ride a horse? Not have prepared a carriage?” Obviously, want to keep her distance with him.

Dongfang Ze complexion slightly dark, seems unhappy, light smile: “Susu and Ben Wang traveling together, why should punctilious?

Su Li carefully whispered:“I’m not …… ah!”  not waiting for her to finish, Dongfang Ze stoop down the body,  long arm seize Su Li’s slim waist  forcefully upward, the entire body was lifted, can not refuse in a short time, she hold on the horseback.

His warm lips, accidentally reached her small white ear, two hearts are shocked, she on the body emit mild fragrance,  penetrate to heart, for no reason at all he feel at ease. Su Li’s whole face is red and ashamed, and almost fall from the horse! She quickly grasp on the front lapel of Dongfang Ze’s clothes, just stabilize the mind.

Dongfang Ze smile, black horse is like an arrow, that instantly ran out,  Imperial bodyguards always maintained ten feet distance to followed.

Out from city she do not know how long they run, Su Li gradually appeared in front is a huge lake, viewed from afar, it is like a sleeping young girl in the flowers, quiet and peaceful. Several of peach blossom are lining in the lakeside forest.  set off by green willow pipe, to even more tender and beautiful.

Dongfang Ze went straight to the shore and just stopped, Su Li extent to dismount, and he turn around to tell: “Sheng Qin, Wei Shu, you just wait in here.”

Two guards in unison: “Yes.”

Su Li accidentally glanced at Sheng Qin who come, he is around thirty of age, build is tall and sturdy, convex and powerful fine temple, apparently exquisite internal strength. Contrast with Wei Shu slender figure, head bend down to bow, even though not able to see clearly one’s appearance, but there are hidden hostility.  Her mind for no reason thought to be on guard, no time to ponder, Dongfang Ze just hold her hand to live.

Entered the peach forest, fragrance of flowers are even more stronger, smell makes you drunk. he took Su Li to walk toward the deep woods, at the lake shore there’s one small boat, quietly stopped there, seems looking forward already for a long time, just waiting for the owner to come.

Boat paddle forced to move, then he shook sway the boat to sailed out, ripples on the water. Draw to the middle of the lake.  glittering the lake, water merge with sky, looked like one. Su Li see his eyes grow dim, complexion slightly white, between heart suddenly a tight, she drowned last time in high pressure water, she quickly hold tight on the side of the boat, the long view, afraid to look at the lake and somewhat dizzy.

Dongfang Ze sensed Su Li is seemed somewhat strange, he put down the boat oar, and take a seat beside her, asked with concern: “Are you feeling unwell?” Su Li throat tighten, speechless, just shook her head and closed her eyes, Dongfang Ze closer looked,  and suddenly said:“Perhaps you are afraid of water? Why not say earlier?”

Su Li fix and compose herself, sweeping and said to him: “Su Li is not, just a little seasick, in time will be okay. Wang Ye no need to mind.” After the wedding that day, she did not want others to know her weak point, especially, as cautious, such as hair of a man. Deep down there is a little sense of fear, as will fall into despair. She had sweat on the forehead because of nervous, lightly dodge Dongfang Ze eyes, he took the embroidered handkerchief,  straightly wipe Su Li’s forehead.

Su Li subconsciously dodge her head to avoid, stared at him warily, Dongfang Ze hands, on set in front of her, not retreat. Sometimes awkward scenes. Obviously there is a trace of disappointment passing on his face, into the dark depths of his eye pupil, quickly have cold condensation, instant dispersed. Faced with her rude, he should not get angry, just lightly say: “Right away speak out if you are feeling unwell, otherwise, uncomfortable on your own.”

An embroidered handkerchief is gently wipe her forehead,  Su Li did not escape, lightly say: “Wang Ye thanks for care.” There are important things she needed his help, If it would annoy him, it may even all lead to nothing. The man’s mind is too deep too keen, difficult as people see what. She deeply understand, under the immediate appearance of infinite tenderness, she must conceal the dark secret.

“Your hairpin is very beautiful, who give it?” His eyes, at Su Li’s face above behind wander for a moment, stare fix at Su Li’s hair. Very common word, partially told her to listen a bit more, to get the meaning.

Her heart sank slightly, instantly emerge in mind, Wan Xin who solemnly warned her, merely one hairpin, this tiny object is simply a protection of Su Li’s life in critical situation, but to call Dongfang Ze so much attention, is it possible that he already make out what come around?

“Many thanks  for Wang Ye’s compliment.” Su Li said, reaching for the hairpin to take down, with closer look on the hands, a very simple shape,  no strange looks, her heart magnanimous, looked and lightly smile:“Very ordinary, not worth. Let rare in Wang Ye’s eyes. “

Dongfang Ze slowly smile, lean close to her, gaze to scan her hairpin, meaningful laugh to her and said::“It is indeed common, however, many seemingly simple less odd things, frequently inside have Yin and Yang, that exceeds expectations. to cast sidelong glances at sharp eyes, Su Li eyes firmly locked.

Two faces, that so close, close enough to be able to see their own little shadow in each eyes. Innocent people at first glance, think that the two are couple that so in love to each other, with a gentle smile, as the positive look. Only body in which people can only perceive that nameless sparks into the air, already looked spatter.

“Six Younger brother is really in good mood, to bring a beauty on the lake to tour, I do not know which Lady from families is to have this honor!” Behind there is a deep voice of male in a distant, that makes Su Li body startled,  and  back instantly stiff, smile congealed in the lips.This sounds like a ruthless razor, mercilessly stabbed her heart, in the middle of old wounds.


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 23 FEAR



Madam Su also unable to change the situation now, she stand and hold her daughter to stop, and repeatedly call out: “Come, the eldest Miss is drunk, quickly take her  back to her room!”

Who would have thought her word is not yet finished, Su Qin would throw off her, Madam Su less preparedness, immediately slid back behind the maid who are scared and quickly hold her, Madam Su’s face burst of white and not looking good, in a stern voice:“Are you entirely dead? Hurriedly help the young lady back to her room!”

The servant girl wake up from her dream, immediately go to help Su Qin, unexpectedly Su Qin did not realize at the moment and actually act like crazy, several people running forward, stagger to the front,  at Dongfang Ze front seat, her face is already red,  with wink of confusion, and disorder she stumbled on table foot:”Wine?”

Both plates, spoons and chopsticks are falling on the ground, she see the wine pot with shiny eyes, she stand up to snatch and to pour into mouth. .Su Xiang is running out of patience, he got up and shouted:” Quickly help her!”

The maid came to assist her, Su Qin looked up at Dongfang Ze, stayed for a moment, looking more red, seems  more passionate in general, “Wang Ye?”

Dongfang Ze did not move, he saw her white skin is red, constantly cold sweat is dripping, through her clothes and her, eyes apparently empty. Su Qin this time failed to break from the grip of woman, the body immediately limp drunk, eyes only look  towards Dongfang Ze. No moment she throw up froth from her mouth, vision becomes black.

Madam Su panic, urgent voice cried:“Qin Er! Qin Er! Quickly call a doctor!”

Su Xiang who see Dongfang Ze cold appearance, the body already cover of cold sweat, same as much as Su Qin. In an instant he see Su Li just sitting aside, he quickly call out:“Susu!”

In front of disorder hall, Su Li stood up, walked in front of Su Qin, she did not say a word, just directly clenched her jaw, to pour inside.

Madam Su started to says:“What drink did you put on her?”

Su Li did not answer, and simply lift the water teapot, in a while Su Qin’s face ease a lot, slowly calm down, two eyes are completely close.

“Qin Er! “ Madam Su scared and doubt again, she straightly slap her daughter’s face.

“She fell asleep.” Su Li expressionless says, “when she wake up drink plenty of water, tea and wine will quickly discharged, it will not cause illness.”

Madam Su want to say something, but pressed by Su Xiang voice denounced: “What are you doing, looking distracted? Quickly send to her room to rest! Do not scared Wang Ye! “

Madam Su’s whole complexion tremble with fear, to recall that Wang Zhenning is sitting at the banquet, she quickly helped her daughter to go inside the room.

Su Xiang wipe the cold sweat on his head, smile at Dongfang Ze direction and said: “Let the Wang Ye laughed. I do not know my daughter is shallow, to make offense, I’m actually anger. Hope Wang Ye do not count as a villain, please forgive me.”

Dongfang Ze did not look at him, as if  nothing special,  his eyes slowly look toward Su Li’s face, “I do not mind to know if the Prime minister is innocent.”

“Thank you, Royal Highness.” Su Xiang repeatedly thanked him, sigh of relief. This evening is really thrilling, in case Su Li did not speak out the mix of tea and wine is poisonous, and Dongfang Ze come out from fu (official residence) and afterwards in different condition checked by the doctor, then, it is a big disaster and difficult for the whole Xiang fu’s people to get away from the crime. To anticipate it, Su Xiang cold sweat seep out.

Dongfang Ze stand up to leave, everyone hurriedly stand up to send him off. At the gate, Dongfang Ze shallow smile and look at Su Li’ s direction to says: “Three days later, Ben Wang would come and fetch Miss Su.”

Although the words are bit polite, but there is no arguable. Su Li stare blankly, to late to reply, he already go out of the door. To felt someone was staring behind, she stare back in chills.

“Susu how do you know the tea is different?” Su Xiang ask,  staring at his daughter, seems double his doubt.

“Daughter by chance heard from people talked about this.” Su Li calm as usual, she helped Xiang Fu, Su Qin lost face, it is better than the whole Xiangfu convicted.

Hearing it from people while they talking about it? What person are so proficient in medicine to put in order the scented tea? Perhaps Su Li did not speak the truth. Su Xiang is aware of this, to see her expression, is not the previous timid and coward Su Li. What happen to her for such a big change? His vision sink, and merely retreat and just simply wave to command, “Late at night, you go and rest. What happened today, must not say to outsider. Including your brother, you understand? “

Su Li weak smile and bow the head:“Yes father, I understand.”


Very late at night, in a remote small courtyard, quiet unmanned.

Su Li change clothes, alone in the dark yard to practice martial arts. Inside the house, Mo Xiang had fallen asleep, Wan Xin do not know where she go, entirely disappear for whole night.

She practiced the previous moves, she remember the smiling face of her father and mother Princess, as well as Madam  Su’s phrase, “Regent palace would not let her to enter the ancestral hall, and they just order people to hastily buried her body in a small valley ……”

A sharp pain through her heart, all of a sudden the hand holding a sword make a sharp blow, as if anger want to escape from her heart, murderous spirit suddenly rise high into the air, enveloped the small courtyard.

“What are you doing?”  unexpected lawful voice sounded behind, Su Li immediately turned around, to see Wan Xin steady face behind her, do not know how long standing there.although it is desolated, you still need to be careful.”

She knew, but it was really hard! All pain in her hearts, that not able to take it out, is extremely painful seems like she was dying.

Closing her eyes, to take a deep breath.

“You don’t understand but afterwards.” She slowly spit out these five words, seems want to say to oppose Wan Xin, but she remind herself. To arrange good mood, she stand up from the ground.

Wan Xin stared at her for a moment, took out an old book from  arms, solemnly said:. “I need to leave for a few days, this is for you.”

“What is this?”

Wan Xin did not answer, just handed the book to her, Floating Clouds Scripture, the three confirm symbols, Su Li immediately eyes wide open, amazed and look surprised. ” Floating Clouds Scripture? This past few days …… you teach me the method of  inner work of heart, is that  from Floating Clouds Scripture? “

“Do you know this?” Wan Xin, eyes instantly have a few doubts.

Su Li quickly shook her head and said: “Merely heard about it. I do not know whether or not the same..”

Wan Xin nod,Floating Clouds Scripture is one kind of extremely mysterious and superior to make use of method of  inner work of heart, around the whole country it is almost unknown, which is suitable for you to practice, that can be accelerated in third month, but extremely not powerful.”

Su Li stunned and said: “Why?

“For most people, simply can not be trained to the highest level, unless….to have internal strength inside to assist.”

“What is the internal strength?”

“to ride the wind.”

Su Li heart startled, wind?! Not the same during her childhood practice and for the method of inner work of heart? Sure enough, she never make a mistake, Mother Princess actually said, to be able and to ride the wind is to complement one another with the method of  inner work of heart, it is truly the Floating clouds scripture! But the Floating clouds scripture had been missing for so many years, how it ended up in the hands of Wan Xin, Wan Xin……actually, who is she?

Amazed look at Wan Xin, she as much as possible want to cover her emotions, just merely listen to Wan Xin and said: “To ride the wind is unusual mysterious for the method of inner work of heart, to have it, be bound to practice since young. In case someone at the same time study and practice these two for heart method, and able to find the key to practicing to the highest level …… “ Wan Xin suddenly stop.

Su Li could not help but ask:“How?”

Wan Xin slowly her mouth to says: “To be invincible!”

Sure enough it is difficult to endure in this way, Mother princess say exactly the same! Su Li’s eyes see the sadness, in the past, she still able to try and try, even though not invincible, at least she can protect herself from being hurt. However, the air is the secret of success to take an opportunity, yet unable to practice asceticism….

“What are you thinking?” Wan Xin stare and suddenly ask her.

Su Li sigh: “I was thinking …… how to make myself even more stronger.”

Wan Xin said: “I say to First Young Lady to practice well again the floating clouds scripture. I’m not here in these past few days, but you can properly protect yourself. In case someone ask  me, you just say I return to home village…”

—-End of CHAPTER 23—-

“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 22 Unexpected Invitation


CHAPTER 22 Unexpected Invitation

Insipid look to cup of tea, Su Li calm smile: “Chrysanthemum , Camellia , month beauty (moon stone), white ink pigment, cloud central son, one hundred gold rain, Mao magnolia, Jade lotus, acacia , plum-blossom , discovery heart thorn , Buddha’s water ….. this cup of tea plant, are different kinds of flowers. Most rare and uncommon flower, is  plum-blossom flower, is the most shine in the water according to  Buddha. I do not know, am I correct?”

Su Qin look distracted to open her mouth, very shock to look at her, “You …… how do you know?” These flowers name, even  her closest assistant does not understand it thoroughly,  exactly… how this girl know?

Su Li did not answer, only continued: “Plum blossom is to alleviate fever and suppress coughing, and dense chest, it is also effective for refreshing mind, while the Buddha’s water is healthy and warm to stomach, to improve blood circulation ……this two flowers, using any one of this, into a tea for drinking, indeed more useful to the body, it is a rare kind to maintain good health. However, if mix together …… ” suddenly she stop talking, looked up and glanced toward at the man sitting with sturdy complexion .

“How is it?” Dongfang Ze casually asked. Amazed, to get a glimpse of brilliance,  enigmatic and impossible to predict seen within eyes.

Su Li in deep thought, mouth softly replied: “Mix of cold and hot water, then drink together of a strong alcohol, the body will feeling unwell.”

She as much as possible want to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial; not to mention toxic, if only Dongfang Ze do not understand science, and will not able to perform an in-depth investigation. But to see the look and expression on his face, he is not completely ignorant.

“Impossible!” Su Qin extreme debunked, “You hear that from somewhere which is completely nonsense, simply nonsense!  This tea to really have any problems, it must be you who made a trick behind the back! Otherwise, how can you be so clear to distinct  the variety of tea plant? You want to set me up? “

Su Li said, “Sister you are wrong! If Su Li find out this in advance, I will advise big sister not to serve this tea.”

“You!” Su Qin more and more angry, she asks, pointing toward at her:How is that you know this twelve flowers tea, and even which twelve kinds, you are crystal clear! You said!”

Su Li calmly said: “Nobody told me. These flowers fragrance are very unique, sense smell of smart person, a smell that is known..”

“I do not believe it!  I think hard just to made this tea plant, how can your word alone, let all my hard work in vain!” Su Qin extremely mad, almost uncontrollable, rushed to her in broken tears.

Su Li although unconsciously, still indifferent and said: “Sister to think hard is true… but the important is, Wang Ye’s body, must not be put in risk. In case of something happen or accident, the entire Xiangfu …… I am afraid cannot afford!”


“OK! The two of you both shut up! “ Su Xiang finally spoke to stop, with gloomy face looking to Su Li, and turn to Dongfang Ze, submissively apologized and said:  The insolence of my young daughter, please forgive me Wang Ye! Blame her mother went too early, My first wife pity her weak body is not good, never scold her at home, just only accustomed to her so she do not know etiquette!”

Between words, she actually the wrong person.

Dongfang Ze vision slightly flash, smiled and said: “Prime Minister you consider too! Second lady to smell and to know the flower, cause to Ben Wang scope widely open! Three days after the full moon at the lakeside  there are numerous flowers fair, Ben Wang intends to watch, I do not know but I wish  Second lady can go together? “ He put down his cup, looking over the luminous bright eyes pressing.

Word that evoke thousand layer of waves, Su Qin and Madam Su could not believe! Honorable and proud Wang Zhenning, unexpectedly invites the female daughter of born of a concubine to tour at the flower fair? !

Su Li’s heart shocked, she not dare hastily promise, look towards Su Xiang expecting to go.

Su Xiang see, Dongfang Ze seems to favor Su Su Li, that well-official person, somewhat thought exquisitely carved, immediately laugh and said: “Appreciated by Wang Ye, I Xiang fu has a good fortune. Susu, you go and thanks Wang Ye! “

Su Li to be obliged to thanks for a good fortune, the heart is somehow opposite.

“Good!” Dongfang Ze clear voice laugh, handsome look is more shimmering, mood is seems excellent. Contrast to Su Xiang and Madam Su, force to smile, face are stiff, Su Qin  smiling face is even more ugly than crying.

Six months ago Su Qin inquire about Dongfang Ze fond of and interest that very rarely seen, not hesitate to take a lot of trouble to think and to invent these numerous scented tea, just  for the purpose of today feast to win his favor. Unexpectedly just Su Li’s few words her hope was destroy right away, how she would resign to?

She stood up, reach for a cup of tea to said: “My flower tea, is not bad as my sister said! Wang Ye do not believe, Qin Er …… will firstly drink it! “ Then, she did not hesitate in one gulp, Su Li vision sank, trying to stop but it was too late.

Su Qin body crookedto sit, the anger on face still not faded, staring toward to Su Li with unspeakable resentment.

Su Li shallow smile: “Older sister why should angry? This excellent flower tea, simply not suitable with wine to drink. After half an hour, my sister would certainly feel the whole body hot, cold sweat dripping, malaise, same as being poisoned. “

Everyone was shocked, Madam.Su anxiously to get up and shouted: “What are you talking about?!”

Su Li sneered: ” Whether or not I talk nonsense, after half an hour, you can see what, why Madam worry?” When finished, She quietly drink the wine, unafraid.

Madam Su :“Susu! Everyday I pity your  weak body, everything are already in your way, today, why so insolent?”

“Oh?” Su Li faintly smile,“This young woman is really thankful to Madam for her love and affections, sending me with good intention to the temple to recover, otherwise, how can a little woman have that opportunity to get to know Wang Ye?!”

“You!” Madam Su words choked, actually speechless.That framed human trafficking things, she and Su Qin both know the facts, originally Su Li is supposed to be sell to foreigners, her unexplained disappearance, do not know how many people would care about this ominous person. Unexpectedly she meet  Wang Zhenning at the road, to rescued and assist back to the Prime Minister’s palace! Although the thief are executed, but heart is still virtual, naturally did not dare to speak half -sentence.

Dongfang Ze look indifferent, not saying a word. Su Xiang to see his face no waves, heart is not satisfied, he seems  more interested to Su Li than Su Qinat once in a cold voice: “Well, to quarrel on something, not behaving well! Since Wang Ye is here, it is better to please Wang Ye. “

Dongfang Ze look at Su Li, smiled and said: “So, we have to wait half an hour anyway.”

Makes Madam Su and Su Qin face both white,  obviously Dongfang Ze trust Su Li. Even if  table is full of delicacies, everyone mind is worried, the taste is flavorless.

Su Qin sitting position, mind is frightening. Even her body’s tremble, a small hill of cold sweat is coming around. She tried to calm her mind, pick up the chopsticks and take the food, but she unable to control her fingers to tremble. Suddenly she shivered downwards, throw away the chopsticks, directly grabbed the dishes, just want the cup to pour.

Madam Su was shocked, immediately call: “Qin Er!”

Su Qin as if did not hear, hands throw away the tray, flip over the table, suddenly dishes, spoon, chopsticks are fall to the floor, murmured cried:“Wine? I want to drink!”


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 21 WISHFUL THINKING


CHAPTER 21 Wishful Thinking

Su Li heart become alarm, but she calmly said: “Wang Ye is joking! Su Li formerly timid indeed, but after the last incident, Su Li’s understand the truth, blindly afraid to escape, does not solve the problem, only brave to face, and to live with fang …… “

In his words, Su Xiang and Madam Su eyes with surprise, Dongfang Ze eyes slightly lower, but no openings.

Su Li thought to convey, immediately smile to show, respectful and said:”To be honestSu Li has a debt of gratitude also to the kindness of Wang Ye, if Wang Ye does not come to rescue on the same day, Su Li has lost his  life on the hands of thieves. Saving life is grace, not to be reported, so as today at once Su Li with this glass of wine, offer for Wang Ye, I wish this life can able to spread out Wang Ye’s ambition, to reach heart and desired! “

She filled with wine the small jade cup, pair of hands to offer. Easy to change the subject, clever and without a trace.

Dongfang Ze laugh and said: ” To received Second Miss precious words.” head look up and drink, black pupil of the eyes emitting a bright light. And said:” Ben Wang is very curious, how can a person living you outside, being hunted down, by those two man, Ben Wang order a person to investigate, in the capital and other parts of the country the field of traffickers is removed. You …… how can possibly fall into their hands?”

This question was put forth, Madam Su became pale and eyes with shock, Su Qin face lose of color. Su Xiang, brows tightly wrinkle, stared at Su Li, seems afraid that she accidentally phrase, for him to attract disaster.,.

Su Li faintly smile: “Blame Su Li for carelessly play for a period of time, and forgot to go with several people, resulting for disaster, and let Wang Ye bother! “

Dongfang Ze said:”Ben Wang is actually not bother, but you are dignified Xiangfu’s daughter, as to those people  who do not know and go to sell…… in the future how the Prime Minister face it, it does not looks good!”

“Yes!” Su Xiang as quickly then said, “Fortunately, to have Wang Ye  come and rescue, this lowly official is really grateful!”

Su Li’s corner of mouth hook, elopement concerned, is now settled.

Madam Su, followed and said: “Yes ah, this is really thanks to Wang Ye! Qin Er, you’re not ready for Wang Ye’s flowers tea? You go and offer it. “

Rightly winking, Madam Su could not wait to divert the topic again. Su Qin exit, in a moment she return with a cup of tea. The lid has not been opened, an aroma smell already into the air, seep through Su Li nose, Su Li complexion suddenly become different, brow slightly wrinkled. Look up, saw the hands of Su Qin, rampart of white cup, open the ten color of petals and mix to the boiling water, all different forms, foes eye-catching,  at first glance, as if the winter snow, all kinds of flowers blossom together, extremely nice.

Dongfang Ze eyes flash, his eyes rapidly into the cup.

Su Qin present the treasure and smiles in flatter: “Qin Er heard Wang Ye love flowers, specially order and collecting these rare flowers that good for the body, removing the petals, to dry in the sun, after dozens of complicated procedures, to turn out into a  refined  tea, just waiting for Wang Ye to enjoy. “

Dongfang Ze took the cup, indifferent eyes docked in her face for a moment, ” Variety is extraordinary, aroma, tea flowers looked pleasing, surely the taste is not lacking. It is First Miss idea!”

Su Qin busy: “As long as Wang Ye like, Qin Er do anything!  entire cheek become red, Su Qin smile as flowers, sweetly said:”Wang Ye may rest assured, Qin Er before taking flowers, i already checked the pharmacological habits, we can guarantee every flower here are beneficial and harmless to humans. Regular consumption, also live longer too! “

“Live longer?” Dongfang Ze slightly stare, does not distinguish emotions and laughed softly, “It really is a rare good stuff! Prime minister is lucky! “

Su Xiang cup one’s hands and smiles: “Wang Ye over-praise, my daughter, although occasionally wayward, but ingenuity, outspoken and lively. Today, just to the unmarried age,  I was frantic, how to choose a good marriage, a proud, lovable older sister, no affection to say! “ Having said he take a look at Dongfang Ze eye.

During the meeting, several others also looked over to see. Everyone knows that, prime minister giving a hint, just waiting for the Dongfang Ze position, but he always faint smile, looking no wave, as if never even heard these words the same.

Su Qin heart began drumming, wriggled, pretending lovable and shy to call: “Daddy!”

Madam Su smiled and said: “Girl, once married, what should be ashamed of. And so you have to find a right husband, your father will give you do have to bustling, more even than the scenery of Princess Ming Yu that married a few days ago! “

“Who want to follow Princess Ming Yu and be like that!” Su Qin immediately pouting failing, despise across to her  face and said: ” People told not to get married to make that kind of thing of Princess Ming Yu , really shameless, said she is Sheng country’s first beauty, I think she is number one shameless slut! Practically, that woman’s face are disgrace, deserve to be divorced by Jing Wang! Fortunately, she also died early, otherwise, I have to see her face in the future …… how people come out to see that face! “

“Clatter” brittle echo, Su Li’s spoon in the hand almost fell to the ground. She lifted her head, eyes slowly look at Su Qin, calm surface, hide the stormy sea. Su Qin no awareness,  extremely proud in laughing!

Dongfang Ze eyes sweep to, raised his eyebrows and asked: “Second Miss are you feeling ill?”

Su Li under the table tightly gather to stop the hands, face gently smiled and said: “I’m fine. Thank you for Wang Ye’s care.”

Madam Su pretend sigh, but could not stop her expression to rejoice in other people’s misfortune, malicious said: “Hard to imagine the famous Regent name, unexpectedly the family tradition was ruined like that by such a daughter, even angry the Wang Fei, really most unfortunate ah! No wonder she was not allowed into the Regent Ancestral temple, just as people hastily buried her body in a small valley…… merciful Buddha!, but fortunately my Qin Er behaved and sensible, and never stir up trouble. Otherwise, how can I face to see the Su family ancestors ah! “

To seize opportunity to step on someone else’s pain to raise oneself, is really mother like daughter! Su Li heart suddenly sneer, however behind the words of Madam Su, she can’t help to stand up from the pain. Never enter ancestral temple, hastily buried in a small valley…… can not think of her father, even cruel to this point, is to made her ghosts?

Su Li clenched fists, heartache almost choke, but Su Qin seem not enough to say, she turned and said: Buried in the valley are also considered to treat her, reasonably, such a person, the drowning ……”

“This Sister saying too!” Su Li has finally give voice to interrupt, no glimpse of a touch cold depths as Tibetans,  her tone is extremely dull, slowly said: Princess Ming Yu if not good, that is her Royal parents to grant! Regent to take care of his daughter, is the Regent Palace thing to do, so don’t speak irresponsible remarks! If spread out, people thought we Xiangfu people love to gossip behind! “

Madam Su heard this, his face bend down, angry color is obvious. Su Qin is the anger from the heart, she tried to refute, but Su Li speak again:”Besides, Wang Ye is here today, sister loudly speech, I am afraid that disgraceful!”

Just ignite anger, by putting a pot of cold water to  poured down, Su Qin look for a change, towards Dongfang Ze looked, and meet Dongfang Ze eyes nothing left to dodge, but no trace to start.

Madam Su  look at Su Li, hurriedly speak to smooth things over: “Oh, look at us, to be affected by gossip, the dishes are cold. Qin Er, not quickly pour a food for Wang Ye to take!”

“But, Wang Ye still not drinking this tea!” Su Qin without feeling wrong said.

Dongfang Ze eyes bend down toward the cup, and thick tender and beautiful petals are floating in the surface of water, tempting  to taste, he smiled, eyes but could not see the slightest smile. To drink a toast, to hear Su Li utter  to stop:“Wang Ye wait a minute!”

“What is Second Lady advice?” Dongfang Ze action stop, dark deep eyes seems cold, slowly looked at her.

Su Li’ s eye brow wrinkle, calmly said:” Not dare *to give advice! (*指教  zhǐ jiào- to give advice or comments*) But Su Li believes, although this tea is sweet smelling, but the variety of ingredients, is not suitable to drink with the same wine! That Wang Ye…… still drinking.”

A cheerful sight suddenly cast over resentment, Su Qin turned to stare at her, angry warning: “Sister, doesn’t understand, so do not talk nonsense!”


“The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World” : CHAPTER 20 IDENTITY QUESTION


Chapter 20 Identity Question

Su Li eyes flash, not less than two words to speak; she is already having no good impression to her father. He does not even allowed Su Chun to speak, however he does not know Su Qin conducts and deeds are all saw by Dongfang Ze. At the moment, Dongfang Ze face is expressionless, raising his hand to stop: “This is not the first meeting of Second Miss and Ben Wang, so no need to be polite. It is hard to imagine Second Miss chamber,  I’am surprise…… It seems that the relatives of Prime Minister First Wife was apart to the daughter of a Concubine, entirely different!

When it comes to the last sentence, his tone already have a hidden meaning to chill.

Su Xiang expression suddenly change. Dongfang Ze outstanding talent, at Chao Zhong frequently have make a contribution, but because of one party the Impress used numerous people to go to  follow, in many ways to suppress. As the most powerful supporters of Dongfang Ze, Su Xiang always choose to advocate the virtuous person, but now he can’t comply to the last sentence; he must won  Dongfang Ze  trust. Today, in his house the First wife and the daughter of a Concubine is clearly separated, it is hard to avoid suspicion.

Su Xiang face become pale,  no way he will tell, how he will say that it is a mistake.

Atmosphere becomes awkward at the moment.

Small room, as if no air flow and secretly flee. Not a moment, such as Su Xiang forehead slightly sweating. Ashamed to pending the answer, Su Li got up and said: “Ben Wang you misunderstood! Father are always busy of official business, First Madam manage the family matter at home, Madam pity my weak body, since I cannot stand the noisy, she specially brought me here, so there is no other meaning.”

She smiled and explained, although hard to believe, but the undercurrents easily turned into nothingness. Not only Su Xiang as a father and the son was surprised, Dongfang Ze is also strange.

Considering the eyes that inspecting her. Dongfang Ze carry a smile: “If so? Ben Wang is really wrong to accused the Prime minister!”

“This lowly official not dare to! This matter is also strange to me, although my wife give a thought to my daughter, the arrangement is improper. This simple and remoted place, is no wonder for Wang Ye to misunderstand.” Su Xiang immerse as if officialdom, having one step, he plainly seized an opportunity, to say the truth with more than lie is better. He hurriedly summoned the housekeeper to come, to command: “Immediately order a people to tidy up and properly rearrange the courtyard in the next door, tomorrow the Second Lady will be move and reside there .”

“Yes.” Butler accepted the order, and he is just about to withdraw, when he was stop by Su Li.

Su Xiang eye brow slightly wrinkled, as if to say,  are you not satisfied?

Su Li respectful replied: “Thank you father for concern and care! Daughter have become accustomed to everything here, I’m afraid changing place is not suited for me, I asked my father to take back the order!”

She bow her head to request, with sincere words; make the people in the house surprised. As a Xiangfu daughter, more than ten years bent to reside here, finally she have the opportunity to improve the shelter, and opportunity to improve the status, that most people wishing for, but she didn’t expect and refuse it! Dongfang Ze eyes lightly flash, eyes with full of interest, are getting stronger.

Su Xiang haven’t force it to do, just order the servant to rearranged everything in the courtyard, try to make her stay more comfortable. Also order more people to send to serve the Second Miss, Su Li request are rejected. Changing a courtyard is not difficult for her. The reason for her to stay here, is because the place is secluded for everyone, to facilitate her martial arts at night time. So having a few servants is just asking for a trouble.

Su Xiang requested Dongfang Ze to the lobby of banquets,that properly set up. Dongfang Ze  glance at Su Li’s face, smiled and said: “Second Young Lady, come with us.”

Everyone are slightly surprised, but nobody dare to speak to oppose him. Dongfang Ze  large strides to go out of the door and saw Wan Xin, footstep slightly stop, not a word or movement Dongfang Ze turn to leave.

***Xiang Fu Flower Hall.

Gold goblet jade cup, food and wine, are expensive and extremely arranged because of visitor

Air, filled of fragrant of food and wine aroma. Everyone are all seated, Su Chun temporarily want to go outside, Su Xiang is aware that his son is not fond to associate with Dongfang Ze, although unhappy, but also give up. So the banquet is between five people, to reject a cup is exchange from small cup, noise of talking and laughing are scattering in the wind, the atmosphere was completely harmonious.

Su Qin changed into a red dress, extremely gorgeous. face are painted with many layers of cosmetic powder, clearly opposite to Su Li , dress is plain , and face without make up, that looks more natural.

Su Xiang toast and smile: ” For Wang Ye, to agree to visit the house of this lowly official, I am extremely honored. This wine, cheers to WangYe . “

Bottoms up the cup in the air, without a single drop left. Dongfang Ze slowly drink the single cup, insipid smile, without a word.

Su Xiang as complex and laughed: “Qin Er, not quickly  pour wine for Wang Ye?”

Su Qin is rejoicing, and quickly hold up the wine pot, and walk to Dongfang Ze side, to pour him a wine, while not taking  her eyes to cast a glance at him.

 Wang Zhenning Dongfang Ze is the most handsome and brilliant prince in Sheng country, just one glance, he is capable to drop off their guard right away to take the woman soul, and to lose their hearts. Really deserved for his  reputation ah! This is a golden opportunity; Su Qin absolutely won’t miss the chance!

“Wang Ye, Qin Er, offer you one cup.” turn to glance, toast and lightly drink. Su Qin seems completely forgotten, that she was caught by him, the scene in the garden .

Su Li could not help lip to sneer, lower the head and silently eating her foods, her lips is cover  of mockery.

Dongfang Ze eyes is bright and face with smile, while slowly drinking, the flat area of forehead between the eyebrows is like a spring sunshine, elegant and outstanding,  such as breathtaking view. Su Qin widely stared at him; look is indeed foolish, and to blurted out: “Wang Ye smile is really nice! This is a wonderful thing, certainly Wang Ye cannot compare to any other man!”

The smiling face suddenly close, cold eyes that make you tremble, is like an icy needles crossed to her face. Su Qin immediately felt  cold, scared and legs felt weak, “splash” she kneel on the ground, the atmosphere become heavy.

Su Xiang complexion is extremely ugly, for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement forcefully reprimand: “Qin Er is bold! Babbling nonsense, to offend Wang Ye, still not in a hurry to kowtow to apologize humbly! “

Su Qin really knock on the floor, trembling and almost cry out, “Qin Er….. aware of mistake, ask Wang Ye to please forgive me !”

Dongfang Ze faint glance at her, playing the small jade cup with his hands, not saying a word.

Atmosphere at the reception hall, in the very instant is become sluggish, the hot and exotic delicacies is now suddenly become cold and tasteless.

Everyone in the banquet, the heart’s of everyone fell, and at the same time no one dared to break the silence to start to talk.

Su Li quietly looked up, Su Qin who is very excited before is now slightly trembling. As well as Mrs. Su, for several times. Failed to spit out a word. But this person is extremely powerful and hard to deal, all of them, in front of Dongfang Ze are become timid.

Su Li can not help but secretly sneer, eyes slightly forward, suddenly got up and smiled and said: “My father is too serious!”

The number of gazed at her direction, Su Li is seem unconscious, gently smile and said: “Wang Zhenning looks is a celestial being, among the world is unparalleled. Older sister only speak the truth, even though somewhat offend, is not deliberately, Wang Ye broad-minded, how can possibly blame? Older sister quickly get up, ok! “

Su Qin half-doubt,  stare at her.

Dongfang Ze glass down, watching her for a half-moment, suddenly he smiled.